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    Thread: Greyhound - Honda Civic 2011 - VMT

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      Diesel VS Petrol !
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      Greyhound - Honda Civic 2011 - VMT

      One fine day around noon while eating lunch at coll got a msg from Dad asking me to call up ASAP.

      So this is how the conversation went about -

      Dad : Lets get a car .
      Me : Why ? We don't need one .
      Dad : Yes we do, you keep using the Rapid, your bro takes the verna; I have ntn when I'm in Chennai.
      Me : Ok so why so suddenly ?
      Dad : Need it yesterday.
      Me : Ok but it's got to be Petrol ( Dreaming of a High revv'ing petrol with a FFE
      Dad : Yes. So I was thinking of 2nd hand, I already checked out a Altis. . .
      Me : Whatt ? ?? Noo , new car. Honda . You tell budget first.
      Dad : New 14L , 2nd hand 10L
      Me : How about Honda City ?
      Dad : Huge waiting period already spoke to honda .
      Me : Linea ( amazing handling, t-jet , plus good price - Perfect na ? )
      Dad : Nope , looks ugly. Anyways check for a good car I want to buy today.
      Me : Ok I have an idea let me call you back .

      Calling Mi10

      Me : Sell me the fiesta , today.
      him : Yov , Poya !!
      Me : Yov im serious i'll take it today. Now also .
      Him : Ok give me a week's time.
      Me : Ok you have 1 hours. Bye !

      Dad calls,

      Dad : I called up TSM , they have a 2010 Altis gold colour I saw the car, looks good driven only 12000 kms.
      Me : Altis noooo. Lets get something else .
      Dad : Ok check for Civic ( My mind stops here ) , then blah blah blah .
      Me : Ok civic , bye .

      Made a few calls found a good civic 2011 20k kms on the clock, well run owned by a celebrity murali vijay ( Cricketer )
      Call up the dealer and tell him to call up dad.

      At the end I go home and dad says that black civic from dealership seems ok dont want it.

      Me : Nooooooo. Civic
      Dad : Let's go test drive first.

      Head to the dealership

      The civic was in a BADDDD state. It would have made baranjil cry. A black ignored civic. this put dad off. And the price was too much 8L for that was over.

      Head to TSM :

      Saw the altis. Drove it the car was perfect actually. A good car. But i Spotted a grey civic in the corner

      Asked the guy what about that. He gave details , 2011 Civic, 18k in the clock, Lady drive, within our budget. I was like the guy on the happydent ad
      Name:  2010-11-Happydent-Chewing-Gum.jpg
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      Dad felt I just wanted a civic so he gave in a bit and said lets go for test drive.

      Drove it loved it and im begging Dad for it. Convincing him its better.

      Showed him the electrically closing ORVM's , the leather seat , the AUX , the Back seat ICE control module, reverse sensor's( All lacking in the Altis )


      He was sold. Spoke price and told we'll take it.

      But dam fools had lot of work pending on the car.

      Insurance wasn't there, a mudflap was missing ,the led strip on the spoiler was faulty, door sill lights weren't working, the gear knob was faded, the leather was torn on the gear knob, the door pad was torn slightly , the armrest latch was faulty. TSM assured to fix all of this for the price we were gonna pay them.

      So A perfect car ( eventually ) No ding's , dents , scratches.. None ziltch. Almost new.

      But all those faults plus the fact I didnt give the car the bean s and test it made me convince dad to hold off on the deal till tomorrow.

      Next day the car came home drove it well. No noises, squeaks faults. Checked everything . Thanks to vys_1 for all details on what to look for. Called up Honda A.s.s all was fine just that the car was long pending for a service. The owner was following Oil change every 10k but honda wants it every 6 months .

      So all was good to go. Planned to take delivery the next day since it was a Tuesday.

      Come Wednesday came home early from coll even though I lacked attendance to receive the car.

      Checked the car once more, the dealership had changed the battery that day so the car will have a new battery when given to us. ( Not changed cause old was faulty )

      We paid the amount minus 5K which we would pay when they completed the pending jobs on the car .

      So the jobs were:
      * gear knob and leather
      * door pad
      * mudflap
      * armrest
      * key battery
      * Interior cleaning.

      So bought in FEB , now it's april All faults are rectified. TSM is awesome to deal with, but my sale's rep was a lazy fag who didn't finish stuff on time. So not only mud flap and interior cleaning is pending.

      Overall the car is a joy to drive and is F**king A W E S O M E . !!

      VTEC YO!
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