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    Thread: Bangalore Annual Offroad Event -JAN 2014

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Bangalore Annual Offroad Event -JAN 2014

      Hi folks,

      We Bangalore Offroaders are happy to announce the next Annual Offroading Event on 24th and 25th January. This time surprises are part of the deal. Keep watching this thread for details. In the meanwhile, Please confirm your participation in advance to avoid last minute rush and side effects of managing difficulties.

      on behalf of Bangalore Offroaders

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Folks, waiting for confirmations of participation. Recces are on full swing. you can expect best terrain as always.

      Will look forward to some action on registrations.

      Warm regards,
      on behalf of Bangalore Offroaders

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      2014 Bangalore Annual OTR Was on 24th and 25th Jan 2013, the place is 13 kms away from Kanakapura en route to Sangam, the place is around 70 kms south off Bangalore around a Granite Quarry.

      Paths were done for 6 to 8 weeks by BODA marshals sacrificing their weekends & many vehicle parts to create the routes.
      Teams were divided in to 4 groups based on their preferences and sent to 4 different sectors, idea is that each team did one trail in the morning and one post lunch, that way in 2 days each time gets to do all the trails, well that was the plan

      Must say that it was EXCELLENT organization by the O-Team at base camp. They had arranged for the below about 15 kms from the nearest town in mid of a quarry!

      • Mettle cots with beds, pillow's etc
      • red-carpet flooring
      • Delicious food served at the right time
      • Adequate BBQ at night and snacks with Tea / Coffe in the evening
      • A Mobile Diesel pump selling petrol at the event site at no extra cost!
      • Bosh stall selling oil's filters and break fluids
      • Bath rooms with Shower and pumps!
      • Clean Mobile toilets

      I was assigned to Trial 4 the rocky one with smallest path but the most technical one as many marshals had lost there vehicles and had to be toed out themselves during its creation.
      We finished it by 12:30 and had food, rested for about an hour waiting for trail 2 folks to come in who were caught in the second hill BIG Time, Later we joined the trail 2 folks post lunch and did a lot of circus trying to get a stuck Jeep that had Hinged on a rock, Earlier today Ashok & Vivek with there Red MM550 did an Excellent job at Hill 1 of trial 2 pulling up most vehicles up hill 1 of trail 2.

      I was at Trial 2 for 1 & 1/2 day's. On the first day second half moved on to trial 2 from 4, we all reached Hill 2, but a Marshal Gypsy was stuck, Vijy's MM550 lost its axial during recovery, the RED mm550 of Vivek & Ashok that came to help & recover had a puncher itself and had to go run out to flat ground, Mine didn't have rear lockers working (Dam the new cylinders that were installed last night) so I couldn't come up to help either as the path was blocked with the lineup of participants @ hill 2. finally we all called it a Day recovered the broken-down Marshall vehicles and came back to the camp! tired and out of breath,was kind of slightly disappointed too, we were back by 4:30 pm.

      I guess the Trial 1 and 3 folks had a good time.

      On Day 2 we didn't split the Marshals for hill 1 and hill 2 of trail-2, All marshals for stage 2 stayed together and the Red as yesterday pulled up people on the first hill that could not make it, Really GOOD job by Vivek & Ashok with the RED 550, super synchronization via walkies as they were not in sight too & it was not easy to reverse after one recover for the next lineup on that steep narrow path without help!. But surprisingly today most vehicles today did climb by them selves, the Hill 1 had a tricky double S followed by steep climb on loose soil, the ones that did not make it had to be toed with 3 toe ropes connected to a LONG steel cable almost 150 mtrs I think, such was the height and length of the hill 1.

      The TANK made it up the second Hill top today despite rear lockers not working and Toed Vehicles that could not make it up the Second hill of sector 2
      We were happy that the entire team made it across both the obstetrical today, and both batches in the morning and evening too made it across both hills.

      Thus ended the Two day Fun.

      Me Krishna and his Friend from Mysore got to do some wonderful night sky gazing on a 7 feet high granite Rock block.
      Surprisingly I was able to stay for both days. But now down with cold and fever!

      let the pics and videos speak:


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