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    Thread: RULES & GUIDELINES - Please read BEFORE posting/transacting.

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      Exclamation RULES & GUIDELINES - Please read BEFORE posting/transacting.

      Dear Gearheads,

      Off late, we are seeing a lot of spam ads posted in our Classifieds section. In order to prevent members/readers from getting conned and to help and support genuine sellers, we are enforcing some basic rules and guidelines to make Gearheads Classifieds a better place. Most of this is accepted practice on many forums - so nothing in this is likely to come as a surprise. These rules will be amended from time to time based on experience. ANY THREAD NOT CONFORMING TO THESE RULES WILL BE SUMMARILY DELETED, offending member BANNED or put on Mod Q.

      Please take care of some essential guidelines before you post a sale thread :

      - Post the relevant pictures and details of the product you intend to sell on the opening post itself. There is a decorum to be followed in Classifieds section, it will help you and the prospective buyers.

      - Post a photograph of the actual product with a label/piece of paper containing your username and date. (not photo-shopped or image-edited).

      - Sellers(Individuals/Dealers) should be registered with Gearheads. They should share mandatory information "Know The Seller"

      Contact Numbers

      - No 'selling-by-proxy' please. Pls advertise only those articles that you own and are in your physical possession. (no 'on-behalf' ads)

      - Try to share all the important details of the product and its condition. The deal should be transparent.

      - Sellers/Traders have to take the time to answer all questions responsibly and promptly.

      - Use iTrader System to leave a feedback on the buyer for a completed deal/sale on Gearheads.

      - Post your ad in an organised format. This will attract buyers and help with the sale.

      Here's a simple Format :

      - Product
      - Details about the product

      - Usage/Condition/Age
      - Some Key Features or Specs

      - Current Pics (Post a photograph of the actual product with a label containing username and date)

      - Selling Price
      - Shipping Terms
      - Contact
      - Any other remarks or requests

      EDIT: No requests for deleting anything - especially name/contact information etc - will be entertained at any time for any reason. Please THINK before you post. Please bear in mind that newbies and non registered members will not have access to PMs.

      Incomplete ad can be considered as spam and interested buyers won't take you seriously.

      Readers/buyers also note :

      - STRICTLY NO NEGOTIATIONS ON THE THREAD - DO NOT Bargain/Low Ball on the thread. It's irrelevant if the product is available for cheaper elsewhere. Posts pointing out the same shall be deleted, user put in Mod Q or Banned depending on the circumstances. Use PMs/email/phone or any other means of communication to conduct your negotiations with the seller.

      - Get all assurances you need before going ahead with your purchase. We encourage you to do your research. BUYER BEWARE!

      - Use iTrader System to leave a feedback on the seller for a completed deal/sale on Gearheads. Reputation points is a better way to understand the seller.

      Buy and Sell at your own risk.
      Gearheads.in takes no responsibility for transactions.
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      'BUMPS' restricted to ONE per week - other than updates to prices and/or sale terms.
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      If this hasn't already been made clear ample number of times already, any kind of posts that include low-balling, posting "but this item is cheaper elsewhere", needlessly TROLLING on Classifieds Threads will result in immediate BANNING or the offending member being put in Moderation Queue.

      The Classifieds Section exists only for the seller to put up the info of the items on Sale and anyone else posting on the thread other than the OP can ONLY post for the following reasons:

      1. Members can point to lack of data for the Classifieds Thread and request the OP to post the complete details. Refer bamaboy's post on how to create a proper Classified Thread.
      2. Leave a reply in case the Sellers PM Inbox is Full and you need to get his attention.
      3. Leave a reply in case the given E-Mail ID or Phone Number isn't working and you are unable to get in touch with the seller.

      ANY other forms of communication between the prospective buyer and the seller, price negotiations etc will have to be done privately, not on the Classifieds Threads. Any posts that do not conform to this, will be deleted immediately, the member will be banned instantly.

      Request the co-operation of all the members to help us maintain the Classified Section and if you come across any instances of any member posting anything other than the above outlined comments, kindly report the post so that one of us from the Moderation Team can take immediate action.
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