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    Thread: XUV500 owners - Need help for modification

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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      Fiat Palio ICE'd - Rainbow | HAT | AIV | Dampmat = The SQ'd Hot Hatch - Page 3

      So, there are some of us who give more importance to Customer Service over everything else
      Since I am a soft spoken person and initially I left complete hopes of getting the SUB Replaced. It was pre informed that there was no warranty on the piece but again since Rahul and Piyush were very much like friends and not a signature on an agreement I felt that I had enough confidence that it shall be replaced and no questioned asked no explanation given and was replaced over night and the tuning was just done on the same late night post 1AM. I can hardly find business with such commitment and ethics. Even today I get invites to the builds so as customer I can gain more knowledge and understanding.
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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      Forget carrying a HU from there.
      Oh Man, true that.. I have been checking and comparing for almost a month now - the max difference that was arnd 1k or lesser - that was not worth it. The last step was posting a qn here - you read my mind off and replied!! Thanks for the advance answer..
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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      We've had a few instances where we've given replacements "no questions asked".
      I think you misunderstood. No questions asked is returning the working product for full refund with reason as "I did not like it". Returning the product suffering from issues/damage/transit damage/authorized install damage/ is some thing that is part of warranty.

      How this affects buying: I was hunting for good headphones sometime back. All that we can do in India is to read 'scripted' reviews for weeks, and so I settled for under 1000 INR one's. When I was overseas, I ordered HD449. Listened, returned and ordered Skull Candy Hesh series. Again listened, return and ordered ATHM50X (~10K INR). Now with Indian buying process I cannot part with 10K just on reviews. I did check the pricing on dotIN and dotCOM and fully agree with you that it is more or less the same. That said I also own a 2009 Clarion having 3-way active capability bought new for $139 and this was never available in India below 15K. Most of us do have the money for HD800 series too, but cannot part with 80K INR unless the headphones are available for listening.

      Needless to say you and other guys on his forum are doing a wonderful job & we, GHDs, are lucky to have found the needle in the haystack. Just to be clear, we were talking of Majority of the audio installers in general based on my experience with almost all the shops from Minerva circle to JC Road. I do understand that it is difficult to provide this customer experience since market is not mature enough. It has its pitfalls and honesty at customer's side too is required to run this experience successfully.

      The 10K that I spent on buying the M50 headphone was always there with me even when I bought 1K INR headphones. Hope I was able to give proper insight this time on what triggers the customer to part with that 10K. Money is for buying things and I really want to buy things here cause it is a pain to buy there and smuggle to here. Hopefully in2dlife will detail those pains too in the build log.
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      Quote Originally Posted by in2dlife View Post
      All my shopping done but still looking around for a good HU.
      Are you planning to add a HU with the stock HU? Why not consider a DSP?

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      You still in states or have come back? Did you finalise your HU? When u r planning to mod?

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      Prices in India may not alway be necessarily higher
      Of late, I have noticed a lot of electronics (barring niche items) priced at par or lower in India
      Unlike in the mid to late 2000s when I would end up cramming every bag of mine with electronics when travelling to the US because the price differential was loaded against India - I think the last few years have seen a radical change in the pricing and discounting strategy in India

      Case in point being my recent purchase of an underseat subwoofer for an XUV500 ($215 vs INR 10350)
      Amazon.com: Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A 300-Watt 8-Inch Low Profile Active Subwoofer System: Car Electronics
      Blaupunkt XLF 200A 8-inch Under Seat Active Subwoofer: Amazon.in: Electronics

      On a side note, couldn't have been happier with the purchase - This Sub provides well articulated tight bass that has made the sound a lot richer than the tinnny output from the stock setup , supports line level input (so installation required zero mod and was self done from start to finish in less than an hour) and is small enough to easily slide under the front seat

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      W4 replacing steering.

      I went for 2016 w4 as w8 was way over my budget in Nepal. Is it possible to buy w8 steering wheel and replace it on my w4 to get the audio controls on the wheel?

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      XUV500 W8 speakers upgrade

      Hello Gearheads,
      I have been a silent participants in various forums, threads and finally decided to seek for some help regards my car speakers. Please do not get me wrong WRT being a silent participant as it's always been a jack of all trades and master of none story for me and in most cases I am amazed by the knowledge / experiences shared in all the forums. I have personally applied a few in my day to day affairs and it has worked wonders.
      Coming back to my query, I recently purchased a XUV500 w8 FWD and the stock speakers have been a chink in the armour, it just takes away the pleasure of driving. I am not an audiophile by any stretch of imagination but do listen to a lot of music on the go. I do not intend to replace the stock HU and this limits the options, so a set of component speakers for the front and coaxial speaker for the rear with a 4way amp is what I had on my mind. My second limitation is my budget of 35k. Request the audiophiles and ICE gurus to provide your recommendations for the speakers and the amp considering my budget of 35k.

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