I am feeling so sick of owning a Tata Manza !! I bought this car in the year 2010 ( within 4 months from the date of launch). Although it is worth for money, but now i am feeling the pinch. My car is jusyt little over 4 years old and have clocked 37800 kms.

A year little later after the purchase, the car clocked just 11800 kms and the first problem i faced was to replace the steering box. Fortunately, it was covered under warranty. I gave my car to Concorde Motors in Ambattur. Thereafter, i gave for the peridical service.. My car was rather spoiled by the Tata motors with grease and oil everywhere inside the car including the drivers seat. I called up the service manager and showed him the quality of work he has done !! .. He apologized and he assured me to clean all these stuffs at no extra cost and he was able to do it partially as the stain marks were visible even after washing with 3M products. I have no other option rather than to accept it as there is no use to bang my head with those guys !!

Second problem i started to face is the noise i get from the left front suspension that connects to axle. None of the Tata motors engineers were able to solve the problem. Service engineer says that there is no problem with the suspension. Every time, i went with the same problem, they use to lube it or change the bush that gave a temporary resolution. Till date, the problem exists. No one is able to identify what the actual problem is.. !!

Thereafter, i moved to bangalore and started to shuttle between Chennai and Bangalore. About three weeks back when i was returning back from Chennai to Bangalore, i started to get some problem in the middle of the highway. The car lost its power and i could hear a different noise coming from the engine. At the same time the car was not able to go beyond 80 kmph. Somehow, i was able to reach bangalore but that took more than 6.5 hours to reach ( usually i reach by max 5 hours). The mileage dropped drastically. Since my car being a petrol engine, i usually fill with Shell Unleaded. The fuel consumption will be max 1/2 tank from Chennai to Bangalore. It use to give me approx 16.8 kmpl - 17.2 kmpl on highways. This time, it consumed more than 3/4th of the tank. When i reached silk board, another problem started. When the car was in idle, suddenly the RPM shooted to 2500 against 750 during the idling. But after few minutes, the RPM came down on its own but something strange i noticed thereafter. Whenever the AC goes on, the RPM goes 750 and during the cutoff the RPM went to 1050 ( opposite function)

The next day, i took my car to KHT motors at Kundalahalli in Bangalore. Found that a small rubber tube that connects between the air filter and the throttle motor ( this design is applicable only with petrol engines). The service station person said that usually this tube will last for several years and he was suspecting some major issue. But having said that, he replaced the tube. Now after replacing, the service engineer started the car. The engine started to chugh and within 5 seconds the engine stopped. The service engineer then said that it could be a problem with the throttle motor and will have to check. He asked me to leave the car. It took two days as in between there was a weekend. The service engineer also said that in case if the problem is not with the motor, the whole assembly ( entire other half of the engine) which connects between the cylinders and the exhaust have to be replaced and it will cost anywhere between 56K Rs to 60K Rs. I told him don't give me such shock. If your product starts to develop such problem within 38K kms, then it isn't a car. I will reach out to Tata motors Pune. He then said, let me check but this is just an info.. On monday morning, the service engineer called me up and said that your car is ready. I was bit relieved and went to the service station. I asked the engineer on what went wrong ? He said that throttle motor was chocked and was filled with impurities and hence this has resulted the rubber tube to burst. I further asked him on how it could happen. He was honest enough to accept that it could be a problem with the service center that these guys will have to remove this motor and clean during peridical service. Seems, none of the Tata motors guys would have even bothered to open the engine bonnet. 4 years of accumulated dust has resulted. He then charged me 3K Rs for removing and cleaning the motor.

This weekend, i started to develop another problem. Another noise started to come from inside the car. This time it is another motor that has failed. This motor is the one that is connected to the ventilator switch. So, today i gave my car again to KHT motors and now i have to shell out another 1.7K Rs for replacing the motor. The car has just clocked less than 38K kms. Now, i am extremely worried what and all other problems will i get from this car. I took a 5 year loan and this is the last year and have another 8 months to complete. Is this the high time for me to replace a new car or should i continue with this car for another 40K odd kms ??