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    Thread: strange problem with my fiesta

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      m bad

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      Apr 2014
      palwal, mumbai

      strange problem with my fiesta

      Fiesta is a good car undoubtedly but i am facing one specific problem for the last four days. When i switch on ac, some strange noise comes from under the hood. The moment i switch off ac the noise disappears after 10 seconds.
      Let me be more precise, fan is switched on after which i press the ac button. Ac gets switched on, everything is normal including cooling. After half a minute of operating ac that noise starts coming from under hood.
      About noise now, that noise is loud it seems as if engine is running at 2.5 k revs, but tacho shows under 1k( car is at idling). The moment i switch off ac this noise disappears after 10 seconds.
      I will take the car to ford ass tomorrow but want to know the root of this problem.

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      Ford Fiesta TDCI
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      You may need to check with the radiator fan. It may require a servicing. The noise comes from the radiator fan I assume. Open the hood and check for any abnormal noise from radiator fan(with AC on and off) because it engages once AC is on and gets off after 10 secs approx once AC is off.

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      Problem with fan controller. I also faced same problem with my Figo. The fan runs on full speed once you switch on the ac.

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      m bad

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      Apr 2014
      palwal, mumbai
      will get it checked buddies..
      thank you raj and figo

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      Check if the AC fan is touching the shroud. If that isn't the case, check the compressor. Quite difficult to analyze the issue till you post a video of where the sound is coming from and what it sounds like.
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