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    Thread: Balboa - My new white Linea TJet

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      Quote Originally Posted by arunj View Post
      Then you must be the guys I see there when I take my Thunderbird out on its weekend morning rides.
      Could be.

      Quote Originally Posted by arunj View Post
      Would love to join on one of the rides, let's see how it works out.
      Definitely. Keep an eye on Meets section.
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      Straight roads are for fast
      cars, turns are for fast
      drivers ! :)
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      Congrats on the Tjet, arunj ! Awesome car you got there !

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      'How many kilometres have you driven in your new car?', a colleague asked me last week.

      'Close to 2900', I smirked.

      'Huh? When did you buy it?', he demanded.

      'Five weeks ago, and of that 500kms was done in the city', I smirked some more.

      'You should have picked a diesel car', he said.

      Maybe not, I thought to myself.

      It has been a happy 6 weeks with the Linea. I find myself not doing things that I used to before, like checking engine and transmission oil levels, or seeing how much white smoke is coming from the exhaust, or worrying about a rattle or hum every time I went past 2000 rpm. I don't think I have looked at the engine more than 2-3 times after I bought this car.

      I am not much of an ICE guy. Give me a car with a decent audio system and speakers, and I will be happy. But the speakers in this car had me scratching my head for some time till I came upon what seems to the be perfect equalizer arrangement that lets me listen without wondering whether I should invest in a new set of speakers or not. Suggestions, any one? My wife will not let me listen to music for more than an hour because it is "boring and gives me a headache", so there is no point in spending a lot of money.

      There were a few niggles which vanished as mysteriously as they appeared. The rear cabin light refused to switch on when any of the doors were opened. The clutch pedal clicked softly when I fully engaged it in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The cabin light works now and the clutch pedal is quiet.

      The turbo at lower gears is a pain though. I am still trying to get the hang of it in traffic, while also making sure that the car doesn't jerk a lot.

      Every journey on the highway was enjoyable. I felt more confident while taking turns at speeds higher than usual. Was it the comfort of knowing that the car had ABS, or 4 disc brakes, or airbags for both of us, or that it is such a solidly-built car, or all of it, I do not know. Suddenly 110 felt as slow as 80 had once felt for me.

      Last Sunday, we were returning from Lal Bagh when I asked my wife if she was game for a drive to Kolar just for the heck of it. She was, so we took off. The maximum speed I had gotten to during test drive was 150, but that car had already done over 19000 kms.

      I was wondering why the steering was shuddering only to realise that the car had touched 160kmph. And I was yet to breach 3000 kms on the odometer. I took my foot off the accelerator pedal more out of reflex than fear. My next thought was how I surpassed the 95mph speed that I had managed while driving on a Californian highway many years ago. I did not touch 100mph only because I saw a board that said speed limits were checked by aircraft and an aircraft flying at the same time!

      The thought of crossing the equivalent of 100mph stayed in my mind, so I made another attempt while returning. Earlier, my wife used to brace herself for any sharp turns whenever I picked up speed in the Baleno. I was a bit surprised when she sat calmly as the speedometer began to approach 150.

      'Aren't you nervous?', I asked.

      'I trust this car', she said simply.

      I think that said it all.

      Oh, and I think the car touched 165 kmph as we crossed 3000 kms on the odometer.

      PS: To the #moderators , is there a way I can change the title of this thread?
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