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    Thread: A Deep Dive to know our very own TATA MOTORS

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      what matters is the journey
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      A Deep Dive to know our very own TATA MOTORS

      Guys i have been thinking about writing the history of TATA MOTORS for quite some time now. This company has given a Lot many Firsts to Indian auto industry. Yet its been neglected by us. so here's a few facts about TATA Motors. which for me has just deepened my love for this company. Hope it will win your hearts too.

      Company History - Tata Motors Ltd.

      Tata Motors Limited (formerly TELCO, short for Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and a subsidiary of the Tata Group. Its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, construction equipment and military vehicles. It is the world's 17th-largest motor vehicle manufacturing company, fourth-largest truck manufacturer, and second-largest bus manufacturer by volume.
      Tata Motors has auto manufacturing and assembly plants in Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Sanand, Dharwad, and Pune in India, as well as in Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. It has research and development centres in Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, and Dharwad, India, and in South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Tata Motors' principal subsidiaries include the British premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover (the maker of Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover cars) and the South Korean commercial vehicle manufactuer Tata Daewoo. Tata Motors has a bus-manufacturing joint venture with Marcopolo S.A. (Tata Marcopolo), a construction-equipment manufacturing joint venture with Hitachi (Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery), and a joint venture with Fiat which manufactures automotive components and Fiat and Tata branded vehicles.

      The Company was incorporated on 1st September at Mumbai to manufacture diesel vehicles for commercial use, excavators, industrial shunter, dumpers, heavy forgings and machine tools.

      - The commercial diesel vehicles which were known `Tata Mercedes Benz' (TMB) are now called `Tata' vehicles after the expiry of the collaboration agreement with Daimler-Benz AG, West Germany. The company also used to manufacture pulp and paper making machinery.


      -Tata Engineering undertook manufacture of 5000 'KC' broad gauge open wagons for the Indian Railway.

      -The Managing Agency Tata Sons was transferred to Tata Industries on July 1, 1946. The Managing Agency system continued till it was abolished by an act of Parliament in 1970.


      -Steam Road Roller introduced in collaboration with Marshal Sons (UK) 1950 Collaboration signed with M/s Krauss-Maffei, W. Germany for manufacture of steam locomotives 1954 Collaboration with M/s Daimler -Benz AG, W.Germany, for the manufacture of medium commercial vehicles at Jamshedpur.

      - Steel foundry set up in collaboration with Usines Emile Henricot of Court St. Etienne, Belgium.


      - Research and Development Center set up at Jamshedpur.


      - The company's name, which was Tata Locomotive & Engineering Company Ltd.was changed to Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company Ltd.


      -Collaboration with M/s Pawling & Harnischfeger (P&H), U.S.A. for manufacture of cable type excavators and cranes.


      - A project for the production of large press tools and complex dies was undertaken in collaboration with Raymond. F. Thompson (Engineers) Ltd. UK.


      - With effect from 1st July the Investa Machine Tools and Engineering Co. Ltd. was amalgamated with the company and it became the Machine Tool Division.


      -Vehicle manufacture facilities steadily built up at Pune 1968 Collaboration with M/s Hueller Hille Gmbh, W. Germany, for the manufacture of unit construction special purpose machines.


      - Central Bank of India Ltd., was merged with the Company with effect from 24th April. Allotment of shares and debentures as per the terms of the scheme of amalgamation to the shareholders of Central Bank of India Ltd., was completed during January-March 1972.


      - During the year company made a sale of know-how to Tata Precision Industries Pvt Ltd in Singapore for the design and production of machinery and tools. The company was also appointed the technical consultants to TPIL for a period of 10 year for which the Company was to receive a royalty of 3.5% of net sales for seven years commencing from the date TPL start making profit.


      - The company entered into a joint venture with Tata Industries Sdn.Bhd. of Malaysia for the assembly of the Telco vehicles in Malaysia. 1979


      - The Govt. approval was received for increasing the vehicle manufacturing capacity to 35,520 vehicles per annum thereby bringing the total licensed capacity to 78,000 vehicles. A letter of intent was received for setting up a new plant for the manufacture of 9000 vehicles per annum in U.P which was later converted into an industrial licence.

      -Collaboration with M/s Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., Japan, for manufacture of hydraulic excavators. Expansion of capacity at Pune.


      -Collaboration with M/s Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., Japan, for manufacture of hydraulic excavators.


