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    Thread: Damping for ICE

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      Question Damping for ICE

      Hi guys,

      Looking to damp just my front 2 doors of my new swift.I was looking for someone who has leftover sheets from bulk dynamat/noisekill boxes. Anything will do.Please let me know.


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      Quote Originally Posted by ibzfiles View Post
      Looking to damp just my front 2 doors of my new swift.
      search for tufclad on eBay India
      It's the best way to dump money and spend an inordinate amount of time...because all debts are paid when the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up and goosebumps cover your arms, because the sound is SO good. - Scott Buwalda

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      Quote Originally Posted by karanbhatia View Post
      search for tufclad on eBay India
      Question - Would 2 sheets of 250x250mm be enough for the front 2 doors of a Punto?

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