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    Thread: How it happened!!! Zen DI to RaceChip'd Figo to CODE 6 Tuned/Remapped Figo

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      How it happened!!! Zen DI to RaceChip'd Figo to CODE 6 Tuned/Remapped Figo

      The one and only car that I will call as my 1st love, my zen DI powered by the Peugot TUD5 1500cc 58bhp diesel engine.
      When she became mine, she had 33k kms on odo, immaculately maintained by my driver. Always babied around.....

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ma bro n ma ride on our way 2 kerala.jpg 
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Size:	194.9 KB 
ID:	148159

      I read this in an automag some time back, it goes like this "any boy who's 18 with a valid driving license thinks he is Supermans cousin brother with super strong body and invincible, until he crashes his bike /car and breaks a few bones".

      Back then I did what all youngsters do. Feel indestructible behind the wheel. Drove little fast and took risks. Lucky din't get hurt nor hurt anyone. But my diesel powered zen taught me everything there is about driving.

      Many of you here will know about the zen legendary handling prowess.

      But something not many know is that, if the petrol zen was a sweet handling car, then the Zen DI with a heavier front end. Stiffer front springs. Handled like its tyres were made of fevicol.

      The engine being heavier always made sure that the front end faced which side the driver wanted it to. The Zen DI had a super light EPS but with the stiffer springs and extra weight it gave very good feed back at high speeds. If I can put it in a few words.

      "Driving down East Coast Road at 12am on a Sunday night, 6 years back I had the whole road to myself.. Sunday midnight with brand new Michelin energy tyres. In a light weight car, doing 150kmph on a 160kmph speedo. A corner approaches..... Back then I din't know rev matching or heal and toe shifting or any fancy stuff. All my instincts told were.... Dumb ass you are carrying way to much speed into that corner. You are so screwed, do something......

      I just tap the brakes. 3 taps to just make that engine drop some revs. Then gently prod the accelerator while I shift from 5th to 4th. And the rev would hit peak rpm. The engine screams. There is a thug on the front.... The car just dives into the corner front end gripping like its on rails.

      I din't know what racing line was. I din't know what an apex was. I din't know what powering through a corner was. Heck I din't know why the line in the middle of the road was white and the one on the shoulder was yellow. All I knew was I am in 4th gear. Raping all the 58 French diesel horses at peak rpm. Diving into a corner at speeds that it should not see. My left wheel be on the yellow line on the left shoulder. And as I turn slowly give into the centrifugal force and let the car move to the inside line. Cross the mid white line at mid corner and exit giving full throttle just touching the right shoulder and shift back to 5th once I am out. This is what that car taught me. It was like a teacher holding your hand teaching u to write on the lines of a notebook....

      Had her from 33k kms till 133k kms. Would have lasted another lakh kms if I hadn't broke its chassis and blew the engine gasket.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC02492.JPG 
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ID:	148160

      Tried fixing her...... Spent a lot of time and money..... But the damage was done.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC02493.JPG 
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ID:	148161

      But I still dint let her go, Brought her back to this

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC03047.jpg 
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Size:	544.2 KB 
ID:	148162

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Image000.jpg 
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ID:	148163

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	11042008029.jpg 
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      The power steering din't work. I din't care. The aircon makes the coolant boil. I drove with my window down. Brake discs were vibrating like a mixie if i braked hard. I made sure I braked gradually. I had to open the coolant tank every 100kms and fill water. I just had 4 nos 2lts bottles in the boot. When it rained it leaked into cabin. I wore sandles. My friends dreaded my car would just break into pieces. I agreed to sit as a passenger in one of their cars. But whatever I did, she was moving away. Every one wanted me to sell. But I just couldn't......

      Not because I din't know what car to replace it with..... Because I knew no car can replace her..... Then finally one day sold her to a person who knew the value of the car, engine rather. He was from a hill station, where jeeps rule. And this Peugot engine which I had in my hatch back was a favorite amongst jeepers in his town. His place had a lot of zen diesels. He pressured me into selling my car. I gave in only after I spoke to the mechanic who he claimed was gonna work on the car. Made sure he was knowledgeable and capable of doing any maintenance if needed.

