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    Thread: Ford Figo TDCI (remapped) - REVELATION

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      VW Vento 1.6 TDI Stage 2+
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      Talking Ford Figo TDCI (remapped) - REVELATION

      Hey GHDs! This is my first post.

      I’m sharing my experience in simple, layman term, so please don’t mind. Hope you find it helpful and interesting. I’ve also shared some of the photos I’ve taken during trips using my SGS III. Hope you’ll like them too.


      I can’t really say that I was not excited about bikes / cars those days but then again it was more of a love-hate kind of thing. Every time I used to see one of these zip by me, I used to get that feeling people have when they see a really hot girl who they can never have

      Anyway, after thinking about it for days I finally gathered the courage to ask my dad for a bike. It was like, what can go wrong, anything is going to be better than me cycling my way to the dinner date.

      Back then; I think petrol was around 36 rupees a litre. After explaining all the conveniences of having my own vehicle to my dad, we finally decided to visit a Bajaj showroom. Why Bajaj? Well, my dad has been moving around in a Bajaj ‘Priya’ since late 1980s’ and yes it runs perfectly even today. Even though he has a car, he just cannot let go of his old buddy.

      Did I have a particular bike in mind? Yes. Did I get that? No. I was very keen on the Bajaj Wind 125. But once we went to the dealer, my dad and his friend convinced me to buy a ‘mileage’ (read “kitna deti hai?”) bike stating that it’ll be a good place to start. Long story short, I was happy with the FE, not with the looks and power. Over the years, I saved enough to buy myself a second-hand Pulsar 150. Did around 20,000 KMs on that. No complains there. The question was “what next?”. The market was pretty much flooded with new bikes and the choices were only adding to my already confused state of mind.

      A Japanese Blind Date
      Over the next few months, somewhere I decided that I would push myself a bit and buy a second-hand car. Did I have a single clue about what to look for while buying a second-hand car? NO. So I got myself a 1996 Zen. Did you know ZEN = Zero Engine Noise? Happy moments. But these happy moments did not last long since within a month of purchase, every 2-3 days there was some new problem in the car. Anyway, with all that I still managed to drive to Pondicherry from Bangalore with 3 friends and some luggage. A new road had opened and we decided to take it. We started out journey early morning, hoping to reach there soon, only to realise that there were such massive craters on the road, it could swallow my entire wheel. Thankfully the car did not give trouble throughout the journey.

      Once back, I gave it for a full service and sold it at the earliest. Made up my mind that I’ll only buy a new car this time. Picked up a WagonR (K-series). No problems faced. Loved the way I could just walk into it. Did around 22000+ KMs on this silver ‘box’.

      2012: At World’s End
      World is about to end, might as well buy a car and drive straight to hell. Right? Just kidding.

      By now things had started to change. I was doing a lot more reading (‘researching, yeah baby!’) on online forums. But the most significant thing that happened was that I met this person from another forum, who was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about bikes and cars. He was also planning on upgrading from his Swift, which was BTW awesome fun to drive. After months of thoughts, he decided to buy a Skoda Rapid TDI and I went for a Ford Figo TDCI.

      The American Dream
      It was another beautiful Bangalore morning and I could not think of anything apart from test driving the Figo and hopefully booking it. With a wide grin on my face I drove to the Ford showroom (Lathangi Ford). One of my friends, who handled sales for the Fiesta department, went out of his way to help me get the best deal. Unfortunately, the Figo sales assistants were as well informed about the car as my dead granny. Probably worse. They had no idea if stock was there or not. No idea about which colors are available. Anyway, I decided to test drive the car. I had already driven the Fiesta Classic diesel and the Figo petrol, so I was pretty confident about the handling and braking.

      Before I could even exit the Ford premises for TD, the over-excited sales guy opened his mouth. “Sir, how is the AC? It’s wonderful right?”. I thought in my head “Damn son, does this car come with an ‘eject seat’ button?” To be honest, 150cc mill over conventional 90cc was really doing its job. One of the best ACs in a car. No doubt on that. Slowly, negotiating Bannerghatta Road traffic, we went to an open stretch where I could open the throttle. I did a couple of hard braking and tight cornering and came back extremely impressed. The feedback on the steering was just awesome. Day’s summary? Booked it. Went to celebrate. Don’t remember much after that so don’t ask.

