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    Thread: Punto 90HP Remapped - Quest to build a fast daily driven Hot Hatch! - CODE6 Tuned

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      Punto 90HP Remapped - Quest to build a fast daily driven Hot Hatch! - CODE6 Tuned

      Punto 90HP....

      The HOT HATCH? World over, the Punto 90HP has been claimed as a hot hatch! But thanks to Fiat India, the car did look hot, but with that age old ECUs, gear ratios and the conservative tune, it moved nowhere near like a hot hatch!

      For a 90HP modern day diesel hatchback launched to set the enthusiasts hearts and backsides on fire, this car was a bit disappointing on the performance front. Launch from a red light and almost all other hatchbacks like the Swift, Figo, Micra, i20 having lesser power and torque would speed away to 130kmph before you slowly start to catch up. Well, no more!

      This was always on the cards. But, I never thought it would come this fast.

      The quest to build a quick "daily driven" Punto in India and in the quest we seem to have broken a few benchmarks

      And this thread will be all about how we set about trying to achieve that.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	New Punto-0012.jpg 
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ID:	147224

      For starters, this car never felt fast in stock form. It demanded more power with the existing package. There was no drama anywhere. It never gave you the feeling that you were driving a turbo diesel. You had to revv like crazy to make power, which is usually not the case with turbo diesels. The only thing it excelled in was that once you are in that 140-150 km/hr region on the highway, you could stay there all day without breaking a sweat. The top speed achieved before the remap was 180 km/hr. (all speedo indicated speeds). It felt it could do a little more, but always used to run out of road.

      So, when mclaren1885 spoke about tadukuttan, Digital Vampire and himself developing a map for my car to make it go faster, I did not have to think twice. These are a bunch of guys most of us could blindly trust and hand over our cars to them and be assured of a good job, a fact that many others who have remapped their cars with them in the last couple of weeks will agree with me on. Initially the plan was to actually wait for the car to run at least 20K kms before going in for a remap or a tuning box from other Indian tuners. The remap came in a lot earlier in about 13k kms. The minute I heard the trio was getting into this there was no more waiting, no more looking back.

      After trying out multiple iteration of the maps and picking the best ones and tweaking them further until the Tadu and Rahul were happy, we finally got down to some Vbox testing to check the 0-100 figures after the remap and it was about 3.5 seconds faster than stock

      The stock did 15.79 sec to a ton and the remapped version did it in 12.22 sec. A really good improvement, I guess and feels too. The car feels a lot better now compared to stock and feels a lot smoother too. Finally you get the little bit of lift when the turbo kicks in in the first two gears. Where the equation changes is the 3rd gear onwards. 4th gear feels eerily fast, that it's hard to throttle in 4th inside a city.

      The car really shows it's true character on the highway in 4th and 5th gears. It's still not "violent" like the Swift, but the linear feel still lets your realize that you are building speeds much much quicker. The only change other than the remap is a stock replacement K&N air filter.

      The Vbox graph:-

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bigmoose Punto Vbox.png 
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Size:	171.6 KB 
ID:	146213

      Stock: 15.79 sec
      After remap: 12.22 sec

      The top speed achieved after the remap was 190 km/h speedo indicated. A pic captured from the video taken during this run.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	punto1.jpg 
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Size:	112.3 KB 
ID:	147216

      The video of the top speed run.

      We tested the car with stock 195 section tires and the car felt really fast. The 120-160 region feels violent. There is marked improvement everywhere in the rev range. Previously, all power came after 2K rpm. Now, there is power lower down as well. The 4th and 5th gears has got a lot better than stock. Multiple maps were tried and tweaked. There were other more saner and better than stock maps which were tested and tweaked.

      The 205 section tires which I am currently running is actually slowing down the car, but more than makes up for it by providing that extra confidence in braking and cornering.

      The icing on the cake:- Fuel economy.

      I guess, the next natural question would be about the fuel economy.

      I have done more than 2000 kms with the remap now. The fuel economy has not dropped a bit. In fact, it has improved by a huge margin, I would say. This has a lot to do with the change in driving style as well after the remap, I guess. I never used to get more than 15 km/ltr on the highways. I have done lot of trips to Chennai when the car was stock and the best mileage which I got was around 14-15 km/ltr. This is with some mad pedal to metal driving. The idea is now to get above 100 km/hr without any drama and then staying there. Overtaking comes with a slight tap on the pedal, which is more than enough on the highways.

