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    Thread: Toyota India News Thread

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      Live and let live

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      It would be funny to see Brezza and Baleno in Toyota showrooms.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      uss sulaco
      Yaris gets 7 airbags as standard. Good and surprising move from toyota. Sadly crysta low variant which costs more than yaris top variant has only 3 airbags.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      uss sulaco
      Did a TD of yaris CVT,,what a boring car!

      This is a car for the self driving ,city commuter. Not for an enthusiast or highway running.

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      Post *Some* Toyota Etios/Liva/Altis diesel post 2015 models and heavy oil consumption problems are reported, seems the matter is hushed up?

      There was reports about Etios diesels having oil consumption problem with reduction of 1.5litres of oil in less than 5000kms of run. The same engine is used in Liva and Corolla Altis diesels too. The oil change interval is 10000kms. But, Toyota Kirloskar seems to be least interested in any resolution. BTW, no media houses are ready to publish the plight of owners. Many private car owners are not aware, taxiwale seems to be failing in front of the sole dealership group in Kerala, who aren't helping either from whatever I can gather.

      I am quoting a post from FB:

      The oil consumption issue in Toyota etios diesel cars is not a rare case. Most of the etios cars from 2016 to till date facing this problem. 1.5 litre engine oil / 5000km is not an acceptable consumption.

      We all are doing periodic service at Toyota authorised service centers and we keep records of the service history.

      Some people still believe that the issue is in taxi cars only.
      No, the private car owners also facing this problem.

      We formed a whatsapp group of etios owners who all are facing this issue and more than 75 private car owners are with us now.

      Most of the private car owners don't know how to check engine oil level of their car and they trust Toyota service centers blindly.

      We trusted the brand Toyota,but cheated..

      Toyota officials from Bangalore offered free engine oil top up for all etios diesel cars up to 1.5lakh kilometers. But we denied that offer because we need a permanent solution.

      Our protest is against the irresponsible attitude of Toyota dealerships and Toyota kirloskar company towards their customers.

      We haven't heard similar complaints from any other brand cars or other models of Toyota.

      According to Toyota's technical expert from Bangalore, the Road traffic conditions , engine idling with A/c on , driving through hilly area and bad driving habits are the reason for engine oil consumption..!

      Do you think that these are the reasons behind engine oil consumption...?

      If yes, why other brand cars are not facing this issues ..?

      If yes, why Toyota is cheating customers by replacing vacuum pump in warranty as a solution for oil consumption..? And why there is no difference after replacing vacuum pump..?

      How long Toyota can cheat customers with this kind of foolish arguments..?

      We have other issues like water entry inside vehicle,rear seat fitment loose and rust in fuel filling pipe. Are these complaints related to bad driving habits..?

      Once again ..., Our demand is clear...!

      We need a permanent solution for all the above mentioned problems. We are not ready accept your "secret offer" of free engine oil top up in every 5000 kms..!

      Come on Toyota .. please arrange a call back for all the faulty cars and do the necessary repair or replacements to solve the issue forever..!

      (sorry, it's Malayalam!)
      Driver and Rider...

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      Forza Ferrari!!!
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      Hmm, this was reported almost 2 months back IIRC, all noise has subsided for some time now
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      Good cars take you to Point A
      to point B; Great cars, Well
      they just lead you into
      trouble. I own one.
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      So, after the success of Glanza, Toyota is all set to sell Brezza under its umbrella. IMO, Brezza will also succeed.

      People are going with Toyota for brand value. Baleno/Brezza are anyways tested and reliable product from Maruti.

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