      Helped him source all the parts needed to make her better. And then let her go. There I was standing on the sidewalk. Like a stranger, a pedestrian, a 3rd person. Seeing a Miami gold zen floating away from me. I went home. For the 1st time in 6 years! I went home without my car keys in hand

      2010 AD to 2012 AD. Chapter of the Race Chipped Figo.

      Time heals anything and every thing

      I had a gut feeling about the Ford Figo. Booked it without a TD. On its launch. When offered a TD I let my brother and friends drive. They were surprised. I told them I don't want a TD. I just can see it. This car will be as good as my zen. It had the engine from the Fiesta like zen had it from the bigger Peugot 309. It had it's tyres at both ends like the zen, short or nil overhangs.

      Have read a lot about Ford steering and brakes in Ikon and Fiesta.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	53836_4701502380147_577745730_o.jpg 
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Size:	522.5 KB 
ID:	148165

      Name:  283551_2325369058299_3403328_n.jpg
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      Big car engine in a small car with nil overhangs, nice proportionate dimensions from a manufacturer known for FTD cars. Simple.

      Booked.... Took delivery...... Had a smile on my face the first corner out of show room. Found my partner.

      I was always dissappointed a little on the power. When I had the zen it's competitors were 1st gen indica and Fiat Uno. Out of the three the zen was the most FTD and fastest.

      Fast forward now figo was FTD but no where near as fast. It's competitors were the 75 hp Swift and 90hp i20. Even though Figo handled better. There was something missing. A few horses need to be added to this carriage to make it better. I set about looking how to add these horses. That's how I started reading online car forums. Read a lot. Learnt a lot. Came down to 3 options:

      Name:  313279_2585440559924_279639123_n.jpg
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Size:  55.7 KB

      Name:  283049_2325371178352_5266485_n.jpg
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Size:  43.0 KB

      Petes box - 43k
      Petes Remap - 40k
      Tdi remap - 25k
      Race chip box - 20k

      Read a lot. Called a lot. Met a lot of people. Got confused and got scared a lot.

      Settled for a RaceChip from Germany.

      Chipped.... Drove for 70k kms. Had awesome fun. Very bad mileage (my faulty driving only) then sold the car, since I got an offer I couldn't refuse. Waited few months for Ecosport. Got very ****ed. TD'd every other hatchback. Booked Toyota Liva Sportiva just for the body kit. Then canceled above booking just for that UGLY SPEEDO.

      Saw the spy shots of the face lifted Figo. Was super ****ed at Ford, buggers delay Ecosport by 6 months and now screw up the Figo. Then go to Ford showroom one day. Get an awesome offer on old gen Figo last batch. Since I din't like any other hatchbacks (not a big fan of cars with boots) bought another Figo TDCI Titanium. Before they poured acid on it's face in the name of a face lift.

      2012 Ad - till another interesting hatch back comes my way

      How CODE 6 Tuning helped me unleash my Figo's true capabilities

      Now comes the interesting part.

      my 2nd Figo.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG-20130519-WA0002.jpg 
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ID:	148169

      Car is the same. Got new tyres of the same size, Hankook Ventus Evo 12, 195/55/15. And fixed the RaceChip from the old car.

      Now I don't know if Ford had detuned the car in the interest for better emissions or was it my mind playin tricks or was it just the fat tyres bogging the car down?

      As soon as I started driving this car it felt different from the Figo I owned earlier. The car moved slower. The turn-in wasn't as sharp.

      I searched online to see if Ford had tweaked the suspension in the interest of better comfort and spoiled the handling of the car. Couldn't find any evidence.

      Again even with the RaceChip this new Figo wasn't very fast. I badly wanted more power.

      Since I had already done my research on remaps. I wanted to get it done from Petes ASAP.

      One problem. Petes shop was in Kochi and I din't have the confidence of letting the franchise of Petes in Bangalore work on my car. I mean I was very specific about if I am gonna let some one touch my cars ECU, it was gonna be the best tuner as far as per my knowledge. But just couldn't find time to drive 500kms to Kochi and get it done. It was being delayed.

