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    Thread: My Thar consuming coolant like anything

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      My Thar consuming coolant like anything

      Hello everyone ,
      I hope you all gearheads are doing fine.
      this is my first post on this forum. Just one and half months ago I bought my Dream vehicle which is obviously A THAR. So far ODO is 1350kms and already had one top up of coolant .
      top up was done at around 1170 kms an just in about next 150 kms it has already gone about 30%. went to service station and they had no clue and they were just agree on topping up coolant rather than doing anything else.i am bit worried and really looking for some help..
      kindly help guys...any sort of help will be appreciate .

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      You obviously have a coolant leak .. or worse you have a head gasket leak. (or a cracked cylinder!) Do you see any white smoke from the exhaust? Don't waste time self diagnosing this.

      Take it to the showroom immediately and have them check it out. Its a brand new vehicle - so its their problem completely.

      Please keep Mahindra Customer care informed and involved for good measure!
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      +1 ...please show it to service center immediately. Any issues fixed at the early stage will give you peace of mind
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      coolant leakage by 30 %

      hi abhishek and Gearheads group

      i have the same coolant issue with my new brand (06th month old) dream THAR, can you pls suggest me what do i do to resolve it? service center have no idea and they can only do postmortem the vehicle and nothing else. Pls suggest and help


      Puran Chhetri

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