      Did a trip to Coimbatore recently with the remap. Bangalore-Kannur-Coimbatore which was about 700 kms one way. The mileage which I got was 18-19. I think the change in driving style has also made a difference here. The speeds varied from 80-130 range. I was taking it easy as I had my friend's parents in the car. During the trip back to Bangalore, with speeds ranging from 80-160, I got mileage figures of 17-18. All these figures are from the MID.

      So it just so seems that I got more power and torque and some phenominal FE increase as well.

      Now, in city I am consistently getting a mileage of 15 km/ltr, some times more, when I really take it easy.

      A big thanks to the trio for the utmost professional job, I hear they are busy churning up faster cars as we speak and adding more fans to their what is "stock" list

      Will keep updating the thread with more updates.. I do not think I can go back to stock ever !

      I have been informed that from Vbox testing and logs, the journey to build a "quick daily driven Punto" has also resulted in becoming the quickest Punto to a ton in the country! Some deals do get sweeter than you first imagined

      Will be glad to answer any questions you guys may have......
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      Hmmm, what's it gonna cost my wallet to reach 100 three seconds faster?
      I have been mulling a remap with Pete for a while, then the Abarth remaps rumor in India made me stall it for a while.

      A little more details on who is behind the actual remap and what can we expect in terms of support and how safe it is would really help. When going for a remap, it's not just the 30-40K at stake but the 8lakh +, that is the the whole car.
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      Quote Originally Posted by bigmoose View Post
      Launch from a red light and almost all other hatchbacks like the Swift, Figo, Micra, i20 having lesser power and torque would speed away to 130kmph before you slowly start to catch up. Well, no more!
      Wait... Another Figo may still smoke you.
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      Excellent write-up. How about a remap for my Linea Petrol?
      Think Blaze - Drive Safe

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      Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
      A little more details on who is behind the actual remap
      The usual suspects, including me.

      Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
      what can we expect in terms of support
      Any and all issues related to the mods carried out. And this of course is in addition to fine tuning the car to your tastes and needs.

      Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
      how safe it is
      bigmoose is running a good, safe tune. We always try to build long life, high mileage cars that would last you at least 5 years/1.5Lakh kms, at good power levels.

      Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
      that is the the whole car
      If anything happens to your car as a result of our work, we would repair/replace until everything is as good as new, or better.

      Quote Originally Posted by bbllaazzee View Post
      Excellent write-up. How about a remap for my Linea Petrol?
      Remaps, when done as a single mod, are most effective on turbo charged cars. On naturally aspirated cars, the gains are so small that it would make no sense to do this, unless you are doing some serious hardware upgrades on the engine.
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      Holy heck... Shaving off three seconds is huge!

      And dude BM you got a gift for flowing penmanship, get off your lazy backside and find some time and topics to pen down

      So is this seems to be some kind of a "gold standard" or what for the Punto? Never heard of a map which delivers power and mileage at such a fine balance... So how many trials did it take to arrive at this current one?

      Could you talk a little more about where the power is coming in? From your post seems like it's at the start and then flattens out kind of, middle and top end seems to be same? Some more details for noobs like me would be nice

      Sorely tempted!

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      Congrats bigmoose on owning the fastest Punto in the country. And glad to see a thread. I think a lot of the guys who got a retune should in fact write their reviews here and maintain a log, so that long term benefits and reliability is also brought out.
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      Whoa! Good job guys! Congrats Bijju!

      Cant wait to get my car remapped! Can you guys come to Chennai and do it ?

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      Congratulation bigmoose for your remap and results are mind blowing as expected. I would like suggest you to rollback suspension setup to pre 2012 FIAT cars and you will get the best handling, ride quality & most important you will smoke all those cars on corners

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      Quote Originally Posted by WildWeasel View Post
      Whoa! Good job guys! Congrats Bijju!

      Cant wait to get my car remapped! Can you guys come to Chennai and do it ?
      I thought all cabbies remapped only their horns
      Catch me if you can.....
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