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    Thread: No car is as bad as its Driver - A Trackelogue

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      Looks like a good display of skills have happened there.Both in and outside of gearheads.

      Some learnings too. Good show guys.

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      I was thinking you were an ICE Guru
      Then you became a RISK Guru by buying a Skoda
      Just when I thought you were crazy, you proved that you were crazier by becoming a MOD Guru
      Just when we thought that was the limit, you went ahead and became a Guru for Teenagers in Thirties
      Since last few threads, everyone can see you are on way to become a PROSE Guru, one who has ways with words.

      good read, keep it coming..

      PS: Please change Shadi wala picture of the Bhai with some from the Track Day. It is a clear mis fit.

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      Meaningful Laps

      The Training really made all of us correct a lot of mistakes. I for sure knew I was flying though some sections. Vys was very good , I was tailing him for some time. Alex was seen in rear view mirror which was not the earlier case so I believe that was a leap from where he was. Bhai continued to fight his own self. Rahul also drove on track with Bhai shotgun.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C360_2013-12-08-15-13-49-286_org.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C360_2013-12-08-15-13-50-512_org.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C360_2013-12-08-15-13-53-580_org.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C360_2013-12-08-15-13-58-254_org.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C360_2013-12-08-15-19-08-423_org.jpg 
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      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	C360_2013-12-08-15-19-06-159_org.jpg 
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      I believe Vys hit a 135-140 on Speedo. Not sure about Alex and Riyaz
      I hit a 134 on GPS, and Speedo was showing some 145 something

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-08-16-23-42.png 
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      Curiosity killed the cat;
      Insecurity killed the man
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      Takeaways and Vote of Thanks

      At the end of 3 hour session, we had a lot of positive take aways'. Knowing your car and knowing yourself has always been a magic take away from every track day. Well, this time we just had a lot more than anyone would have bargained for.
      At the end of the day, 4 Guys turn up and run amok. A beautiful Pro sees them and guides them out. These now illuminated drivers ensured they were fast without risking the man or the machine - the real tag line for a Track run.

      At the end of the day, we learnt something new - that's all matters

      After seeing in full throttle couple of Race esteems and a Race prepped OHC VTEC, we ourselves were losing our minds over owing one of them soon. And I personally have found a strong reason to retain the Fiesta. On the Tracks, its just one of a kind car

      Special Thanks
      Heartfelt thanks to Alisha Abdulla who took time to explain and show us all the intricacies of driving fast on track
      Thanks to Wild Weasel who took some pics with my mobile cam.
      Venbab sir accompanied us amidst his tight schedule
      Machi Vijay for dropping by
      Riyaz for the wonderful Biryani
      And Almighty for making this track day happen

      PS: venbab sir - please insert the Pic with Alisha in here

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mi10 View Post
      At the end of 3 hour session, we had a lot of positive take aways'. Knowing your car and knowing yourself has always been a magic take away from every track day.
      Can't agree more. For me, I thought I knew the limits of my car well.. But I was wrong. I learnt it only yesterday. To be more precise, on my 3rd lap when I was taking a corner fast and suddenly saw the curb out of my windshield instead of the road.

      On the first couple of laps, I was taking it slow to learn the track. After that I grew confidence, may be too much of it and entered a corner too fast. And by the time I realized it and braked, I was already in the middle and the car slid massively. A bad mistake.
      But I didn't spin out fully, I tried to correct it with some opposite lock, but then the car started sliding in the other direction and finally somehow I was back in a straight line. It was damn scary. But happy that all that happened in the safe environment of a race track.

      After that we got the lessons from Alisha and understood the lines and technique one has to follow. In the last few laps, I was able to take the same corner even faster without any drama.
      Jesus had a Honda.. John 12:49: 'For I did not speak of my own Accord'

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      This seems straight out of a movie script - a haphazard get-together at track, a hot chick comes out of nowhere teaches them a thing or two about racing lines, all the guys become enlightened...and fast forward a few months, one of them gets on the podium at one of the national events perhaps? riyaz_cobra, maybe!!

      With your writing skills, Mi10, you could expand this into a book, make a script and sell it to Hollywood - and that would be stuff for another story

      Great..lucky guys. And thanks for sharing. Any more photos?

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      Damm you guys had fun. Feels so bad to have missed it.
      Praveen once again you have proved that you have a way with words that none of us .

      Maybe next time riyaz_cobra will teach me to drive on track
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      Great write up Mi10!! I really wanted to go with you guys.. But had a very bad working weekend..
      Will definitely make it to the next one.. I will bring my SLR too..

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      Well it's common knowldege that anything with starts with good food wont be a dissappoinment.. So this was right on track from the start.. It was fast.. It was fun.. And it was tasty too.. Huge thanks to Bhai for the Biriyani!!
      And Alisha was pure awesome.. She owned it.. Absolutely..
      By the end of it all we were laughing soo hard it hurt.. Or was it the G-s??
      And that Figo was genuinely quick!! Gotta say that Nut behind the wheel is especially tight!! Cheers to BHAI the Invincible!!!!
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      A very good read that was. I can feel the fun you guys had there and most importantly the new technical learning part.

      BTW don't you guys play car racing video/computer games, I think usually people try to follow what they learn in the video games or in movies or in racing videos, whenever they get the opportunity and looks like this what you guys were trying to do during initial rounds.

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