      Rage Against The Machine
      My friend (Skoda Rapid) and me used to meet up almost regularly and exchange notes on our new rides. After a while, every now and then, we were left asking ourselves these questions: what if we could push these cars? How much can we squeeze out of them? One such evening, he told me that he is planning on getting a tuning box from Race Dynamics (RD). While I was extremely thrilled about doing the same for my car, I was not sure what the consequences would be. He had already made up his mind and a couple of days later it was already installed in his car. There is a detailed review about this in another forum (If interested, you can google ‘swift-remapped-skoda-rapid’).

      Moving on, there was a lot of chaos and I was unable to make up my mind about the tuning box. RD was planning to get a new box. I was not sure if I should wait for it or just go for the existing one. But somehow I did not like the idea that I’ve to take it out each time (yes, I’m lazy) I give the car for service. My friend told me to hold on as he was planning to move from the tuning box to a remap. So I thanked my non-existent angels and saved my 22,000 for another day.

      The Kiirus Experience
      Cost: ~15-20K, estimated figures: ~72-75 BHP, 170-175 NM

      We got in touch with Kiirus and they came down to Bangalore. Now the issue was that the1.6 TDI was fairly new and not many people had the right equipment to do a remap (Dual-RSA encryption). Fortunately Kiirus had just received the equipment for this job. A special map was being made to suit the Indian fuel quality. I was however, not worried about my Figo since its engine has been in the market since dinosaurs walked.

      Note: Gave Race Chip a thought but was not confident after reading the forums (thanks GHDs).

      AutoCar 0-100 Timings for Figo Diesel: 16.26

      I was definitely looking to shave off at least 2 seconds after the remap. Anyway, after the tune we did some runs. All iterations on the maps henceforth were free. We didn’t have access to a VBOX at that point of time but used our phone’s stopwatch to get the job done. Of course it is not even close to the vbox but hey it’s something!

      There was noticeable change in the car’s nature. I’m not a pedal-to-metal person but I must say, it was pretty good. Over the next couple of months we did improve the maps for both the cars but the biggest pain was that Kiirus and us were not in the same city so for every minor change we had to wait till they schedule a trip to Bangalore. We decided to look at other options.

      The Tune-O-Tronics (TOT) Experience
      Cost: ~20-25K, estimated figures: ~88-90 BHP, 190-195 NM

      I got introduced to Sid and Vivek through my friend. They had already met earlier to discuss the Rapid’s remap. My friend had told me lot about these guys, the dedication and passion they shared for tuning, and I was really looking forward to meeting them. As recommended by our doctor, (read Dr. Vijay Mallya ) we met over medicine. For hours we spoke about what’s in store for the Figo, what can be expected, what goes on and such similar topics. I almost had an information overload that day (remember Neo’s training from Matrix anyone???) We decided to call it a day and meet again for the remap.

      Over the next few months, TOT made a couple of iterations to my map as requested. They absolutely wanted to make sure that I was satisfied with the tune and never complained about putting in that extra effort.

      We still did not have access to vbox but we purchased Torque Pro (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...l.torque&hl=en). My friend and I both did some runs and the figure was: 13.1 seconds (almost felt like 50 cent – in the club). Not bad at all.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2013-05-19-13-36-51.png 
Views:	88 
Size:	889.8 KB 
ID:	153126

      I was pretty excited and ran on this tune for another couple of thousand KMs. After a planned car service at Ford, I noticed that there was something wrong. The car was not as responsive. My experience with Ford ASS has been really bad so far. But that’s another topic.

      So I went and met these guys again. Guess what? It seems Ford did an OS upgrade and did not even bother telling me. Not sure how this was affecting the tune, but I requested TOT to take a look into it and flash it again if required. And this time I requested if we could improvise on the tune again. My prayers were answered. I got a new tune. This was really awesome. It must be mentioned that this was not a race tune (still). It was a street tune. I was informed that the car could be pushed even further, but I was happy with this (for now).

      So I drove around a lot with this new tune. My daily commute used to be around 40 KMs (up and down) through the heart of Bangalore. It never bothered me. I was very happy. Sid had just informed us that he purchased a VBOX. This time, my non-existent angels appeared and asked me “Y U NO VBOX?”. Fair enough. I called up my friend and we met up with TOT team. We plugged in the vbox and I decided to go for a couple of runs. Mind you, my Figo does not have the tachometer. It was a bit difficult to get the right RPM for launch. After 3-4 runs, I realized that I’m not doing justice to the tune. So I came back and asked my friend to take it for a spin. After a long time (15 mins, felt long that’s all), he came back and with him he got along some awesome numbers.

