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    Thread: Mahindra e2o - OwnerShip and Opinions

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      Avoid OIL and Polluting our

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      Mahindra e2o - OwnerShip and Opinions

      Why i got the Mahindra e2o?

      Note - This blog is from website - PlugInIndia.com where lots of EV and Clean Tech fans hang out and hope for a better future
      You can read my original post here
      I edited certain sections for the GearHeads community

      Most people buy a car just to satisfy a desire, once the desire is satisfied, they get ****ed off with the rising costs of maintaining the damn thing and then crib about the sky rocketing fuel prices. Some people even take huge loans and once the desire finishes giving them their 'false happiness', they are stuck with their vehicle and see it as a big burden.
      I also know lot of people, who buy a car but use a two wheeler most of the time - ****ed off with the sky rocketing fuel prices and high maintenance aspect of their oil based cars. Now why do you want to park your car 80% of the time and use bikes?

      Of-course the above is not true for people who are well off and don't care bout the price of oil. The above applies to our middle class.
      And of-course there are people who have resigned to the fate, bout high fuel prices and just pay it.
      I did not want to make the same mistake. I knew there had to be a better option.

      • An option, where i would feel like using my car for a long time, rather than see it as a burden.
      • An option, where i knew that using my car would not burn a hole in my pocket due to fuel prices and maintenance.
      • An option, which would ensure that i don't give my money to large corporations (read OIL).
      • An option, where i knew that using a car would keep the air in our cities clean.
      • An option, which would ensure i always have fun driving my car.

      Launch of the Solar Powered e2o in Delhi

      After waiting for months, The Mahindra e2o electric car was launched in India on March 18th 2013.
      And i instantly knew that this was the missing option that our Indian public never had!!

      • t does not use oil! Ha! Take that, u oil companies!
      • It does not pollute!
      • It uses advanced Lithium-Ion battery packs used even by top American and Japanese electric cars like the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf.
      • It can run on the power of the Sun
      • You can always stay connected to your car using your mobile phone.
      • Its an electric car and has less moving parts than oil based cars and thus is virtually maintenance free
      • It uses Indian made electricity rather than foreign oil, which keeps my running costs down and helps my country.
      • It does not have an oil based engine, coolant system, oil filters, fan belts, exhaust pipes, transmission changes, oil changes, and nothing to do with oil, oil and oil!!

      However, there were some barriers for lots of people.

      The car costs Rs 6 to 7.5 Lakhs and judging by the comments on the Mahindra Facebook page, people were disappointed that this car cost so much. Most countries in the world offer generous subsidies to ensure people go electric and thus help them reduce their OIL import bill. But our Indian government has no such scheme, although the 'National mission for electric mobility' was launched in January.
      Now the cost. There are furious arguments bout the prohibitive cost of this car. I agree and wished, Mahindra could have kickstarted this with more aggressive pricing. A cost of 5.5 to 6 lakhs would have had more takers.
      When i thought bout this, i realized that the e2o is one of the cheapest Lithium-Ion based electric cars in the world at the rate of $12000 to $15000.
      The Tesla Model S costs an approximate $60000. The Nissan Leaf costs around $30000. The newly launched BMW i3 electric costs around $40000.
      So here we had Indian engineering being delivered at the fraction of the cost.

      Also i would avoid comparing the e2o with the cheapest petrol based car - Nano.
      People do this all the time and its wrong, as the e2o has way too many cool features to be compared to the Nano. People make a table, compare the e2o with the cheap cars available in the market and make their point that his car does not give them value.
      My argument against such people is that, if there is a comparison to be made - then compare the e2o with cars of similar class and then look at the savings.
      So after analyzing this important fact, i realized its okay to pay a premium for technology that was new and for a car that would help me save money every time i drove, due to the low running costs and virtually no maintenance.
      It would have been cool to have some sort of help from the government, but sadly it was not to be.

      People would not like to pay Rs 6 to 7 Lakhs for a car which just goes just 100 kilometers and which needs to be charged. These are the same people who would willingly spend the same money on a premium hatchback like the oil powered Nissan Micra, Honda Brio etc.
      Why? The only reason is that they could do 'long distance travel'.
      Now all of a sudden when people analyze the range of an electric car - everybody wants to go on road trips every weekend, everyone become road warriors - atleast in their heads

