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    Thread: Quest for a new Car

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      Quest for a new Car

      I am in mid 30s settled in Bangalore, and have an Alto Lx and Vista Quadrajet. Alto, my daily drive car, is used mainly for home-office-home. Vista is my wife's as well as our weekend drive car. Both cars have average annual running of about 5,000 kms. We are a small family of 2 + 2. Kids are 6 years and 1 year old. My driving style a bit aggresive, though I am trying to be a calm driver.

      My Alto has completed 10 years in April, and has 60k kms on odo. It has served me quite well, but it is the time I need some change.

      I have been wishing to upgrade to a SUV like Safari Storme, but I have some huge financial commitments (for a house loan which I need to close in less than two years now). So I can not spend much money at present in upfront payment and/or in EMIs in first 2 years.

      Two main reasons that I want to replace Alto are:
      1. It has been 10 years. I feel that I need something different, something better.
      2. It does not have Power Steering. So my wife cannot drive it at all, so I can not switch to Vista whenever there is a need during weekdays.
      3. Sometimes I need to take my clients/employees for a meeting, in such cases Alto is a let-down.

      So, I am planning to get a new entry level car. I do not want to pay more than 1L upfront, and not more than 1L in EMIs during next 2 years. This means that I can opt for about 3L loan for 7 years, where EMI would be about 5k per month. This means car has to cost about 4L on road. Now, there are very less choices in this budget.

      I would have straightaway gone for Nano Twist (I love Nano for its novelty factor), but reason against it is:
      If my wife likes the new car (Nano or whichever car I buy), she would take the new car, and I will have to use Vista for my office. Now, Nano does not have 3 point seat belts on rear seats, so my baby's car seat can not be used. Moreover I feel Nano is not so safe.

      I do not believe in pre-owned cars, since it is difficult to know how it has been cared well or has been abused, unless it comes from family or a friend or known person.

      My requirements:
      1. My running is hardly 400 kms per month (mainly petrol), mainly home-office-home. 95% of the time, only front seat will be used. For weekend runs, I have Vista. So a small hatchback is good enough.
      2. Need power steering, so that my wife too can use it occasionally.
      3. Need to have AC (a must), and front two power windows (for convenience).
      4. Need to have good brakes, since it will be used in city traffic in go-stop-go traffic conditions.
      5. Prefer a car which has well built cabin, which can protect me during low speed city accidents.
      6. Once I have finances I will buy C or D segment Sedan/SUV, and the new car will be rarely used.
      7. Need a basic audio system.
      8. Now, if my wife decides to drive the new car herself, then its running will be limited to 100-200 kms a month.

      I hope I can sell my Alto for about 70k-90k, and that would help me to increase my budget to about 5L.

      1. Nano Twist: My first choice, and my son also likes Nano a lot. And i don't worry about it being
      associated as cheapest car. But I have never entered inside a Nano yet, anothe reason against it is my wife taking the new car.
      2. Alto800: I hate the new design. Looks more tinny than ever.
      3. Alto K10: Similar to my outgoing Alto. Boring.
      4. Eon: I don't like fluidic Hyundai.
      5. Spark: Too old and uninspiring.
      6. A-Star: Never driven it, but front seats look good.
      7. Santro: Don't ever mention it.
      8. Celerio: Wagon R looks a better choice than Celerio.
      9. Wagon R

      Now since it is a bad time for auto industry, there are some good discounts going on. So I might be able to get base models of some of B1 segment cars:
      1. Beat: Base model Petrol. I recently drove it for 3-4 days, but it feels underpowered at low revs. Visibilty during reversing is a major issue. My FIL has this car, but my wife does not like it because of visibility concerns and engine response.
      2. Ritz Lxi: It seems to be the best among all options.
      3. Brio base model
      4. Figo petrol: base model

      Did I miss any other car?

      Please advise !

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      Try the Brio base model. It's a pretty nice and peppy car and decently built as well. That is what I'd get if I was in your situation.
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      Brio petrol. Can't think of anything else that is as fuel efficient and reliable in that price range.
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      Go for Brio petrol, it is an all rounder and the safest amongst all. Though you won't get a music system in the base model.
      I will also suggest (if you can do with the fluidic design) the Hyundai Eon 1.0 Kappa. That engine is also sweet, the car will be good as a daily driver, is a better car than Alto and will come with some all the basic features needed. It will be also well within your budget

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      "Cogito Ergo Sum"
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      I guess you can look at the Swift base and Grand I10 kappa base if your budget is around 5lakh

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      Second time on the forum I am posting name of Datsun Go. Fits in the budget and adds new variety in your options list. Brio has already been mentioned which is a good option in petrol cars.

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      try datsun go or a honda brio base variant

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      Datsun go or wait for revetron
      Toyota Camry MT|TATA Safari EX 4x2

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      Let me provide my feedback based on your budget.

      1. If your budget can allow up to 5 or 5.5 lacs then go for Brio
      2. If your budget is only up to 4.5 lacs then go for WagonR
      3. If your budget is only up to 4 lacs then go for EON

      Personally if you could stretch to 5.5 lacs then go for Brio SM variant.
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      Quote Originally Posted by speed79 View Post
      2. Ritz Lxi: It seems to be the best among all options.
      I agree. This seems to be the best car that fits your criteria.

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