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    Thread: Harmonixx Audio Inc: Audiofrog/Arc Audio/Mosconi/Rainbow/Zapco/Gladen/Fiio & more.

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      Harmonixx Audio Inc: Audiofrog/Arc Audio/Mosconi/Rainbow/Zapco/Gladen/Fiio & more.

      Hi guys!

      I know I haven't been active on Gearheads off late. I had been given one of the most important opportunities of my life, a chance to live a dream. To setup and run a workshop with a bunch of my close friends for the last 1 year. That left me with absolutely no time for the forum and now that I am back, I have some good news for you all!

      A month ago, I decided to get into the thick of action and start something on my own! First I was offered a tie-up with Hercules Tyres, an opportunity that I took up gladly! So expect another thread in a different section where we shall be bringing you good tyres and a wide range of alloys a step closer to you! At prices that will seem VFM to one and all. And a guarantee of a wonderful customer satisfaction and service that is left so wanting in our field, specially to us enthusiasts.

      Having said that, phase II of this venture will also include bringing to your door steps some very good brands in ICE. I set some pretty high standards for myself. So it goes without saying that when I plan to run something on my own, the same virtues will apply as well. A place that rates customer service and satisfaction higher than anything else. A place where customers can walk with a sense of security and not worry about a thing with regards to people not taking good care of their cars. A place where your cars will be loved as much as our own personal cars!

      To begin with, we've been in talks with BBW Distributors and will be selling some very good brands like Dynaudio, Micro Precision, Digital Designs, Rainbow, Seas Lotus, Mosconi, Gladen Audio, AIV amongst others.

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      Now why these brands one may ask?...

      My Zen back in 2005 was the first car in South India to get a complete Hertz setup. That is when I met Jasdeep Brar and Singh Gunbir. I've known these guys since 2005 and today anyone who's been long enough into ICE and knows the history, will vouch that these two have played a major role in bringing some very good brands to India and started a revolution of sorts. Whether it was the erstwhile Hertz, Audison, Genesis, Image Dynamics, Tru Tech they brought into India ages ago, they've always been setting the standards for ICE in India.

      Not just bringing in good brands, the key lies in wisely using the equipment and installing them right to make the best use of them. Once again, most people who have seen JB's work will vouch that he's probably the best installer and audio guru in the country right now and along with Gunbir the duo make a potent team.

      I've been keeping a close eye on this field for years! I've seen many big and small players come with a bang and fizzle out! In the end the people who suffer are the customers. Something goes bad and you can't get warranty, there is no worse feeling than that after having spent your hard earned money! That is why choosing to deal with the right people is of utmost important for me!

      BBW has been a well known company for over a decade now. They have been stellar with warranty claims. I know of people who have gotten warranty claims from them even after they had stopped representing some brands! That is a major reason why I always rely on JB and Gunbir for my ICE needs. Because I know I can have a peace of mind while dealing with them.

      Around 6 months ago, I realized that one of the XO's in my Rainbow Vanadium Phase Plug Cross had gone kaput and the tweeter was getting the lower frequencies. I sent one SMS to JB and he asked me to ship the XO to him. 15 days later I received a parcel with a brand new XO. Now that's phenomenal service. No questions asked. And these XO aren't cheap! I know a lot of my friends who've dealt with other brands haven't been so lucky!

      So when we start something on my own, it's a bunch of guys who equally respect customer service that we wanted to deal with.

      To begin with, we will be dealing with all the products supplied by BBW Distributors in Karnataka. We are in talks to market them in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh as well. And we'd be happy to serve Gearheads all across the country with your enquiries and purchases!

      Apart from the stuff BBW sells, we will also be dealing with Audible Physics in India. A brand that deals in drivers used for active setups and having great midrange drivers. We will also be venturing into DIY space and would be dealing with Dayton, Peerless, Tang Band etc hence providing assistance with car based diy setup and home audio installs of highest quality at fraction of a price.

      We are in talks to bring in more brands like HU's from Pioneer, JVC, Sony. And hopefully we will also be dealing with other good brands like Focal, Morel amidst others. Our focus is to only pick and choose brands that are known for good quality products and have a good support in India.

      piyush7243 and myself are in the process of finalising a place where we can open a full fledged shop to do our installs. And we will have a lot more to offer than just ICE. So keep watching this space.

      Our motto is to serve you guys to the best of our abilities and more. And to make sure every customer is treated like a king!

      All developments of our new venture shall be brought to you guys via this thread! We look forward to serving you.

      You can contact me via e-mail on mclaren1885@gmail.com or via what's app/SMS/Call on +918762801414.

      Thanks a ton for listening to the long rant! Wishing you all a very good day...
      2002 Tata Indica DLS.
      2004 Suzuki Zen - A G13B eater.
      2005 Suzuki Baleno - India's fastest Naturally Aspirated Baleno timed on a drag strip officially!
      2008 Suzuki Swift VDi - The Rattle King.
      2011 Chevrolet Cruze - The Torque Monster.
      2016 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi Titanium - The SQ Machine in the making.
      2017 Skoda Octavia VRS - A 400+HP corner craving machine!
      2013 BMW X1 - The RWD Sideways Machine
      2019 Polo GT TSI - The Commute Workhorse.
      2014 MOC SQ Pro Champions.
      Harmonixx Tuning - Importers for Audiofrog & Arc Audio/APR Tuning Authorized Dealers/Engine Remap Specialists for all makes/models.
      Dealers for Rainbow/Mosconi/Eton/Stetcom/Tru Technology/Blam Audio/Mobridge/Stetsom/Audible Physics/AIV/Gladen/Dampmat/Dr Artex Damping and more.

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      All the Best in this venture

      Its always good to see People who are passionate about something setting up something which fuels that passion. Needless to say It scores high on my list when i decide on a vendor.

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      All the best Rahul
      Toyota Camry MT|TATA Safari EX 4x2

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      All the best Rahul!

      Its really great to see passionate guys getting in the industry

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      All the best Rahul. My next car will be done at your place.

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      All the best mclaren1885 for your new venture.

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      All the best Rahul, I was in talks with Piyush to finalize on my DIY setup. Just a little short of funds at the moment, soon as I gather some funds, my car will be at your place for the install. Glad to see that you are considering the DIY Drivers too....

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      All the best Rahul, happy to know about your new venture
      Ghost Rider is Riding with the Potholes in Bangalore ..... :-[

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      All the best mclaren1885! You will surely reach your goal
      I remember you saying that you'll be setting up some auto parts website, and here it is

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      All the best Rahul for your new venture

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