      - All the dies and many of the machine tools and production devices required for the new `TATA 407' and `TATA 608' series were produced by the Company in Capital Goods Division. The company started making CNC machines in Capital Goods Division and its engineers were receiving know-how and training from Nachi-Fujikoshi and Niigata of Japan with whom the Company was collaborating in these fields. A new electronics centres was also commisioned at Pune to support the manufacture and maintenance of this new generation of CNC machines.

      -Collaboration with Niigata Engineering Co. Ltd, Japanfor NC / CNC Horizontal Machining Centers and with Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Japan for NC /CNC In line Machining Centers and flexible manufacturing systems.

      More to Come ...........

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      what matters is the journey
      than the destination

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      - The Tata mobile pick up entirely designed and engineered by Telco was launched in July 1988. It also obtained know how for the manufacture of thin walled automotive aluminium castings from Kloth Senking Metallgiesserei Stahl Gmbh, West Germany.

      - During the year company undertook to set up a new forge shop, a high output foundry line, a new paint shop as well as augmentation of engine and gearbox manufacturing facilities, all at Jamshedpur. Test facilities such as specially constructed gradient track to check the climbing capability of vehicles and their ability to start on an incline was added to the Engineering Research Centre at Pune.

      - During the year company negotiating with Daimler-Benz for manufacturing their World Concept Truck in India. These vehicles were to be marketed overseas by Daimler-Benz under their brand which would lead to technological upgradation of the existing range of vehicles in India.


      - The company acquired 25% of the market share in the light commercial vehicles. The company signed an agreement with Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.Ltd. Japan for the manufacture of a more advanced series of hydraulic excavators ie, `EX'series.

      - During the year, Nachi-Fujikoshi, a collaborator of the Company agreed to buy the online machinery centres made in Telco's machine tool division. A letter of intent was also received for supplying vehicle aggregates to Mercedes Ben 355 Indonesian Partner. - During the year company obtained know-how for the manufacture of thin-walled automotive aluminum casting from Kloth Senking Metallgiesserei GmbH, a subsidiary of Salzgitter Stahl GmbH, West Germany.

      The Company entered into an agreement with Cummins Engine Company Inc. USA for forming a 50% - 50% joint venture to produce fuel efficient engines with low-commission characteristics for powering the Company's range of Medium/heavy vehicles. The Company was incorporated in October 1993. Its factory is to be established at Jamshedpur.


      - A new model of earthmoving equipment the TWK-3036 Tata Front End Wheel Loader was introduced.


      - During the year the company entered into a collaborative agreement with an internationally renowned engine research and development organisation to jointly develop higher horsepower, fuel efficient diesel and petrol engines to meet the future requirements of the company.

      - The last quarter saw the company launching two new passenger vehicles, the SIERRA and the ESTATE totally designed and manufactured in India. The company acquired a BIFR company, M/s Noduron Founders Maharashtra Ltd. The total cost for Telco worked out to Rs.18 crores as against setting up of similar critical castings foundry.

      - During the year company launched a new earth moving equipment TWK-3036 Tata Front End Wheel Loader.

      - Two new models in the EX series of hydraulic excavators were launched. A 10 tonne pick and carry articulated crane, designed and developed in-house was also introduced.


      - During this period two new models in the EX series of hydraulic excavators were launched. And a 10 tonne pick and carry articulated crane, designed and developed in-house was also introduced. With the help of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., EX-400 model Hydraulic excavator was introduced during the year.

      - The Company undertook to estabish a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz to manufacture automobile products for sale in India and to meet the needs of export markets. The project also included the possibility of manufacture of a Mercedes Benz passenger car for the domestic and foreign markets. Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated on November 1994 which commenced initial assembly of cars in March 1995.

      - During the year company entered into an agreement with Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation, Japan to manufacture arc and spot welding robots suitable for automobile manufacturing applications.

      - During the year, company undertook to set up a joint venture with Asian Glass Co. Ltd., Japan to manufacture float glass to be used as wind shields for automobiles. ACC along with Tata Exports Ltd., participated in the joint venture. The joint venture named as Floathlass India Ltd., the Company would have a stake of 16.33%.

      - Tata Cummins Ltd., Mercedes-Benz (India) Ltd., Tata Holset Ltd., Tata Precision Industires, Singapore and Nita Company Ltd., are the joint Ventures of the Company.


      - Production of MCV's commenced at Lucknow.