      Now there is a twist in the story. Petes was always far far away. I was a regular reader on Gearheads for some time now and had been to a couple of track meets and water meets (read Pondy meets). Learnt that one certain Vampire was gonna start remapping cars soon. met Digital Vampire at Pondy and was satisfied that he will be able to deliver on the remap as and when I decide to get it done . But there was no news about him starting out. So was still hoping I would go to Petes sometime in Kochi and get it done.

      Then all of a sudden I hear this news from our very own Mi10, the 1st Gearhead from Chennai to get a remap From Code 6 Tuning. By the time Praveen had his car worked on I was already familiar with the way he treats his cars . Utmost care, respect and above all always.... Always lets only the best of the best stuff to be fixed on his car and the best possible person to work on his car. From ICE to CAM to ECU I was sure if he let it be on his car it can very well be on my car. So when he let his month old penguin a.ka. Rapi(e)D Vrs be tuned by DV and his team I was sure that if he can get it done on his car, then for sure I am getting the same done to mine.

      I have waited 4 years. Read innumerable posts, threads, websites about remaps, about tuners, how different a remap is from a box, the pros and the cons. The success and failures. The Risks and the advantages. Everything... All my fears, my excitement, my anticipation ends in one phone call.
      Mi10 calls, tells me that the Code 6 team have given the green light for the Figo and I could join him that weekend while he went to fine tune his map. But alas that week I couldn't make it. Now I have to wait one more week maybe two! I din't know.

      It was 3 weeks after. That Praveen calls to say that he's is going again. I was like what ever may come I will go that week and I did do exactly that .

      It was my birthday eve. That too a Friday evening. My friends, all the ones who go to work, who are free from Friday wanted to meet me and do the normal birthday thing. But by the time they called I was half way through to Bangalore. Reached late. Everyone was there. The crew had already started work on Evolution88’s Figo and the next up was mine. Waited a while.

      Out came the Vbox for runs in stock form. mclaren1885 goes for a spin, comes back biting at me for still running the huge A** tyres. Then comes out the HOLY Grail of Tuning as far as Turbo diesels are concerned "THE TOOL". Reads the stock map. Flashes the re-coded MAP. Hence REMAP.

      Again mclaren1885 takes the car for a spin. Comes back with better timings, and the same complaint "bloody bugger din't remove the FAT tyres".
      I take it for a spin and I have a huge grin on my face. The difference was so evident. The car reached speeds faster, better. And the grin widened when I was told it will be better if I downsized my tyres. Which are in the pipe-line.

      Then V2 of the remap, a different version was tried on the car. Even better. Then comes V3. This was the MAP that made tadukuttan say "I like it lets keep it. I mean to me it all seemed the same. I am not exactly a "CONNOISSEUR" of remaps. So when someone as experienced as Tadu says its good I thought ok fine let me see how good it is.

      Took the car for a spin. Going all out. I thought the speedo will be at 130-140kmph since that was the max the car would do with the RaceChip (other Figos easily do 150+ my top speed sucks big time thanks to 195 section tyres). But even with the tyres, the speedo was reaching 155+ and on the GPS a solid 150. I was very satisfied. And even more happy when I realised that with a little downsized wheels I can do little more. And obviously with a replacement airfilter it would be even better at the top end.

      Then comes mclaren1885 who was convinced that V2 was better than V3. So finalized V2 with a big smile on my face.

      Here are the VBOX figures from my car.

      Vbox comparison from Stock vs V1 vs V2.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Riyaz FigostockvsV1vsV2final.png 
Views:	143 
Size:	80.2 KB 
ID:	148131

      Stock 0-100 - 15.48s.
      V1 0-100 - 14.16s.
      V2 0-100 - 13.63s.

      That is a cool 1.85s shaved off the stock timing.

      Here is the Vbox comparison of how the top speed varied from a stand still from the Stock map to the V2 remap.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RiyazV2vsstockts.png 
Views:	114 
Size:	225.8 KB 
ID:	148132

      At the same point on the graph while the V2 was doing 132.03kmph, the stock car does 124.62kmph.

