Sorry if I am barging onto this thread or posting in the wrong place.

Not sure how many 2014 Verna owners are from Bangalore here. But, can you please confirm if the suspension handling is better and it doesn't bottom out on our famed pothole city humps and road ditches. I regularly drive on the Wipro back-gate road near Electronic City in my Swift - have seen quite a few scrapes from the Vernas (may be old models?), Jettas & Civics. My swift scrapes the bottom only on full load (with 4 people), but on single driving (which is mostly the case) it doesn't (touchwood). Also does the top end come with the 6 airbag model or it that also phased out like they've done in the i20 - which was, in my opinion, a singularly bad move (apart from removing the average FE from the MID).