Hey guys!

I got a Brio AT a couple of months ago. While I enjoy almost all aspects of the car including design, driving dynamics and build quality, power is something I really miss. IMHO, more than the lack of power, the problem is how and when the available power is delivered.

I believe that the Brio AT comes with the same transmission used in the previous gen City. If I am not mistaken, the City had a regular D mode, Sports mode and tiptronic mode.

My question is: Would it be possible to reprogram Brio's transmission s/w to overwrite D mode with Sports mode setting? If so, any recommendation on who can get it done in Bangalore?

I believe this would stop the car from constantly up-shifting for no good reason and allow me to build up some revs. Right now, I mostly have to drive switching from D3 or 2. S-mode would help me cruise peacefully without having to frantically switch between D, D3 & 2.