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    Thread: Code 6 Tuned - Remapped Ford Figo

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      Code 6 Tuned - Remapped Ford Figo

      Story begins...

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Figo_1.JPG 
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      Scene – 1

      It started two months back or so. After having a Semi-final corporate cricket match at SPT Sports ground, Sarjapur, was having lunch there. Received a call from tadukuttan’s no & I said “Hey tadu…” but the voice from other side was mclaren1885’s. When I received the call, thought Tadu is back in town but then Rahul was talking from his cell. Thought he is using the no which Tadu used.

      Rahul : Where are you right now?
      Me : Sarjapur. Why, what happened?
      Rahul : Cool… Can you come near to our Garage in Hosa Road. Have to check something in your car.
      Me : Fine. No issues. Give me some time. Am having lunch.
      Rahul : Ok. Take your time.
      Me : Exactly where I have to come. Don’t know where exactly is the garage.
      Rahul : Ok. Come near Total Mall in Sarjapur Road & give me a call.
      Me : Done. Though road is blocked here & I have to go all the way back to Varthur & come through Carmelaram. May take time.
      Rahul : Fine.

      After sometime I reached Total Mall & then hit their place making few calls to Rahul in between so that I won’t be lost.
      Called him & came to know that they will be there in few mins as they went out to get something.
      After few mins received call from Rahul asking me to park the car in a nearby road.
      Did that & I walked out to check the tires on another Figo there.
      Rahul started walking towards me from nowhere followed by Tadu. Ho… so he is back in town. I was not aware of that. Answers for the queries in my mind answered - How Rahul made call from Tadus’ phone.

      It started drizzling & we got into my car. Parked the car to the other side of the road. Rahul called Digital Vampire & asked whether we need to come to his apartment gate to pick him up as it started raining. He said no & we waited in the car. Few mins later rain stopped & Anoop showed with a laptop bag in his hand.

      I was sitting in the drivers seat & Tadu in co-driver seat. Rahul was in the rear seat & Anoop also got into the rear seat.
      Ok… Now what… They are going to get the ECU map from my #Ford #Figo .
      Anoop was getting things ready while Tadu was busy “handling” my Figo.
      They got the info they wanted & we got out to have tea/coffee. While walking towards the store, jaguar turned up. After having tea/coffee we moved over to Tadu’s place.
      There we spend some time talking about cars, garage, so & so. I returned back home after few hours.

      Scene – 2
      A month later…
      Friday night… Planned for Kolar CCD Meet.

      WhatsApp chat…
      Against the normal norms Rahul said we will meet at Hoskote Toll near 07:30pm. That was a :surprise:
      I asked “Why so early?”
      Rahul replied “We are going to map 4 cars today”.
      I said “Ok, will be there that time”.
      But it started to rain like anything near my place.
      I updated Rahul regarding the condition & waited at my home.
      In between I said that “If you guys want to go now, carry on. I will join you guys in CCD”.
      Rahul said “Come to Hoskote. We will make your car go fast. “.
      I got what he meant & the reply from me was just a
      He insisted that they are not kidding & going to map riyaz_cobra’s car tonight. Will put the same map on my car & see.
      I said “Fine. Let see. “.

      We got delayed & at last I got green signal from him to start for the Meet. When I reached Hoskote Toll, Rahul, Tadu, Anoop were waiting along with venbab.
      Rahul walked towards me & with a asked “So, shall we do?”.
      Me “Hmmm… Ok. But I may not go for it”.
      Again we took the same position as in Scene – 1.
      Anoop started flashing the ECU & here it comes… Remap.
      They said that this is V1 & there are more to come. Let’s drive with this from here to CCD & we will see.
      Rahul sat along with me. Anoop had given instructions to me to drive slow for first few Kms before opening up the power.
      GH’s who had came for meet in Kolar/Mulbagal CCD knows that there are 2 unscientific speed breakers within 2-4 Kms after the Hoskote Toll.
      I replied saying that “Anyway will push the car only after the speed breakers “.

      Ok. Here is the plan. I will drive behind Venbab’s Swift(which is already remapped) to check the smoke & Tadu will drive behind me in his Cruze to check the smoke out of my car.
      As always there is a change in the plan real time & I moved ahead & Swift followed me, followed by Cruze. Few Kms into the drive, Anoop called Rahul & enquired how it is. Rahul replied that yet to push the car & will do that post speed breaker.
      Fellow GH’s who doesn’t know, am running a slight upsize tires on my Figo. 185/60 R14 Bridgestone MY-02.

