I recently bought a linea emotion diesel, used, mid showing 48,000.

The car's alternator's pulley broke off last wednesday. I had to get the alternator replaced.

Now, on Monday, I drove the car for about 15 kms. Thereafter, parked the car outside a school, in the sun.

When I came back, about an hour later, the car started normally, but immediately fluttered and died. At the same time, the mid started showing check engine light.

The car had to be towed to Torque fiat, gurgaon.

The people there diagnosed it as failed alternator, and replaced it. But the problem persisted. Then they attached the diagnostic tool, and told me that the fault codes identified were: EGR failed, ECU fault, mass filter error.

My query is, what could the reason be for the stalling of the car after it starts absolutely fine.