Following Items are on sale. Location :- Gurgaon

1. K&N RO-5010 High Performance Replacement Air Filter - Direct Fit to RE Classic 350 or 500. Used for 1.5K Km on my Classic 500, however the locked ECU does not help at all and the bike kept running rich. So planning to sell it to anyone who has a carb 500 or 350. Expected price - 2500.00

Market Price is over 4200.00 - Motor Biking, Camping, Hiking, Urban Cycling, Climbing, Water Sports, Lifestyle
K&N - RO-5010 - Stock Replacement Air Filter - Royal Enfield Bullet C500 - Buy Biker Gear & Accessories Online|

2. K&N 99-5000 - Absolutely unused. Brand new with box. More info at - 99-5000 - K&N Filter Cleaning Kits and Accessories, Filter Care Service Kit Aerosol direct from K&N.
Expected price - Rs 1000.00

Market Price is over 1400.00

PM me or email me at kunwar.g@gmail.

Note : - If someone can help me still go ahead and use the K&N filter with my locked ECU I will be thankful and take back the sale