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    Thread: Two-wheeler makers must sell helmets with vehicles

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      Two-wheeler makers must sell helmets with vehicles

      With the Supreme Court dismissing the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers’ plea on Wednesday, it has now mandatory on two-wheeler manufacturers to sell helmets alongwith bikes and scooters all over the country.

      I guess we need such rulings to get some semblance of safety on the roads.
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      Yeah, from now on, all 2 wheeler riders will use helmets. They will ride safely. And even if they fall they wont get injured.

      All because the bikers are now legally obliged to buy helmets.
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      So how does this work? A moped will get a 100Rs helmet, Scooty some 200Rs one, Pulsar 500Rs one and so on?
      And what about people who already have helmets or don't want to get the cheap crap dished out by the dealers.
      I feel this is more of a way for 2 wheeler companies to make some more money by selling helmets rather than anything else.

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      Even if the dealers are supposed to sell the Helmets with the bikes, then there should be much better choice of Helmets not what they want to sell but what the customer wants. This way it would make sense.
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      I dont think it will make much of a difference. I am sure most of the 2 wheelers guys already have helmets. They just dont want to use it. The moment they cross some signal or traffic police helmet is passed to the pillion rider to hold. Common sight here in Noida

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      Most of the bike manufacturers these days do ask the customers if they want helmets too when you purchase the bike. When we bought the Activa & Dio, they showed us a range of helmets and my bro actually picked up one from the showroom itself.

      I am hoping that with this rule atleast people will not shy away from buying a helmet thinking its a waste of money. Yes, it does not guarantee that they will wear it. I see a lot of idiots carrying the helmet in their hands and riding their bikes all over Bangalore.

      The only solace is if this rule works, atleast these morons who keep cutting you off, smashing into your car wont die of a head injury instantly if they take a fall. I had a severe bike accident a few years back, today if I am alive to write on this thread, it was because of my helmet. Morons or not, a life is a life. Everyone has someone waiting for them at home.

      Luckily in Bangalore cops are very strict about bikers not wearing helmets.
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      I agree there will be 'leakage'. But unfortunately, we believe safety is for the meek. I remember some years ago I was in Patiala. I was advised to just drape the belt and not use it, cause nobody will notice. Ditto in Chandigarh a couple of years ago. I guess this is the Punjabi macho thing!

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      this is one of the best moves. BUt will that work. Many will sell them the day they get the bike..
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      Well..for starters i hope all the manufacturing companies will sell good quality helmets! I see lot of people wearing helmet just to avoid cops, the quality is so bad..if the guy falls even at low speeds the helmet is not going to protect!!
      Selling is one thing and common sense is something else!! seat belts in all the cars are mandatory, people wearing belts is common sense!!

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      “It is also possible that in a particular case the purchaser may be buying a second vehicle and, therefore, may already have a helmet. In such circumstances, he would be obliged to buy a second helmet,” the petition stated
      At least 6 in 10 riders are going to have more than 2 helmets. Why does one need more than one?

      “Let there be more helmets. When you are buying a second scooter of Rs 40,000, then you can buy a helmet also, which is of Rs 300 only.”
      A helmet worth only Rs.300/-? Who is ready to risk life by buying one?

      ... made it compulsory for two-wheeler makers to supply a helmet manufactured as per specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards with every two-wheeler sold.
      Let the mighty god save the Indian heads. The entire nation has witnessed the quality of the "bullet-proof" jackets manufactured as per specifications of the so called "STANDARD" on 26/11.

      Please, at least give us the right to save our own head.
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