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    Thread: Bangalore Rain and Traffic

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      Bangalore Rain and Traffic

      Bangalore either 11 sep 2013 or 12 sep 2013, I was driving from office to home at 10:30 thinking that Road will be empty only i ,My Jigra(THAR)and lata ji would be on road .So insted of taking shortcut i took main road ,Road towards Tin factory form IndraNagar.And after 5 km my entertainment was waiting . Heavy Rain a almost not moving traffic .Still not Married so was enjoying the song of Lata ji for more then 1 hr . And once i reached home i saw My soft top was supplying filtered water inside but what can be done in mid night so . Got up in the morning tried FebiQuick by remembering the Add given in TV but Soft top Was not accepting it . Any Suggestion please

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      Quote Originally Posted by Vika View Post
      Any Suggestion please
      Why not try following steps:
      1. Remove soft top
      2. Place plastic sheet to fully cover the area.
      3. Replace soft top.
      Maybe filtered water will not find its way into cabin.
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