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    Thread: Ford India News Thread

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      Ford India News Thread

      ...more here

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      Ford India Needs to Fire Its Advertising Executives

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ford-figo-sexist-print-ad-starring-silvio-berlusconi.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ford-figo-sexist-print-ad-starring-paris-hilton.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ford-figo-sexist-print-ad-starring-michael-schumacher.jpg 
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      Apparently sensibilities in India, at least in the case of some Ford marketing partners, are downright lascivious at times. Case in point are a new series of print ads, presumably touting the vast cargo capacity of the Ford Figo hatchback, that involve more than a whiff of T&A, S&M and other sexy abbreviations.

      In all seriousness, the advertising campaign is taking some major heat in the Indian press for being outrageously sexist. All three images – which seem to be produced by a graphic artist with some Heavy Metal work in his/her portfolio – show bound and gagged people stuffed into the Figo's boot. With a tagline reads, "Leave Your Worries Behind." one version features a peace-sign throwing Silvio Berlusconi holding hostage three buxom and barely clad women, all wearing ball gags with hands and feet bound. Charming. Another version shows Paris Hilton *similarly kidnapping a trio of Kardashians, while a third (tame in terms of the clothing at least), has Michael Schumacher toting Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton.

      Clearly in bad taste, at least, the Indian source also questions the timing of these risqué Ford ads, as the follow by days new anti-rape legislation passed by the Indian Parliament. Ford has responded in a statement, that it and its advertising partner (JWT India) "deeply regret" the ads, and claim that they "never should have happened."

      Source: Ford India should probably fire its ad execs for depicting bound and gagged women.

      Today in horrible advertising ideas, Ford India plugs the cavernous trunk space of its Figo hatchback by depicting captive women stuffed inside. That’s Silvio Berlusconi in the first image, leering at a troika of half-dressed model types. In the second ad, Paris Hilton seems to have kidnapped the Kardashians, one of whom is inexplicably wearing a bikini and high heels. As Autoblog points out, the campaign—which also features racecar driver Michael Schumacher with bound-and-gagged competitors—is being unveiled just a few days after the Indian parliament passed a major anti-rape law. Nice one, guys.

      Source: Ford India should probably fire its ad execs for depicting bound and gagged women.
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      Apparently these were never meant for publishing and were leaked by some chap from the ad agency!

      really bad taste wonder what kind of twisted ad mind thought these kind of ads would sell

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      I hope that FORD were never serious in publishing these as ads for FIGO.

      Figo certainly deserves something better.
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      While the 3rd pic with the F1 drivers can be passed off as funny and cool IMO, the 1st 2 pics are extremely sexist and distasteful. Are you sure Ford *actually* did something like this? Or is it some cruel joke being played by someone?
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      Ford Apologizes for Offensive ‘Berlusconi’ Figo Ads

      A print ad used to promote the Ford Figo compact car in India is causing controversy among people who say it is offensive, distasteful and misogynistic. Indeed, the pitch has drawn so much fire that Ford Motor Co. has apologized for it.

      Ford Apologizes for Offensive 'Berlusconi' Figo Ads - Drivers Seat - WSJ
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      Daaam I did not know GH had
      this option! :D
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      If these ads do get printed im sure it wont be in India but id like to know which other country will get these ads!
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      Quote Originally Posted by undecover_bro View Post
      but id like to know which other country will get these ads!
      Webber ll make sure the last one gets printed in Australia

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      Personally.. I think we are all getting a tad oversensitive about irrelevant things! . and loosing our sense of humour in the bargain!

      I submit

      1. Women are used in advertising to sell practically everything from time in memorial .. WHY? "Demand and Supply" Simple!
      2. Newtons third law states every reaction will have an equal and opposite reaction... There will always be someone who will find something offensive about anything somewhere in the world! (.. Dont ask me -I managed to confuse myself there )
      3. Therefore NO advt is exactly free of this..
      4. This is a CARICATURE for heavens sake - picking from current affairs! Aren't we all missing the point here?
      5. What next - take a Jaloos out against Amul?
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      Quote Originally Posted by kb100 View Post
      What next - take a Jaloos out against Amul?
      Thats the first thing that striked me while going through the posts.. But you beat me to it..
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