      Gently driven the car & made sure those giant speed breakers are done.
      Car is in 1st Gear & here you go. Rev… Upshift… Rev… Upshift…
      But immediately the fun is spoiled by slow moving bus & truck occupying the middle & right lanes.
      Came down to 2nd Gear, switched to left lane & here you go.
      Car is revving freely & moving. My eyes were hovering in the Speedo & Tacho.
      Shifted to 3rd Gear. Car is revving freely, smoothly & the Speedo hit 100 Km/hr.

      Rahul : How is the remap? How does it feel? Any difference?
      Me : Yeah… Definitely. With stock, 3rd Gear used to die after 80Km/hr & now it is hitting 100Km/hr with ease & no engine strain. Definitely according to Speedo an increase of 15-20Km/hr.
      I started pushing the car as traffic eased & Car was moving very nicely.
      I looked at the RVM’s & didn’t see the Swift or Cruze.

      Car was doing 140-150Km/hr & in between encountered slow moving trucks & had to came down to 100 Km/hr.
      Again some throttle & car is back in 140-150Km/hr range.
      Ok. Now have to check the top speed. Rahul asked me to go for it.
      I started giving more throttle & was waiting for a good stretch.
      Figo was doing corners at 150Km/hr & twice or thrice I touched 160 Km/hr on straight stretch but had to slow down cos of traffic.
      Again got a chance & literally this time accelerator pedal was touching the floor & car was doing around 170 Km/hr. Rahul took the video of the same which was posted in riyaz_cobra’s thread.
      We were nearing the flyover near to CCD & Tadu’s Cruze showed up in the RVM.
      Reached CCD & Anoop got out of Cruze rubbing hands in his on typical way & walked towards my Figo.
      Anoop : “How is it?”
      Me : Good. There is a definite improvement from stock.
      Here comes Tadu’s & Venbab’s comment : No smoke.
      Anoop : Again rubbing hands… Hooo… Good.
      Rahul : Car was moving very nicely. No smoke??? Then not enough power.
      Tadu : Yeah… It was moving very neatly. Have to touch 200 Km/hr to catch up with you guys. Venbab also admitted the same.
      Me :

      Ok. Now the #Chennai boys were not in. So we decided to go for dinner in a nearby Dhaba. Rahul took the wheels of Figo. We head to dhaba in Figo & Swift. Had nice chicken kebabs & a tumbler full of chicken curry along with rotti. Rahul got call from Riyaz & he had already reached CCD. On way back Tadu took the wheels of Figo & for the first time he is driving a Figo. Car was not pushed hard & when we were nearing CCD saw Mi10’s Rapid, noisy City & CDK’s swift just ahead of us.

      #Bangalore boys krish, Roadking & optimus_prime were also there.
      Now, it’s time for riyaz’s Figo’s remap.
      He already shared his story out here in the forum. So not getting into the details of it.
      Krish was busy driving all the cars out there except Tadu’s Cruze.
      Krish & Riyaz took out Mi10’s Rapid which was running a violent map came out with a chilled feeling saying “What a car man??? 60Km/hr to 180Km/hr just like that”.
      Riyaz’s car was taken out for a spin with V1, V2 & V3. Car was losing some power cos of those fatty tires.

      Meanwhile reverted my Figo back to stock map, to check some parameter. Tadu asked me to take the car out for a spin.
      This is the best opportunity for me to know the difference between the remap & stock.
      3rd Gear 80Km/hr was always a bliss. I touched that & decided whether it can hit 100Km/hr. No was the result. Car strained to touch 90Km/hr & there was no step forward.
      Decided to check the max. speed in stock & hit a 150Km/hr but had to slow down as I hit a sharp left hander.

      Ok. They have tried V2 & V3 on Riyaz’s Figo by then. From V1 a V3 for me. This time Tadu took the wheels & me as a co-driver. We didn’t felt the car was moving. V1 felt better.
      Then V2 is kept & car is taken for few spins by Rahul.
      I sat in the Rapid along with Pradeep & Anoop. Didn’t felt much about the current map which they were running. Gave my inputs & got out of the car.

      Saturday morning was showing up & I had 40K Kms Service appointment on Saturday.
      Decided to sit in my car for an hour with eyes closed while the Mi10’s Rapid was undergoing some real violence.
      By the time we were done with testing, time went past 06:30am. We decided to head back home. I asked Anoop to revert back to stock map as I was going for Service & not sure whether I will go for remap or not. He, Tadu & Rahul insisted I can keep it. As I was running out of fuel, refueled from the nearby fuel station. Tadu was waiting with his Cruze for me as that was the smoke detector vehicle.
      We started driving towards Hoskote and Rapid & Cruze was in my sight. Rapid ahead & Cruze behind.
      We were doing some 140-160+Km/hr. It was real fun.
      Nearing Hoskote I saw CDK’s stock swift & it was hard to catch till 120Km/hr.
      We stopped after Hoskote Toll as usual & dispersed from there.


