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    Thread: My Baleno Street Setup

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      My Baleno Street Setup

      Since we are on a fresh note here and people are curious to know about my car, I am gonna bore you again.

      A huge thanks to Ron Chinoy and RDDreams for taking up this project and building up the car. I have to bring to the fact that this was really a budget build with reliability in mind. From a tuner's perspective this brings a lot of constraint to the build in terms of the rpms being exploited and the power band and the extent of mods. The car had to be super reliable since I travel regularly to Kerala and back yet it had to be fun to drive. This car will never see a race track or a drag strip. Its should just be fun to drive and bring a smile to my face everytime I floor the throttle.

      Whats been done now:
      RDDreams Piggyback with:
      a. Wideband O2 sensor
      b. Digital AFR Controller and Display
      c. Datalogger with multiple parameters
      Ported and Polished High Comp Head
      High Performance Street Cam
      Modified Throttlebody and Intake Manifold
      Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
      4X2X1 Custom Headers with FFE
      Header Wrap with Hi Heat Treatment
      UNI Foam Pod Filter with Custom Cold Air Intake
      NGK BKR6E Spark Plugs
      Roesch XC-4 Kevlar Carboceramic Brake Pads
      Koni Sport Adjustable Dampers with stock springs
      195/60R14 86H Yokohama Advan Neovas AD-07
      6J x 14 8 spoke BSA Alloys

      Car runs on 91 octane gas either IOC extra premium or Shell and engine oil is Mobil 1 fully sythentic engine oil.

      I have been involved in the progress of the car from the beginning. Ron showed me the flaws in the head and believe me there were quite a few. Car had run only for 27k when we started but had lots of carbon build up. He showed me what he was gonna do and explained everything and did show me as the head shaped up. It was an awesome learning experience. And truly unless you are involed its very difficult to guage how much work has gone into it. Another fact was that I wanted to run normal petrol without any issues, so that was another constraint.

      Initial Impressions:
      The day I started up the car after the work it felt instantly different. Smoothly idling at 750 rpm. The car was way way smoother than before and its absolutely a blast. The powerband is smooth and crisp and its making power all the way to the redline. Absolutely awesome.

      Another thing I wanted to thank Ron was that he diagonosed some issues my car had previously. I have never seen this kind of diagnosis and troubleshooting from anybody else.

      Ron has been making steady improvements to the car whenever I get time to drop of the car with him. He even surprised me with a UNI filter in the car. This was really exciting because I did not have any clue that he could spare a filter for the car. I picked up the car the day before I left for the journey and did not have time to test the car in the town before I left.

      Usually I dont take the car out on a long drive immediately after a change but this time I thought what the heck, if you dont trust it now, then no point harping about reliability. But I have come to trust the car now.

      Before I post my experience, let me say what my dad had to say. To say the least he was very impressed with the car. He has a nitpicking character and when he commented on the torque of the car(for him its called pulling), the smoothness and the acceleration in low rpm, it really brought a proud smile to my face. He does not approve of the loudness of the car, quite understandable.

      As for me, wow what a drive! There is only one phrase that come to my mind to describe the car :Torque Driven:

      The way the car pulls in all gears is amazing. The car has oodles of torque....just oodles of torque. In city this is a blessing but on the high way this is a dream for any kind of driver. In city the car will pull right off idle without any hint of hesitation. For the revv head or the guy riding the torque, this kind of powerband is a fantasy. I am assuming the filter had a major role to play here, the UNI filter was put through some crazy rains and slush and came out flying with colours. The power comes on at 2500rpm and all the way till redline. You can feel the cam kicking in at 3k and the power is crisp and strong pulling like insane in lower gears. There is a rush of power that comes just before 5k and stays all the way till you can hold it. So one of the reasons Dad liked the car is basically because of the torque and the fact he can slot it into 5th and cruise all day, just rolling off and on the accelerator.

      I preferred savouring the powerband everytime I could. The cruising speed is mostly 130-140 on the highways and 110 or so on Kerala roads. There was power everywhere, whichever gear I was in and where ever in the rpm range. The max I have done on the speedo with wifey glaring at me was a 195kmph. This was on the L&T high way in coimbatore and 195kmph came up in 4th gear at around 6500 rpm. This was with 3 people in the car and a boot full of luggage. 2nd gear tops out at 105kmph and 3rd gear at 150kmph. I dont push in the first gear. Oh what a rush it was seeing 195ks on the speedo. The best a stock baleno would do is 175kmph on the speedo which was my personal best till now(I have tried this with two stock balenos running the same size footwear). Considering the fact we never talked about topspeed before the build and that it was never build for topspeed, topspeed is hardly a concern.

      Considering the fact that redline is at 6750rpm and I had 300rpm more in 4th gear means conservatively we should pull atleast another 10kmph in 4th putting the topspeed at more that 200kmph. With less load and single driver this should be done with a lot easier. One thing I have noticed in all RDD builds is the way the car/bike pulls in top gear. Usually the car/bike runs out of breath in top but this one pulls and pulls like a loco.

      Oh lemme talk mileage. Mileage is 12.5kmpl for a fully loaded car with AC on full time. My previous mileage was 12kmpl under less load. Yes my driving habits are not really mileage consious so this is the least anyone can expect in the car. I am happy because now I have a much more powerful car with pretty much the same mileage. Maybe I should let my dad test mileage and am sure he can easily get couple of more kms to the litre.