      Top speed on stock map - 157.91kmph.

      Top speed on V2 map - 161.18kmph.

      This is GPS speed, on the speedo it was something like 170+ kmph.

      BEST Birthday Gift ever. From ME to Myself with LOVE

      OH wait!!! This wasn't the best Birthday gift ever I got an even better Gift

      Coming soon............
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      Remember, it was me who sat shotgun with you when you tested the maps and I must say your face showed all the happiness. Very nicely written Riyaz. Congrats. Happy mile munching.

      You are one guy who really deserves a map. Will never forget the way you showed me how Ford Handles (Read taking a 90 deg turn at 100 KMPH)
      Pulsar'09 | Swift'11 VDI |Indica'11 DLS| RE CL350
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      From what Mi10 and xander say you are a guy who doesnt need a map . seriously belting that swift while the penguin and Vtak were stuck bhind traffic in the highway . cant wait to see what MR CDK is capable of with a Remap Swift
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      Another Code6 story - they are always cool. Perfect birthday gift Riyaz. Now when is your Cruze story coming out?

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      riyaz_cobra Man, thats some writing - straight from Heart (never knew your capability in writing !) . Congrats Riyaz and Code 6 Team for making my favorite hatch move like Hell !

      I am yet to drive your Remapped Figo.. Calls for a Knight drivers meet soon.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Quote Originally Posted by riyaz_cobra View Post
      cant wait to see what MR CDK is capable of with a Remap Swift
      We will soon do a Remapped Meet ! (Only Remapped Drivers with Remapped Cars Allowed0

      I ve seen both you guys drive, to sum it up short;
      CDK drives like his Ass on Fire
      Riyaz_Cobra Drives like a Fire Extinguisher on a Mission !
      RIP Penguin May 2013 - Dec 2015

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      Quote Originally Posted by riyaz_cobra View Post
      I got an even better Gift
      Cruze AT ....

      - - - Updated - - -

      Quote Originally Posted by Mi10 View Post
      We will soon do a Remapped Meet ! (Only Remapped Drivers with Remapped Cars Allowed0
      any re-maps for my alto
      Alto --- Lets Go.... but where ???

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      Curiosity killed the cat;
      Insecurity killed the man
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      Quote Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
      Cruze AT ....

      Last kNight Drivers meet..
      Anandv267 and myself on my Fiesta S
      Riyaz, Xander in that "Even better gift"

      Half way down...

      Anand: How to Catch up with that Car ?
      Me: Start 1 hour Early !
      RIP Penguin May 2013 - Dec 2015

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      In Bhai we Trust
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      Very good write up Riyaz. Congrats on the twin remaps .

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mi10 View Post
      riyaz_cobra Man, thats some writing - straight from Heart (never knew your capability in writing !)

      Excellent writing there riyaz_cobra. You should write more often!!

      Glad to know that you are relishing the CODE 6 'Xperience!

      EDIT: I see that you have a 3773 "number addiction"...

      Quote Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
      any re-maps for my alto
      How about we TC it?
      CODE6.IN | DigitalVampire.com | XENG.net
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      Lovely written there riyaz_cobra. Narration itself shows how you missed your earlier Zen, then your 1st figo. Happy to hear that final tuning made you happy and it became your best birthday gift.

      Quote Originally Posted by riyaz_cobra View Post
      Took the car for a spin. Going all out. I thought the speedo will be at 130-140kmph since that was the max the car would do with the RaceChip (other Figos easily do 150+ my top speed sucks big time thanks to 195 section tyres). But even with the tyres, the speedo was reaching 155+ and on the GPS a solid 150.
      During photoshoot meet yesterday, i managed to clock 160kmph in pulse for long time with accelerator pedal full down. But it dint increase even 1kmph after 160kmph

      Is it again 195 section tyres that i am running is ruining? Any pointers?
      Never Say Never Again :)

      Specially for Photography Section - If i post any pic in photography section, Please click and view in full screen for correct resolution and clarity. Thanks !!

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