      What everybody ignores is the fact that, most people use their car, 95% of the times in the cities. Going to work, running errands, picking up people etc.
      I realized that by buying the e2o i will have to sacrifice long distance driving. Which i would gladly do and whenever i need to go long distance, i would take the train or use the bus or rent a gas car using the savings and the cash that the e2o is printing for me
      An interesting point to note is that, the e2o is charged using a 15A socket. This means that i could still go on day trips to the mountains near Pune and if needed, charge the car in some hotel or dhabha as the 15A socket is very common.
      Yep. I could still make a nice day trip using the e2o.
      Heck! I can even do Pune-Mumbai if Mahindra installs their quick charging system. That would be cool

      Man's greatest invention - Electricity
      Dependence on the grid
      Some people are even skeptical bout depending on electricity!!! They fear that the grid will collapse and electric cars will get stranded! That applies to OIL too, which by the way is a much more volatile commodity.
      Also electricity is generated in India. Whereas OIL is imported from countries that hate us!
      Anyway people just want to make an argument for the sake of it and they make it
      Now the e2o takes 10 units of electricity per charge. Suppose i charge say 3 times a week. That would mean 12 times a month = 120 units a month = Rs 480 (at Rs 4 per unit) just to operate the car. Compare that to Rs 5000 or 6000 people spend of petrol each month.
      The cost savings are huge.

      Granted that prices of power too could rise, but we could always offset that by installing Solar Panels and run the e2o from the power of the sun for free.

      See!! An electric car provides you options that don't exist with an oil based car. With an oil based car, people are stuck/dependent on the Middle East, the Government and the oil companies.

      Speed junkies crib bout the top speed of 80kmph. But that is more that what i need and if i need to speed up and accelerate, i still can go fast. And by the way an electric car has max torque right at 0 RPM (revolutions per minute) and thus the acceleration of the e2o is quiet peppy when u step on the pedal. An internal combustion engine cannot give you max torque at 0 RPM.

      Battery Replacement
      Yes, i will have to spend around Rs 1 Lakh (after 5 to 6 years) on a new Lithium-Ion Battery pack.
      This is a big amount and is something to be thought bout. However battery technology is evolving pretty fast.And the cost of the batteries have dropped dramatically. They have dropped in half in the last 4 years. Experts in the field say that they will drop further in the next 4 years.Here's a nifty little idea which would put to bed, this worry.
      Anyone buying an e2o, can create a recurring deposit of Rs 2000 every month and thus use the interest got from a bank to pay for the battery pack

      Reliability of the e2o
      There is a valid question asked by people. How reliable would this car be? As its the first car released by Mahindra Reva. Its basically a version 1.0 product.
      I did some research and found that not be to true.
      The concept for this car was developed way back in 2009 and was displayed in the 2009 Frankfurt auto show.
      The e2o's predecessor was the Reva which was sold worldwide. So its not as if the e2o is a V1.0 version of the car. There have been lots of customer insights from Reva users and feedback has been received and implemented here in the e2o.

      So there should be no worries bout the reliability of e2o as its built on the Reva Platform.

      Dude - An ex EV cynic totally floored by EVA
      My friend - Dude who was a complete EV cynic has now made a 180 degree turn after enjoying the EV experience. It was eye opening experience for him. And is considering buying an e2o.

      You hear stories like this all the time in the EV world.

      Social Implications
      What it takes for people to get interested in these vehicles, is a test drive. Once they get on the car - step on it then they see that there is good acceleration due to the instant torque but they don't feel the vibration and they don't hear the noise. Its just a smooth acceleration.

      Then they realize that -
      "Oh My God! This is a good car!"

      Then u can start telling them bout the social implications like - there is no war for electricity, there is no pollution, u r not sending money out of your country then they realize that this is a life changing vehicle.
      With all the troubles we have in the world - How the banks and large corporations (OIL) are hoarding money.
      All of us give them the money.
      Electric car owners stop giving them the money. The electric car owners pays a little bit to the utilities and they spend the money on things they want to buy and thus vitalizing our local economy.

      Instead of sending 150 Billion $ on imported oil each year we keep the money here and keep our wealth in India.
      When production ramps up in the future, when we have multiple companies launching electric cars - am sure the electric car will be on everyone's thoughts!

      For now, am happy to be part of this revolution.

      This car is not for everyone
      People who travel out of the city lots times in a month cant find this useful.
      People who need to fit in 5-6 people regularly.

      If you have a small family and travel 90% of your month inside a city, then go for this hatchback.
      You will help our country, our environment and be an inspiration for that change that everyone has to make. We cant keep consuming oil, right?
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      Avoid OIL and Polluting our

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      One year done!

      One Year Gone -
      * 800 Ltrs of OIL saved for my country
      * Huge greenhouse gases not emitted in my city
      * Savings of Rs 70k in Petrol charges Alone
      * Total 8000 km - Total electricity charges Rs 3800

      Its been 1 year driving an electric car and what an amazing journey!
      We have been incredible surprised by the reliability of the e2o. We had to spend nothing on repairs or maintenance.
      We here are seeing the extreme efficiency of the electric motor and the reliability of it.