      The progression:

      So the engine was done and it was time to look at things that supported the engine. The first this that gives up in a tuned car is the clutch, so I hope this new one holds for some time. Thanks to Mclaren1885 for helping me out with the clutch.

      Now for top it off, its more power but of a different variety. Stopping Power! So for more stopping power I got some nice Roesch Kevlar carbon pads for the front. These pads are lovely. Brake fade is a thing of yester years. On the highway the more they heat up the better they perform! Slightly overkill, not too much of heating up is also required. Not really recommended for a street car. I will probably stick to EBCs next time. But getting brakes pads for this car is a night mare. Lots of brake dust. My both front tyres are black by the time I got home.

      Well we have good clutch and we are putting down some nice power to the tarmac. This is when the tyres give up. After close to 34K kms the ES100 decided not to grip in the first two gears and hop around. I am fast running out of cash. I decided if not now then never, got the Neovas on a whim. I have never regreted this decision. At 10000kms later I still have a lot of life left in them so as not to worry about tyres for another 15k kms atleast.

      So the last and final puzzle in this jigsaw was the supension. My god did I break my head on this one. The major constraint here was money as usual. Finally settled on Konis as what would suffice my requirements. Oh boy these are really worth it, if Konis are like this I cant even imagine what the high end setups would be like. But I find these perfect for the streets. These were fitted straight out of the box, or stock factory settings, which supposed to be softest. This is the setting Konis tuned/valves to the stock springs and are sporty but not uncomfortable. And thats exactly what it is. Its definitely firm but not uncomfortable. Wifey did not complain nor could feel much difference in comfort. So that passes the test.

      For just street driving install these as it is. Dont stiffen, unless you hit the track.

      1.Comfort is good. Except low speed gutters.
      2. Amazing cornering. Sticks to the lane.
      3. Super quick lane changes.
      4. You can blast through rough patches. Inspires rally style driving.

      These will take anything that you throw at them. Did some silly stuff with them and for the first time I feel that these are beyond my driving abilities. The way they stick to the road on undulations, up and down, twisties is mindblowing. Mid way corrections, reducing radius corners you name it this will eat it for breakfast! Love them......

      As of now the Odo reads 43K around 15000 kms after all the mods, running strong as ever. After my last service I have ensured that the car can be maintained by anybody. No special care is needed, service done at MASS, no other hassles.

      The only thing special about the car in terms of maintainance is
      1. Mobil 1 Fully synth
      2. UNI Foam filter (but many run a open filter nowadays so service guys know what to do or rather what not to do).

      Just a small video of my car:
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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      Re: baleno

      Mohith, we both seem to have dads who are very nitpicky.

      Coming back to your car, it was a wonderful experience driving it. Though, we must meet up to see how its faring with the new clutch. Many guys here are awaiting to see your ride in action on one of our drives. So do try and make it.

      And Ron has surely done some amazing work, keep up the good work Ron.

      Now, when is the other project going to be completed?
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      Re: My Baleno Street Setup

      I've heard of this car from Ron and remember the very passionate look on his face as he showed us the detail that had gone into the port and polish. He also said a lot of other things that went way over my head, but thats Ron.

      Until then I hadnt known that he did work on cars (other than the job he did @ CBE) and would love to experience this first hand when am in Bangalore.

      BTW was this Sharat's car earlier? Are you the guy who went down to Manipal, handed over the cash and drove the car back?

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      Re: My Baleno Street Setup

      Mohit, lovely report. For the first time, all the mods done on your car are condensed in one easy to read post I would love to drive your car sometime. Every time we meet, I'm at work and the roads in that area dont really support test drives.

      I will never forget the day you came to get the tyres. When you said Mohit, I wasnt sure if you were from the forum or not and was not too keen on pushing the Neovas. But a few minutes after talking to you, I was convinced that you needed the Neovas!

      @steeroid --- Yes. This was earlier Sharat's car.

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      Re: My Baleno Street Setup

      @Mclaren: Yeah dads are pretty much the same.

      Thanks for your kind words. You are welcome to check it out anytime. I am not very comfy with night drives, pretty much multiplies the risk factors.

      The other Baleno is coming along fine. I am buying up stuff for it and planning each and every detail. It will take me some time, I am targetting Feb to complete the car. I will do a complete writeup once the car is done and rest assured Gearheads will be the first to know.

      Steeroid, since you have seen the head u will know how much of effort has gone into it. I have watched him for hours as its amazing to see him work. Lets catch up the next time u r in Bangalore, probably when your RD is getting done.

      Yes this was Sharats car, I am the same guy who travelled 400kms with a DD without even seeing the car.

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      Re: My Baleno Street Setup

      "Car fast anu". Heard some one in the other car saying this.
      Njanum Sammathikkunnu


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      hw much was the total cost of conversion??which cam yu r usin?is der ne problems wid idaling??

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      Most of the individual prices are already known. Its just a matter of adding up.

      Its a Fast Street Cam. No problems with idling.

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      How long did the build take? And pl put up the prices if you can - will help newbies like me decide what to do and what not to do (budget allocation/planning).
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      mate, your baleno build seems to be super awesome. would love to catch up on you and your car one of these days.

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