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    Thread: Gtechniq C1 and Exo V2

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      Gtechniq C1 and Exo V2


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      - - - Updated - - -

      First of all my thanks to fordfan) for his valuable guidance, very sincere & selflessness nature to help other unconditionally. Without his help and very particularly his presence I would not have been able to do it. Salute to you sir, Mr. Fordfan. Probably he is one of a kind in the world and because of people like him the world is still happier and greener.

      Also my thanks to Ceekay) who joined me on the second day and help me in finishing the work. He was kind enough to lend his hands and efforts. Thank you Ceekay.

      It all started with the thread "Understanding Super Sealants/ Coating" thanks to Mr. Fordfan. Frankly I was not even aware of coatings before that. Started investigation and reading different forums. So finally I thought "yes let me try' coating and zeroed in on Gtechniq C1 and 22Ple VX1 Pro. Luckily then I had a change to visit USA and grab all the necessary products from there. Immediately called fordfan and he suggested me to consider Gtechniq C1 and top it with "to be launched" EXO v2. Luckily when I was USA, EXO v2 was launched. Tried to place order for C1 and EXo v2 from na.gtechniq.com but the site did not accept my international credit card or my paypal. So started searching and found another site gtechniq.us and could place the order using my credit card. Sean Kelly, owner of Gtechniq FLorida, sent me a mail saying "The items you have ordered are actually out of stock but we have the end of the month shipment coming in. so we went ahead and had the product drop shipped from CT from the Gtechniq Headquarters. The order is being sent out in the morning to you and you should see it by Thursday. we will forward the shipping info in the AM. Sorry for the delay." . He was very nice and it was great to see that he was following the order till I received. However after the order I realized I need to have a nice polish and again sent him a mail. His reply on P1 and P2 was this - "Yes the P1 250 is in stock. P2 only comes in 500 from us. However I do not professionally recommend the P2 as it isn’t a finish polish and most of the Gtechniq guys will never use it. I recommend Menzerna SF 4000". Luckily I had SF4000 but could not get P1 as it was too late.
      I sourced following items during that trip :-

      From Gtechniq.us
      a) Gtechniq C1 (30ml)
      b) Gtechniq EXO v2 (30ml)
      c) Gtechniq c2V3 (1000 ml)

      From Autogeek -(Could use my indian Paypal A/c)
      a) Gtechniq Panel Wipe (250ml)
      b) Gtechniq G1,G2,G4,G5
      c) CarPro Ironx Soap Gel (50ml)

      From CarPro USA (Could not use my card or paypal through their site. But placed order offline,sending mail, and transferring money to their a/c via paypal )
      a) CarProd Hydro2 (100 ml)
      b) Trix (600ml)

      It took some time to use them as I was little busy with my work and also waiting for fordfan to come back from Hyderabad. I was planning for a long road trip (Bangalore - goa - bekal - cherai-munnar-bangalore) during monsoon and wanted to apply the coating before my journey. So called fordfan and he was immediately ready to come to Bangalore only to help me to apply the coating. It was decided I would finish the work as much as possible before saturday and will apply C1 on Saturday and Exo v2 on Sunday providing at least 12 hours curing time after C1.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Friday, 02-Aug-2013, 6PM (Office Basement Parking):-
      1. Washed the car using Ultima Waterless Wash Concentrate. (sourced from kmoh).
      2. Clayed using BH Clay Normal (sourced from Supernaut) . It's a great product however initially I found it a little bit harder than Mother's clay I had earlier used.
      3. My 1.5 yrs old car's paint was in reasonably better condition. However under fluorescent tube light I could notice few scratches (Most likely caused by sands while dusting) or stones. It was not easily visible under sunlight but under fluorescent one can see if one tries to notice them carefully for particular direction. So for first time I decided to use Meguiars Ultimate Compound with Skill Rotary Polisher to correct the paint. Trust me, it was a test of stamina, strength and endurance. Finished bonnet and one side panel. Tried a lot but still those micro scratches were there. I immediately called Fordfan, he suggested to try different pads and polishes. But still trying after a lot of permissions and combinations those scratches did not go away -they were not deep, I could not feel using nail. Thought I might not be using the rotary in right way, I decided to give up and try next day under Fordfan's guidance and presence.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Saturday 03-Aug-2013, 10 AM :-

      1. Started the day giving a wash using CarPro IronX Soap Gel and Karcher Pressure Washer, Karcher Foam Lance. Poured a bootle of 50ml of IronX Soap Gel in the Foam Lance, diluted with water and sprayed foam on the vehicle. Used a mitt to rub the surface and then rinsed it off using pressure washer.

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      2. Next, applied Trix on body and alloys. It's "one of a kind of products" and must say a superb one if you can tolerate the smell. Color changes in wheels were immediate and left it act on the surface for 3-5 minutes and then again used washer to wash off trix. Caution- when dealing with IronX Soap Gel and Trix please use nitrile gloves and they are not at all friendly to human skin. For Trix you need to shake the bottle every time before you spray.