      - During the year company introduced the Tata full forward 609 LP bus and Tata 609 SFC semi forward version. It was proposed to introduce new four cylinder petrol engine during mid 1995.

      - During the year Telco entered into an agreement with Cummins Engine Company Inc. USA for forming a 50%-50% joint venture to produce fuel efficient engines with low-commission characteristics for powering the Company's range of Medium/heavy vehicles. Its factory is to be established at Jamshedpur for an annual output of 67,000 engines.

      - Tata vehicles were launched in Argentina Chill, Paraguay etc.

      - Joint Venture Agreement signed with Cummins Engine Co. Inc.to manufacture high horsepower and emission-friendly diesel engines for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.


      - During the year company introduced the Tata SUMO and LPT 709. Thecompany developed a new fuel injected, 4 cylinder petrol engine withthe assistance of AVL Austria.

      - During the year company manufactured 4 basic robot for spot welding, sealant application and arc-welding. Also manufactured a 3 axis copy milling machine, a 2 station 2 spindle fine boring machine and a crank pin milling machine. - On 22nd April an agreement was entered into between Daimler-Benz AG and Merceded Benz India to manufacture `E' Class paneyer cans and engines in India. The project is to be located at near Telco's factory in Pune with capacity to manufacture 20,000 cars and 30,000 engines.

      - Tata Technologies (India) Ltd., Sheba Properties Ltd., and Matruchhaya Capital and Finance Ltd., are all subsidiaries of the Company.

      - On September, the company jointly with Tata Exports Ltd., and Tata Industries Ltd., signed anagreement with Holset Engineering Ltd. UK to set up a joint venture company to manufacture Holset turbochargers. Accordingly Tata Holset Private Ltd., was established on 20th December. - During the same year a new foundry was commissioned at Pune to produce high pressure die cast and granting die-cast aluminium components for automobiles. Production commenced from March.

      - During July, the company offered 36,11,758 Global Depositary shares and 36,11,758 warrants along with international units purchase 1 Each warrant entitiled the holder to share of US $ 15.46 (Subject to adjustment in case of bonus/Right issue) during the period of 8th March.

      - Effective 25th July, the Company allotted 82,14,288 shares of Rs 10 each against the GDRs.

      - The Company successfully launched high performance, low emission and fuel efficient medium commercial vehicles with cummins engines in Kuwait, Kenya, Zambia and Ghana.

      - The Company also proposed to introduce vehicles with cummin engines in the heavy commercial vehicles segment.

      - Taking advantage of the broad banding policy announced by the Government of India, the Company entered into a collaboration agreement with Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan, for the manufacture of their `ACCORD' model of cars in India.

      - A shovel version of model EX 300 LC was introduced.

      - A 6 tonne mini excavator was launched.

      - On 22nd April, an agreement was entered into between Daimler-Benz AG and Mercedes Benz AG, Germany to setup a joint venture company Mercedez-Benz India to manufacture `E' class paneyer cans and engines in India.

      - Tata Technologies (India) Ltd., Sheba Properties Ltd., and Matruchhaya Capital and Finance Ltd., are all subsidiaries of the Company.


      - During the year a new double pick-up and Army Version of various Telco Vehicles were developed. A new pero engine and turbo diesel engine, an up-graded 709 LCV, new sports utility vehicle Safari expected to be launched shortly.

      - A 25 tonne 6 X 2 truck and a bus with cummins engine were launched.

      - Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO), has acquired a second hand paint shop, machine line and cylinders from the Australian unit of the Japanese auto giant, Nissan. TELCO is believed to have picked up the unit for Rs. 70 crore. The total cost of import duty would be Rs 100 crore.

      - During the year a machine tool division was expanded so as to double its machine building capacity and significantly reduce production times.

      - A new double pick-up and army version of various Telco Vehicles were developed.


      - TELCO has decided to launch a new indigenous family car, by the middle of 1996. The company seeks to manufacture a 900cc engine car. The car would cater to the domestic as well as the export market. Initially, a production of 150,000 cars is envisaged. The production would be significantly increased in the next few years, to make TELCO , the largest producer of small engine cars in the country. - During the the company introduced the 70-tonne Tata-Hitachi Ex-700 Shovel, the largest in the value of Ex series of hydraulic excavation fielded by Teleco. Also, a back-hoc version of Ex-400 model was launched and the Ex-300 LC model was specially modified for use in granite mining operations.

