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    Thread: Ownership Review: Hyundai i20 Magna (O) 1.2L Petrol VTVT

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      Ownership Review: Hyundai i20 Magna (O) 1.2L Petrol VTVT

      A big hello to all of you here. This is my first Ownership Review here. So before starting the review I am going to write a bit as to how we narrowed down on this.

      Search Begins

      Budget - At first we had a budget of 5Lacs. But after a bit discussing we thought it is not sufficient for what we need in a car. Then we extended it to 6Lacs.

      Requirements - Looks, features, good engine response, easy Driving in city traffic conditions.

      Shortlisted Cars - We shortlisted the following cars -
      Hyundai i20
      Maruti Suzuki Swift
      Ford Figo
      Fiat Punto
      Nissan micra

      Hyundai i20 - We went to the Hyundai dealer, There was a white i20 sportz parked. TD taken and everyone in our family like it. Its looks, features and interior quality is what everybody like. The car works best as a city car. It is easy to drive though thanks to its Light clutch, Superlight steering and good engine response. However the Stable highway manner is what Hyundai needs to work with.

      Maruti Suzuki Swift - We get the Swift VXi for TD. Like it because of its smooth engine, ride and handling. But it disappoints me because of its Space and price. The boot is very small. And The price I think is high because it is offered with a little goodies.

      Ford Figo - Overall liked it because of its space, Ride and handling and Price. But a bit disappointing because of interior quality, Looks, AFSS.

      Fiat Punto - TD it and liked it very much because of its Strong build, Looks, features. But ruled out because of Poor AFSS and performance.

      Nissan Micra - Good manoeuvrability, Quality interiors, Features and responsive engine (diesel). But ruled out because of petrol response and AFSS.

      Conclusion - After TD, research we came to conclusion to buy the Hyundai i20 Magna (o). As everyone liked it for its Looks, Features, Easy to drive and Space.

      Experience So far...

      Ride and Handling - Low speed ride has improved, despite Hyundai stiffening up the suspension a fair bit to eliminate the bottoming out. The car rides more confidently with less jostling felt to the passengers. The EPS calibration needs cohesiveness. At moderate to high speeds, the steering feel continues to be artificial and one has to drive the car sedately and not like a sportscar. Body roll is well controlled, thanks to low stance and large wheelbase but handling at curves isn't the car's forte.

      Space - The space in is great. The Front legroom is very good. And at the rear is same. It’s very comfortable inside.

      Braking - Braking is satisfactory and pedal feel is top class, much better than the brakes experienced in the swift.

      Performance – Performance isn’t that great in the i20 petrol. The engine doesn’t rev happily below 2000 RPM. But after 2000 RPM, It’s great, revs really great like an Scorpio. Though its good for my dad, He doesn’t like heroic driving.


      1. Extremely good interiors. I can imagine the thought process which has gone thru each aspect.

      2. Thoroughly refined engine.
      3. Linear acceleration. Not much of noticeable turbo boost, but it linearly accelerates quite fast.

      4. Above average HUD and speakers. I won't be changing either any time soon.

      5. ACC works as advertised. Assam is pretty cool, so I don't know how it performs when the car is really hot.

      6. Spacious Interiors.
      7. Parking sensors is a boon when parking.

      8. Extremely good throw of the headlamps. Absolutely no need to change the bulbs. Also, double barrel headlamp, so on high beam you get more light which can be helpful.

      9. Lumbar support on the seats is great.

      10. Theatre style dimming of the interior lamps.

      11. 175/R14 tyres look adequate.

      12. Love the second glances from pedestrians.
      13. Electrically foldable ORVMs.

      13. IRVM is quite big, and outlines the rear glass perfectly.

      Compromises ( I don't get the heart to say dislikes )

      1. Steering feels a bit loose, but it's easily to get used to. I've already gotten used to it.

      2. Seating is a bit low, but not a problem for me.

      3. Lack of bonnet cladding makes the front really hot after even a short drive.

      4. For the love of god, how is this "Engine on time" on the MID helpful to me?

      5. Wanted to fit fog lamps but the Hyundai peoples said I'd to change the bumper for this.

      Will post pics Soon! After a bit editing.

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      Congrats on the i20. It is indeed a very good car and wishing you many a mile on it.
      "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."


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      hanging tight :/
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      Congrats Lxtreme for your new bundle of joy

      Some pics please
      Ghost Rider is Riding with the Potholes in Bangalore ..... :-[

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      Congrats on the buy, i20 is indeed a great city car.

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      congrats on your ride!

      Quote Originally Posted by Lxtreme View Post
      The engine doesn’t rev happily below 2000 RPM. But after 2000 RPM, It’s great
      you got that right. what are the FE figures currently?

      Quote Originally Posted by Lxtreme View Post
      Wanted to fit fog lamps but the Hyundai peoples said I'd to change the bumper for this.
      ha yup! it would cost around 9k-10k
      Last edited by karan22; 25th Oct 2013 at 23:41.
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      Thanks everyone. But I'm having problems with uploading pics. Can anyone assist me, how to do that?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Quote Originally Posted by karan22 View Post
      congrats on your ride!

      you got that right. what are the FE figures currently?

      ha yup! it would cost around 9k-10k
      Thanks. I am getting 12-13kmpl in city and 16-17 on Highways.

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      Here's my Korean beauty.


      Name:  DSC00584.JPG
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      Quote Originally Posted by Lxtreme View Post
      Not much of noticeable turbo boost,
      Its the 1.2 petrol, theres no turbo to gett the turbo boost

      Quote Originally Posted by Lxtreme View Post
      175/R14 tyres look adequate.
      If you do upgrade you would get better braking , handling and more sterring response as well. Highly suggest this.

      Quote Originally Posted by Lxtreme View Post
      Wanted to fit fog lamps but the Hyundai peoples said I'd to change the bumper for this.
      No you don't need to do that. When I had inquired about a i20 for my use and asked about this they refused to do it. They just said it wouldn't happen . But these can be fit aftermarket and made to look oem. But the fog-light will have a separate switch and it wont be integrates on the headlight sticks as it is on higher models.

      Nice addition of the steering wheel cover, I have the Verna and I feel that i20 and Verna have very thin steering wheels.

      Congrats on the car. Happy mile munching
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      Congrats! I love the two tone interiors, the beige certainly increases the upmarket feel of the car. Is this a 6 speed manual? How do you find the 6 to be, dull overdrive ?
      Drive it like you stole it and Detail it like you own it.

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