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      3. Since Alloys are not easy to coat/use sealants because of too many edges, curves and holes, I decided to use CarPro Hydro2 Touchless Silica Sealant. It is touchless and needs bare surface. It's a concentrated solution, diluted it 1:3 with water and put in a spray bottle. Using Pressure washer made the wheels wet again and sprayed on wheel while the surface was wet. Did two wheels at a time. It is recommended not to apply Hydro2 in direct sunlight or let it dry on the surface. After a minute again with the pressure washer I simply rinsed hydro2 off the wheels and dried using a MF. Noticed shiner/smoother surface quite immediately. Also applied Hyro2 on front plastic grills/mesh as it was easier to use spray touch-less sealant.

      4. Cleaned Glasses using Amway Glass cleaner.

      5. By that time Mr. Fordfan arrived with his Rotary, Pads, Polishes, Compounds. It was a great to meet him first time personally. After paint condition inspection, We decided to do a pass of compounding followed by polishing. Immediately I realized benefits of using lighter Rotary. His rotary was much much lighter than Skill Rotary I have. Also it is easier control the rotary using smaller pads. When I was using my 6.5 inch LC pad, I had hard time to control the direction but it was easier with 5inch pad. Fordfan tried Scholls Compounds (Most likely S2, fordfan please confirm). However those scratches were reduced a lot by using Scholls but did not completely go away. We decided to continue and hoped they would be filled by the polishes and coatings. Next it was time to apply polish and the choice of product was Menzerna SF 4000. After applying we could see visible changes in the look. The car was looking wet and darker.

      6. Since Menzerna SF 4000 is oily, we needed to remove oil from the surface. Gtechniq Panel wipe was the product we used. We sprayed a little on the surface and used MF to clean it after a minute or so. Slow drying of the product allowed enough time to wipe off easily.

      7. Gtechniq Coating C1 - The product comes with cotton applicator and it goes a long way - very very little is needed to do a section. Please do not forget to use the nitrile gloves. Unfortunately they do not supply gloves with C1. Dabbed very little of c1 on the cotton applicator and applied in small sections. Within a minute we started removing excess product using a MF and used another MF to buff the section. No need to apply to much of force while buffing. The application was breeze with very little effort needed. Applied one coat on fully body including the roof and still we had almost 5-7 ml left the bottle. For a small hatchback or sedan one can do two coats with 30ml. We started appreciating darkening of the color, reflection and the wet look after c1 and was very excited to see Exo V2 next day as 12 hrs curing time needed. Around 8:30 PM we were done for the day but was completely exhausted.

      After C1 ---

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      Mr fordfan in action
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      - - - Updated - - -

      Sunday, 04-Aug-2013, 12 Noon:-

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      Morning after last night work
      Name:  IMG_1447.jpg
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Size:  130.4 KB Ceekay and fordfan

      1. Today Ceekay joined us. We took our car to outside to see the beauty of c1. While dusting we noticed few small points where excess product was left. It was learning that we must apply the coating under bright light as it is very important to remove the excess products. We decided to go ahead with EXO v2 and correct those points later. In between we were also lucky to have presence of two gearhead members Hari and Nirmal for some time. It was great to interact with them too.

      2. Exo V2 is a hybrid coating, the package includes 30ml of the product, 2 nitrile gloves and one seude MF as applicator. Dabbed very little product on the supplied MF and applied on the surface. Again after some time we used two MFs to remove excess and buff gently. We all tried our hands on the application but Ceekay did a majority of it. It was a kind gesture from him given that me and fordfan were completely exhausted after yesterday's session. Application was also very easy and smooth except the usual pain of cleaning/coasting of the roof of SUVs. We could do two coats on the body excluding the roof. After the application, 5-8 ml of the product was left that I used for one coat each on the roof and all the glasses including windshields later.

      3. Exo v2 needed 3 hrs curing time, so we decided to go for lunch and had amazing time with Fordfan and Ceekay who shared their immense knowledge of the detailing world. We came back and saw the car was really shining with a nice wet look.

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      Nice start. Let the story continue - why EMIs here also?

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      Much awaited review! thanks boyinthebox, love to see your beauty, also good to realize that you have a better sense of photography as well good angles. Nice to see you in action.

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      Thanks For The Review , your Car is shining away to glory my friend !

      Nice work and photography there , do take care of her and provide the regular updates.



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      Dripping wet looks & I'm drooling at the pics boyinthebox ! Some very good angles made the beast looks stunning...!

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      Unbelievable! Looks Fantastic! The best looking XUV out there. Looking forward to reading more.

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      excellent pics, waiting for such a review. can u pl post a snap of the cotton applicator?

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      I was thinking of using ExoV2 after monsoon is over. Your thread came in right time .

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      Finally you got the thread up more photos please ...and a big thank you for inviting me to participate in the coating process for such a beauty!

      One interesting thing to note - Nils XUV is literally spotless and marring free... First time I looked at it and I was like "wow! How are on managing to keep it so pristine?" combine that with the beautiful green color and the XUV looked gorgeous!

      boyinthebox sir please do share your daily cleaning technique / work flow with us.. Will be a learning for all of us considering how very little marring the paint had... Whatever process you have finalized on, it's certainly working and result can be seen first hand

      And Nils working space / parking is awesome... Sooo much space and light!

      Another interesting thing to note was that at after each major stage the looks was different... After Menzerna it looked different, after c1 different and after exov2 again different
      Last edited by fordfan; 6th Sep 2013 at 08:42.

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      Quote Originally Posted by fordfan View Post
      beautiful green color and the XUV looked gorgeous!
      +1 ..
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