      - During the year a new collaboration agreement was signed with Nachi-Fujikshi Corporation, Japan to manufacture and advanced generation of Robots.

      - The Company has launched "Tata Safari" in its Multi utility vehicle segment.

      -Tata Holset's turbo charger plant inaugurated on November 25, 1996.


      - The Company made into auto related joint ventures promoted by Tata Industires Ltd., viz., Tata Auto Comp Systems Ltd., and Concorde Motors Ltd. (CML). CML estabished in associations with Jardine Matheson Group, Hongkong would set up showcase dealerships in India for retaining automobiles.

      - A new information technology company, Tata Technologies (India) (TTIL), providing solutions to engineering, manufacturing and distribution industries has been set up as a subsidiary of Telco.

      - The Tatas are all set to establish a unit for producing trucks and earth moving equipment at Dharwad KARNATAKA.

      - The Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd. (TELCO) has emerged as numero uno in the Review 200 survey conducted by the Far Eastern Economic Review in association with Citi Bank.

      - Telco proposes to develop and produce various new models at an investment of Rs.20 billion over the next few years.

      - Automobile giant Telco will be installing an electronic data interchange (EDI) network that will connect the Telco plants, with its vendors.

      - The Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company (Telco) will pick up a 7.2 per cent stake and ACC Ltd 18.8 per cent in the revised equity structure of Bridgestone-ACC, thus paving the way for a fresh round of speculation on whether the cement major is actually out of the Tata fold.

      - Telco became the first Indian private company to reach the sales of Rs.10, 000 crore.

      - Telco has entered into an alliance with Bridgestone to promote a new company, in which Bridgestone will hold a 51 per cent equity stake, to manufacture automotive tyres.

      - The company will set up a 1.5-lakh per annum capacity car unit. The proposed plant will be part of a comprehensive facility being set up by Telco which will have flexible lines capable of manufacturing the small car, the Sumo and other models which are being worked out. - Telco's collaboration with John Deere is for the manufacture of 2.5 cum backhoe loaders which the company proposes to introduce in domestic markets later this year. The company's technical agreement with Hitachi is for the manufacture of a 60-tonne hydraulic excavator which is slated to hit the market this year itself

      - The agreement with Le Moteur Moderne is for the development of diesel and petrol engines for its passenger car project. With Nachi-Fujikoshi, Telco plans to make an advanced generation of robots to be used to weldline for the manufacture of Bodies-in-White (BIWs) and to perform other operations during the manufacture of small cars to ensure quality, accuracy, and fatigue-free high volume production. - Telco's $200-million Yankee bond issue has been awarded a NAIC 2 by the insurance companies rating standard in the United States. Telco is only the second Yankee bond issue from India after Reliance Industries and is the country's lowest-priced international bond. Telco is rated Baa3 by Moody's and BB+ by Standard & Poor's, which are also India's sovereign ratings.

      - The Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company (Telco) management has signed a wage agreement with the Telco Employees' Union at the ****ri-Chinchwad manufacturing facility conceding a wage hike of Rs.1,701 per month.

      - The Karnataka plant is being set up to build special purpose and heavy duty vehicles. It will, however, initially assemble company's 4,021 trucks and earth moving equipments and excavators.

      - Telco is showcasing its sportscar `Telsport' 4X4 for the first time at the fourth Middle East International Show opening at Dubai on 10.11.97.

      - Telco is the second Indian four wheel maker after Mahindra and Mahindra to participate in the show which has attracted 200 exhibitors from 28 countries including world market leaders like BMW and Mercedes.

      - Telcosport will be TELCO's first entrant in the passenger vehicle segment to be followed by a five-door SUV in the later part of next year.

      - The Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) has entered into a Rs 167-crore structured deal with Telco. This is the largest asset securitisation deal in the country.

      - Tata Industries Ltd (TIL) is setting up a 50:50 joint venture in alliance with Jardine International Motors Ltd (JIML) for establishing an automobile retail and after-sales service company which will operate dealerships for Telco passenger cars in certain cities in India.

      - The Company introduced a 9-tonne vehicle which was well received in the market. A 40 tonne tractor trailer powered by a Tata Cummins Engineering was introduced.

      - The Company developed a low floor bus chassis to meet the specific needs of urban transport.

      - The Company signed a new agreement with Hitachi for manufacture of upgraded versions of existing range of excavators.

