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    Thread: Overtaking on almost empty roads and lane change indicator

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      Quote Originally Posted by ramakant View Post
      Oddly, I was the only person signalling every lane change that day, I felt kind of foolish since nobody else was bothering to do it? Whats your opinion about this? That is why those side indicators are there for right? Driving at 120 kmph one would want to everybody to know which lane one was planning to jump next would they not?
      DO NOT consider it odd. U have to do it. I always follow irrespetive of the no of vehicles travelling. My middle finger is always on the stalk, I hv to just move it, it will blink for 3 times (enough for me to switch lane) and switch off automatically.
      No matter how far I see a car/bike in my ORVM even if i see nothiing at all, I put indicator coz I donno wht if its Superbike ripping in 300kmph .
      You do your part, of informing others, while switching lanes.
      During a highway journey others atleast might get inspired by ur discipline and try to incorporate.
      I had myself seen some people doing it once they see me doing it.
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      Chanced upon this thread while looking up ramakant. Did an introspection and found myself not adhering to some of these good rules. I overtake silently and very close. Sometimes it scares people who travel with me as well as the vehicle that gets overtaken. I also swerve as if I own the road to avoid slow moving traffic. Again a very bad thing to do. Have changed some of these traits and have picked up good road behaviour.
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      Nice of you to admit to your bad habits. Not many can do that.

      I try to ensure I'm visible in as many ways as possible on highways - honks, light flashing and keeping enough distance. Even then I have had close shaves with buses and trucks which make sudden swerves while I'm overtaking. Had recent incidents on Electronic City Flyover with no space to move!!!

      In City, honks are the only thing that works with everything and anything on the road cutting across. I try my best to keep patience and always think they have a toilet emergency to behave so on these clogged roads. While overtaking, I take it easy and notify the vehicle in front with honks. If they try to race, I let them go ahead and slow down.
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