      Stock 0-100 figures: 16.26s
      TOT Remapped Figo Diesel: 12.72s


      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	12.72 - 12.84.jpg 
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Size:	564.0 KB 
ID:	153127

      We all know that at the Figo’s heart, is a small SOHC engine throbbing, but I’m sure most GHDs will agree that post re-map the baby will not be too far behind its brothers.

      Until next time, #stay #tuned

      Key contacts and references in this post:

      Abhishek – Kiirus (ECU remap). (.: Kiirus :.)
      Tune-O-Tronics: Sid , Vivek (Welcome to Tune-O-Tronics)

      Pictures taken through my S3 during my trips.

      Name:  1.jpg
Views: 2012
Size:  27.8 KBName:  2.jpg
Views: 2020
Size:  22.0 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	4.jpg 
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Size:	87.8 KB 
ID:	153131Click image for larger version. 

Name:	5.jpg 
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Size:	79.0 KB 
ID:	153132Name:  6.jpg
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Size:  19.4 KBName:  7.jpg
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Size:  56.0 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	8.jpg 
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ID:	153135Name:  9.jpg
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Size:  24.7 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	10.jpg 
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ID:	153137
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3.jpg 
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Size:	74.7 KB 
ID:	153130  

      Last edited by kb100; 23rd Apr 2014 at 17:21. Reason: Telephone numbers removed.

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      "Omelette du
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      Nice handle & avatar. One of my favorite toon .... omelette du fromage!!!

      Welcome to GHD!
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      HI Dexter , 12.72 wow excellant figures !!! What about the Smoke Factor ?

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      hey dexter, whatcha doing.....(didi).... one of my favo character... hope you didnt find you nemesis "Mandark"... the write up was cool, enjoyed reading it.....

      we too have our in-house tuners @code6... and currently they are burning the bangalore/chennai roads with rapid penguins/monster/warrior remaps I have to say....

      Whats your top speed after the remap, how about the mileage (if you care about it)... the smoke and what rubber you have... just few more info for us to understand a little more better (I am looking for remap in near future for my figo - so more information more wealth)

      However welcome to GH, and have a pleasant stay.....

      Just BeYourself.....

      Sign the petition to allow Annual Tax for Non-KA vehicles in Karnataka: http://goo.gl/Gyl2Of

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      hanging tight :/
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      Nice write-up dexter , Here also remapped cars are raining courtesy to #code6 Team

      Welcome to GearHeads
      Ghost Rider is Riding with the Potholes in Bangalore ..... :-[

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      VW Vento 1.6 TDI Stage 2+
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      Thanks for the positive feedback guys
      Here are some of the answers to your queries.

      Tyres: 175/65 R14
      I'm running stock tyres itself. Never felt the need to upsize.

      Stock FE: ~14 kmpl (city) and ~18 kmpl (highway)
      Post Tune FE: ~13.5 kmpl (city) and ~17.5 kmpl (highway)
      Now I've read a lot of posts which say that in city they are getting 16-18 kmpl from Figo (in Bangalore), but after going through several traffic jams morning and evening, these are my figures as mentioned above.

      Trip to Coorg (madekeri)
      Total fuel bill: 1700 Rs. (around 30 ltrs.)
      Price of Diesel: 56 Rs/litre
      Total distance (up and down): 540 kms
      FE: ~18 kmpl with A/C being on / off from time to time and 4 people on-board with luggage. So hopefully this is a good sign.

      Smoke Factor:
      I've seen the stock Figo also smoke when the pedal is floored. But in regular city driving there is no smoke at all.
      Need to cut some slack for this engine: SOHC, 8 valve isn't really an "USS Starship Enterprise". The Hyundai Verna smokes for no reason

      Smoke Factor, post-tune: What I've is a street tune and me and my friends have never seen any smoke during regular city driving. During WOTs there is a puff of smoke initially which later changes into a light haze (almost invisible) if driven heavy-footed. I don't have any complains there!

      Top Speed: Haven't measured using VBOX yet but in stock, on NICE road, I've pushed it so that the speedo was showing 170 kmph. Now of course this is not an accurate number and the actual could be around 162 kmph.