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      - Telco proposes to set up authorized service stations every 100 km on every highway.

      - Telco is proposing to commercially produce compact, efficient and economically viable vehicles which use alternative fuels within the next two years.

      - The Tata group has signed a joint venture with Jardine International Motor Mauritious (JIMM) to establish a passenger car dealership network in the country.

      - Jardine International Motors (JIM), which recently set up a Rs.86-crore joint venture vehicle dealership network, called Concorde Motors Pvt. Ltd, in league with Tata Industries and Telco, has shown interest in representing the latter in export markets.

      - Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd (Telco) announced a tie-up with Tata Finance Ltd and ANZ Grindlays Banks as the official financiers for its small car "Indica" to be launched in December.

      - Tata Engineering Locomotive Company Ltd (Telco) is selling its construction equipment business into a new subsidiary company, Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd.

      - The Company in its small car segment has launched "Tata Indica" which evoked an overwhelming response in the Indian market.

      - A new range of cummins engine powered vehicle which include a 35 tonne and a 40 tonne articulated truck and two variants of buses.

      - To make substantial improvement in the quality of bus bodies available with TATA vehicles, the Company encouraged a collaboration between Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan and the Automobile corporation of Goa. The new project undertakes production of bodies on TATA chassis, conforming to the most exacting international standards. - Concorde Motors Ltd., a Joint Venture between Tata Engineering and Jardine International Motors (Mauritius) Ltd. was appointed as dealer for the Company's passenger cars in several cities across the country, in Feb 1998.


      - Telco is the first Indian manufacturer to offer commercial vehicles meeting euro-I emission norms, a year before they are due to be introduced in the country. - It is proposed to make TCECL a one-stop shop for construction equipment and earthmoving machinery.

      - TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company Ltd (Telco) will receive a consideration of Rs 200 crore as equity and share premium and the rest as loans valued at Rs 400 crore from the sale of its construction equipment division.

      - In Oct 1999, the Company won the National award for R&D Efforts in Development of Indigenous Technology in the Mechanical Engineering Industries Sector instituted by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology for the year 1999.

      - The company obtained shareholders' approval for hiving off the division into a 100 per cent subsidiary, Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd (TCECL), at an extra general body meeting (EGM) held here in Mumbai today.

      - Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company Ltd. Spun off into a joint venture company, the CEBU would be able to make a range of products, besides maintaining dominant market share in existing products.

      - Tata Holset is a 50:50 joint venture between Telco and its foreign partner.

      - SKF Bearings India Ltd has signed an agreement with Telco to supply hub bearings for its latest model Tata Indica.

      - Telco presently has a joint venture with Daimler-Chrysler in India, Mercedes Benz India, which manufactures the top-of-the-line Rs 26 lakh-plus Mercedes Benz E Class. Telco has reduced its stake in the venture to around 14 per cent.

      - Tata Technologies, a Telco subsidiary, has launched a value chain management (VCM) system designed to enable value-based interaction between business partners and manufacturers.

      - Machine Tools and Growth Divisions, Axle Division and Transmission Division of Tata Engineering transferred to newly formed subsidiaries Telco Automation Ltd., HV Axles Ltd.


      - The Company has declared a lockout at its Lucknow plant following employee unrest and policy firing. Employees have been demanding parity in wages with their counterparts in the Telco establishments at Jamshedpur and Pune.

      - The Company is working towards introducing two new petrol-driven variants of its small car Indica, powered by a multi-point fuel injection engine.

      - The Company has launched the Indica 2000, the Euro II Complaint, 75 BHP multi-point fuel injection (MPFI) version of Indica.

      - The Company has won the National Technology Award for indigenous development and commercialisation of the Tata Indica car.

      - The Company has launched its new hi-tech Indica 2000 car with MPFI petro engine in Guwahati.

      - Tata Engineering is all set to become the first company in the group to offer ESOPs to employees.

      - The Engineering is exploring marketing tie-up with global automobile firms.

      - The Company is decentralising the marketing operations of its commercial vehicle business.

      - The Company has shut down its commercial vehicles assembling unit at Lucknow following persistent labour problems.

      - Telco has decided to defer the launch of its mid-sized passenger car, Magna, to around June 2002.

      - Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co., is renamed as Tata Engineering Ltd. It has replaced its three-shift production line with a one-shift daily schedule starting from 26th June.

