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    Thread: Rough engine,help needed

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      neva cool

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      Rough engine,help needed

      Hello Gh,
      Of recently ive been facing this rough engine trouble and power loss . The car is an 04 baleno vxi, 95k kms run , chennai, recently oil and filter,ps fluid,brake fluid, a cracked engine mount changed. When starting the engine cold, the car runs smooth, but after about 30 or 45 mins, here comes this rough feel and minor loss of power from the engine. For some reason, if I stop the car and switch of the engine for abt 10 mins and start again, the engine runs smooth and revived till another 20 mins. What I felt was, as heat increases and due to ineffective cooling in traffic, the cylinder wall clearances open up causing this roughness and power loss.The valve sounds also increase a bit. What am I supposed to do? should I check for valve clearance first as it is aleady 95k kms run? A friend of mine suggested to tweak the cooling system thermostat to make it kick the fan in at a lower temperature rather than letting it go to much heat. Pls throw in some advise friends as baleno is supposed to be a powerful car and it doesn't feel good when its weak..
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      mclaren1885 is more experienced in Baleno and can help you.

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