      I'm not sure if re-map causes a major difference is top speeds, you just get there faster I guess.

      Anyway, post-remap on the same stretch we've pushed the speedo to around 175 kmph. Again, the actual figure could be around 168 I guess. I was not really looking at touching 200 in this car. Just wanted it to have a more power, better acceleration and not have a sudden drop in FE. That was my goal.

      Code6 Tuning: Yes, I've been reading a lot about our in-house tuning team.
      Impressed with the positive response it has met with. Looking forward to some figures from them, so I can pass it along to others looking at remapping.
      Best wishes to the Code6 Team. Keep up the good work.

      Hope this answers most of your queries. Apologies for the late reply, was travelling and did not have access.

      Until next time. #stay #tuned .
      Last edited by dexter; 25th Aug 2013 at 13:14.

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      VW Vento 1.6 TDI Stage 2+
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      Went out with my friends for a quick spin this afternoon.
      Was very eager to update you guys. We hit a 180 kmph on the speedo. NICE road.

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      Nice write up dexter. to remap my figo waiting for the right time implement that by the Code 6 Team

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Excellent update Dexter. My Figo has been running on the tune by these guys for the past 45K km. I rarely see smoke even when revved while driving. Acceleration has increased considerably, especially in higher gears/lower rpm.

      The only requirement i gave to Siddharth was that i should be able to make my highway overtakings easier. And i have been extremely happy with what i have got.

      Mileage has stuck to an average of 17.5 after the remap [I now do mostly rural roads with very few bumper to bumper situations.
      Ford Figo TDCi, Fiat Adventure 1.6 [Sold], Ford Fusion 1.6, Fiat Uno 1.2[Sold], Maruti Zen [Sold], Premier Padmini [Sold]

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      VW Vento 1.6 TDI Stage 2+
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      Cool Breaking The Barrier


      I was extremely happy with the current tune on my car. Everything was going well until one day the auto door lock on the car stopped working. There was only one thing to do. Take it to Ford and sit on their head till they fix it. One fine day my friends and me decided to meet up near NICE road. But before that I had to get the car fixed.

      So I drove to Ford and after sharing my horrible experience, with Metro Ford's Quick Lane Service in Yeshwanthpur, I was finally assigned someone who would help me fix this problem. The best part was, just the previous week I had shelled out 13500 Rs. at the Quick Lane service and barely anything was done to the car. In fact the manager there was so clueless about cars that I had to explain him even what needs to be done. Finally after 7.5 hrs (quick lane my ****!) I was informed that car is ready. The person who delivered the car even managed to get a dent before handing over the car.

      Anyway, the agent at St. Marks Road Ford was very courteous and helpful. There was also a problem where the car would just stall on applying brakes while turning. Took him for a drive and showed him the problem. He acknowledged the issue. He mentioned that a lot of Figo users are having this kind of problem and a new software for the ECU is available. Very Nice!

      I got the ECU software upgraded, thanked the agent, asked a few questions about EcoSport sales (which he mentioned are down to nil) and went about my way. The auto-lock was still not working. He mentioned that a sensor is damaged and the replacement would cost me around 5k. I said sayonara to that agent and left.

      The New Map
      Upon reaching NICE road, I met up with Sid and Vivek from TuneOTronics. My friend who owns a rapid also joined us. We fixed the auto lock issue. It seems some rats had eaten the wires!!!

      Sid mentioned that everything is back to stock and now he has a fresh file to work with. I was very excited immediately. Without a second thought I wondered if we can clock a better time. After a couple of hours that never seem to pass, the tune was ready, flashed and we were ready to take it for a test drive.

      After a couple of runs, 1/4 miles and 0-100s we sat down to tally numbers. Wunderbar!!! To my surprise, we had done it once again.
      0-100 timing was: 12.46s Man.. that has to be a record. It was a street tune.
      1/4 mile timing was: 18.4s

      Time to celebrate

      Over the next couple of weeks I drove the car in city and on highways. Absolutely no smoke on regular/spirited driving. I was 14.5 kmpl in city. Highway mileage remained the same as my previous post. The car just felt like it had a major upgrade under the hood. It was pretty impressive for a 1.4l SOHC with a tiny ass turbo.

      Until next time... cheers!

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Figo 1.4 TDCI - 12.46s .png 
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Size:	104.2 KB 
ID:	178633
      Last edited by dexter; 23rd Apr 2014 at 17:05.

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