      Just the fact that this car has saved over 800 litre's of oil, which is usually imported means a lot to me personally.
      If we all have to do our bit for the country, this is one small way.

      Also the real important point is how this car uses so much energy and is so efficient. This is a point that is very difficult to get across. For example - I drive to Pavana Dam - a round trip distance of 105 km and this car just consumed around 78 km worth of energy. I had around 24 km of energy left, which truly boggles the mind.
      This car uses the so less energy per km than even the most super efficient petrol engine and even more efficient than some petrol bikes. All this because of the efficiency of the electric motor.
      The impact of the energy used is astronomically lower and thus this car is greener than anything we have on the road.
      Yes, even if your electricity is powered by Coal.
      Its time for the petrol heads, the EV cynics and people who are resistant to change to see a live example in energy efficiency right here!

      This electric car offers the potential to use energy from renewable sources. You can install a solar panel and run on clean electrons.
      And if you stick to the grid, consider this as the grid gets cleaner, your electric vehicle gets cleaner in time.
      Can that be said about ICE based vehicles? They will always remain dirty and bad!!!

      In August i took EVA outside the city a lot to the mountains in Pune. Here are some pics.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3801443_orig.jpg 
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Size:	242.5 KB 
ID:	193502
      EVA in the lush green mountains near Pune

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2492833_orig.jpg 
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ID:	193501
      More stunning scenery in the mountains near Pune

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	202338_orig.jpg 
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Size:	190.3 KB 
ID:	193500
      Charging in a kitchen of a restaurent in Lavasa. You can read the crazy story here!

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	7685484_orig.jpg 
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Size:	191.0 KB 
ID:	193503
      Ah! Pavana Lake!!!
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      Also the fact that these use Lithium ion batteries recycling is a good possibility and eco friendly as well

      Only thing i had read somewhere that lithium ion batteries best operating temperatures are below 25degrees Celsius. So does the life reduce drastically in a cliamate like ours where average temperatures are around 28degees Celsius .

      Also what about Air-conditioners in these type of vehicles ?

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      NIce perspective of an electric car. Hooked on to this thread
      Try walking into YOUR car rather than crawling. For me walking is always best ---GURU SHISHIR

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      ~~Wandering Soul~~
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      Quote Originally Posted by shishirbn View Post
      NIce perspective of an electric car. Hooked on to this thread
      Indeed Can a separate section be made for this perhaps Electric/alternative Fuel Cars/Bikes

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      Avoid OIL and Polluting our

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      Quote Originally Posted by kane View Post
      Also the fact that these use Lithium ion batteries recycling is a good possibility and eco friendly as well

      Only thing i had read somewhere that lithium ion batteries best operating temperatures are below 25degrees Celsius. So does the life reduce drastically in a cliamate like ours where average temperatures are around 28degees Celsius .

      Also what about Air-conditioners in these type of vehicles ?
      Yes. Lithium-Ion chemistry is extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Heat causes lithium-ion battery packs to degrade much faster than they normally would. Battery performance begins to suffer as soon as the temperature climbs above 35°C. A temperature above 35°C affects the battery pack performance instantly and even permanently if it lasts many months.

      There are certain precautions EV manufacturers take around the world - like liquid cooling the battery pack etc.
      But as we don have such features, there are certain measures one can take to keep the batteries running for a long time.
      You can read more in my site.

      An AC works fine. The e2o has an effective AC. Generally the power is drawn from the battery pack and does affect the range. Say i drive 15 kms and used an AC, it might consume around 17-18 km worth of energy if the AC is full blast. If we dont use the AC, the range estimation is pretty accurate. In fact due to many features like regenerative braking - sometimes i see the car using 13 km of energy while travelling 15 kms (while not using the AC)

      - - - Updated - - -

      Quote Originally Posted by shishirbn View Post
      NIce perspective of an electric car. Hooked on to this thread

      I tried to look for a proper EV section at GerHeads but found none.
      So decided to ad this in the Hatchbacks section.

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      Avoid OIL and Polluting our

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      Just a fun video of us driving to the Ghat section near Pune.
      And the electric car handled the ghats easily

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      Welcome to Gearheads kamyfc. Nice to see E2o ownership report. E2o makes a lot of sense for short city use after recent price cuts.

      OT: This thread should be moved to Mahindra Reva section.
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      Its been long the thread hasn't been touched. How is it going and what is the latest development on it?

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