      Scene – 3
      Car didn’t go for any highway run after the remap & was wanting for it. There you go… Tumkur Idli Meet.
      Me, Ladybird, Rahul, bigmoose & shyam were the attendees.
      Next day went to Madanapalle along with Ladybird to have lunch from a dhaba.
      Couldn’t test the car much & its real ability in the above two runs.
      Couldn’t make out much difference in the city as car used to do well within city limits before too. 2nd & 3rd Gear was FTD within city.

      Scene -4
      Done a Kerala trip last weekend & that showed the real character of the remap.
      Car was cruising at 130Km/hr with a light foot & no engine strain. To add to it, less engine noise.
      At that speed also, power was just a tap away.
      This doesn’t mean that the stock Figo was not able to do that speed.
      I had done 165Km/hr with stock map & 175/65 R14 tires.
      The difference is that with the above said light throttle input, stock Figo used to cruise at 110Km/hr.
      120Km/hr in stock was not a difficult task but post that you have to give more throttle. That is not the case now. Gradual throttle all the way.
      Did a top speed of 160Km/hr & ran out of road. But that time too the throttle was half pressed.

      Now, Car has done close to 2K Kms post remap. Took my time to pen down about the remap. That is cos as always I wanted some facts before penning down here.
      The below facts which am going to tell may cause few jaw drops & few eyes pop out but this is the fact.
      In 5th Gear, came down to 60Km/hr & a light foot took the car to 130Km/hr with ease.
      Again in 5th Gear, came down to 50Km/hr & a light foot took the car to 120Km/hr with ease & that was not the end of the world. More power was left. Gave more input & Speedo was reading 140Km/hr.
      In stock Figo, had to downshift to move ahead fast after slowed down by traffic. But now… Downshift to accelerate… What’s that?

      Looks like the FE stays as before or improved a bit.
      Car does produce some smoke when revved hard in lower gears especially in 2nd & 3rd Gear. This happens when you give more throttle from a sedate driving condition. Not a big issue as stock cars also smoke in the above said scenario. In Rahul’s words it is just a healthy smoke.

      The turbo spooling feel is gone now. I miss that. In stock form used to feel the turbo kick in when the RPM read 1600. But that feel is not evitable now. So what… Car revs more freely & produce good amount of power. Car touches 4.2K on the Tacho with ease.

      Another thing what I noticed is that stock car in lower gears(1 & 2) if you give some throttle & rev, then take off the foot suddenly(due to traffic), you will have a feel like somebody is pulling you back. That feeling is gone. Car feels smooth now.

      In short, CODE 6 Tuning gave a totally different dimension to Figo. Figo TDCi owners who want more out of their car can definitely go for it.

      The Start…
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      Superb write up. This info is exactly what's needed by people like me.

      Subscribed to meet thread, eager to meet you all.


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      HI MAN , CONGRATS !!!! on the remap , keep up the good work CODE -6 , so nice to hear you guys at code -6 are making people's drive more joyful . CHEERS TAKE CARE !!! And evolution 88 it will be a pleasure to meet u soon .

      - - - Updated - - -

      AND ONE MORE THING you have maintained your car superbly !!!!

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      Congrats ManU fan. Now zoom past everyone like Rooney.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Evolution88 View Post
      Code 6'ed - Remapped Ford Figo

      Story begins...
      Nice pic, thanks for sharing the remap details! I am sure, it will be useful piece of info to enthusiasts.

      All the best and drive safe .
      2012 Ford Figo 1.4 Titanium, 2006 Bajaj Pulsar 150

      I was lonely driving here tonight so I hugged the road.

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      Congratulation Evolution88 on the remap on Colorado Queen
      Quote Originally Posted by Evolution88 View Post
      what I noticed is that stock car in lower gears(1 & 2) if you give some throttle & rev, then take off the foot suddenly(due to traffic), you will have a feel like somebody is pulling you back. That feeling is gone.
      That is a very wonderful thing, I hate the honkers whenever I get in to this situation. Wonderful job Code-6 team.

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      Congrats Baiju on the remap ! SO now you've got little more power to compliment that superb handling figo offers ! Keep revving

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      Congrats on remap, nicely written! Seems raining remaps all over GH Gear "re-mapped" Heads
      If God solves our problems we trust HIS abilities. If HE does not, HE trusts our abilities.

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      Congrats Baiju - Well written, your attention to detail impresses me !

      Keep Smoking the roads
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      Congratulations Evolution88, Enjoy driving
      Never Say Never Again :)

      Specially for Photography Section - If i post any pic in photography section, Please click and view in full screen for correct resolution and clarity. Thanks !!

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