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    Thread: Our Skoda Rapid DSG Elegance White 2014

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      Our Skoda Rapid DSG Elegance White 2014

      Hi all,

      It was five years since we added Getz CRDI to the stables. We still have Honda CVT - going great guns after 8.5 years. What a pain free ownership it has been.

      However, Honda CVT misses out on fun factor in driving. And Getz, while great on power and reliability, was still a manual car and we were getting increasingly cheesed off with the millions of pop and retract operations of the clutch. And Getz, let us face it, is not exactly accomplished on the dynamics front. So we were looking to replace Getz with an automatic, not necessarily diesel.

      Still Getz has been an absolutely trouble free ownership - the only parts I changed were
      1. AC idler pulley that too against the advice by SA who said I should live with that minor sound rather than spend 1000 Rs on changing the pulley.
      2. Door actuator went kaput after 5.5 years - 650 Rs

      Of course I changed battery and tyres. Not even brake pads, discs, suspension etc., in 40k kms, 5.5 years. Fantastic machine.

      Coming to choices, we tried a lot - our first preference was SUV. We hired XUV, Ecosport from Zoomcars. Wanted a better feel than a short test drive. We ruled out both for different reasons - XUV is not exacty a driver's car and boy is it over-designed! There was too much going on in its face, dashboard and it simply didn't cut ice with me. Wife ruled it out since she felt it was accelerating like a pregnant buffalo albeit with a tiger right on its ass. Meaning brisk, but belaboured acceleration. Truth be said, she never liked XUV and this was an easy way to get me to stay away from it.

      Ecosport - great build, good stance for driver, excellent acceleration for diesel. What got my goat was the extremely cramped interior space. I mean, it is just a hatchback on high heels. And that rear seat - can hold two well fed individuals; but if we push a third human being, he will develop a lifelong grudge towards the other two. Bad. Still, fantastic ride, great handling for such a tall car, excellent AC etc., etc., It even had an automatic dual clutch option - but the space, sort of low rent interiors stopped us.

      This left Duster - we test drove AWD. Again, great ride, handling and even space. But lack of automatic option, and also those interiors didn't feel like they belong to a 16L car. We ditched it.

      Of course I was dead against Verna (ride reminds of speedboat infused with yo-yo genes), New Honda City (not very different from what we have except it costs 4L more) etc., New Scorpio also was released but I was not sure if its ride and dynamics were *that* different from the old one.

      All this while, Rapid DSG was on the back of my mind. Skoda A$$ stories, improving Skoda A$$ under the new boss, and all of that. Finally the heart won over the mind and we went for Rapid DSG.

      We approached Vinayak and TAFE in Bangalore and both gave us test drives. We dealt with Ms Prabha the Sales exec in Vinayak and were mighty impressed by her professionalism, punctuality and ability to meet commitments.

      I love the solid build and the 'heavy' feel of the car, having driven only Japanese or Korean makes till now, barring Indica which is... well, just heavy.

      I will write driving experience, etc., in next post.

      Matiz 2000-03; Indica DLS 2006-09;Honda City CVT 2006-;Getz CRDI 2009-

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      Congrats on the new car curious. And of course, good choice!
      In pursuit of happiness, and happiness drives very fast.

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      they just lead you into
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      congrats on your new ride, Please do let some pics coming too

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      Quote Originally Posted by curious View Post
      Our Skoda Rapid DSG Elegance White 2014
      Congrats Buddy
      Perfection is impression
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      G16B oh i love you. More than
      you love me.
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      Congratulations bro! enjoy !

      Build it the way you want it, the way it reflects your personality.

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