      - The Company has launched a programme `Super bazar' for owners of commercial vehicles whereby they can get their vehicles evaluated on the spot as to present value and investment required for upgradation.

      - The Company has appointed ICICI as a preferred financier for customers buying its range of vehicles, including the Indica.

      - Tata Engineering has seen a marginal increase in its market share in the utility vehicle segment to 26.1 per cent for the period April-July.

      - R B Khadikar, vice-president of engineering centre, telco has been presented the "outstanding automobile engineer of the year award" for 1999.

      - The five-month-old lockout in the Lucknow unit of heavy automobiles giant Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company has been lifted an agreement between he management and employees.

      - ICRA has revised the rating assigned to the Rs 600-crore long-term NCD programmes of auto majorTelco from `LAAA', indicating highest safety to `LAA+' indicating high safety.

      - FICCI-SEDF- Businessworld-Compaq award for social responsiveness was awarded to the company.

      - The Central Pollution Control Board for Environmental Technology award has been presented to Tata Engineering in recognition of its contributuon towards efforts to conserve the environment.

      - The Premier vehicle manufacturer of the country, TELCO, has closed down its unit for maintenance for seven days from 27th November for the first time in its 47-year history.

      - Tata Engineering has joined hands with Daimler-Chrysler, the world's third largest auto conglomerate, forming a consortium to bid for an order of 60,000 light commercial vehicles from the South African government.

      - V Krishnan has been appointed as Vice-President of Telco.

      - The Company has bought a group pension insurance scheme for its employees from the Life Insurance Corporation.

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      What is the purpose of this deep dive ?

      Of course, knowing history is good, but how does it help a common customer to know when V.Krishnan get a job at Telco or not for example, or which division has been placed under which profit or cost center
      Last edited by Nomad; 11th Feb 2015 at 14:48.

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      what matters is the journey
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      As an enthusiast some people would be interested in knowing each company better. and what they stand for. thats the purpose. Most of us don't know many facts about different companies whose vehicles we see on road. so this is one effort towards that, That's all. Rest the people are the best judge to know whether this holds some importance or it doesn't, as an auto enthusiast i felt like sharing this info on TATA MOTORS. so that we know this INDIAN company better.

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      I had seen a similar article earlier as well only difference was that had quite a bit of pictures which showed the transformation from truck to present .

      like nomad pointed out knowing history is good. but this is more wikepedia stuff.

      For me Iconic vehicles were and still are. The estate and the Safari, Nano did not strike a chord as much as the other two.

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      what matters is the journey
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      Well, point taken. Wikipedia doesn't give you year on year details Bro. opinion are one's sole views which may differ from person to person. and that's the beauty of a forum like this isn't it, where different mind sets meet. yes Sierra estate, Safari and the Indica were the models which changed the course of TATA in automobile sector( In Car's Only)
      Last edited by incarnation; 11th Feb 2015 at 15:27.

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      Quote Originally Posted by incarnation View Post
      so this is one effort towards that,
      i think you have put in good efforts to compile all these milestones, keep it up !

      but most of this is museum stuff, (BTW, TATAM should set up a museum in Chichwad/Bhosari and let people visit it to know more) may not be relevant today for a common customer who is between age group of 25-50, second, too many internal details will confuse the customers also. e.g. everyone aspires to work with Steve Jobs, but if people knew he is a task master, expects people to work 18 hours a day, he himself works that much, whatever time he goes home he expects everyone to be at office 8 in the morning, is highly insensitive to team members emotions, always gets what he wants done, highly demanding..etc etc, many people would opt out.

      Same is with every historic person or company or country, over the period of time, the less important factors gets out of mind and memory and only really important and positive points get re-inforced.

      i see most of the above mile stones are not at all important from a consumer or enthusiast perspective today. If you are really interested in deep dive about tata motors, try to find out how did they develop first trucks in India, what was the project team brief was, what challenges they faced at that time. Same is for Tata Indica and Nano (I remember there was a book written about them, read them. Share your summary of understanding with us. it would be a great learning for us. Also study and find out the future outlook, keep making predictive analysis about what models would be launch, what is the design strategy looks like, how is the technology road map looks like, etc etc and tell us how we can get better cars from Tata stable.

      Last edited by Nomad; 11th Feb 2015 at 16:24.

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      what matters is the journey
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      yes sir will definitely try my best to do so. Thank you for the encouragement.will gather as much info on each model as possible.

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