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    Thread: Fables of the Penguin and ICE - \ Clarion \ SO Audio \ Brian \

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      Fables of the Penguin and ICE - \ Clarion \ SO Audio \ Brian \

      "Write something worth doing; or do something worth writing" – Benjamin Franklin

      Indeed it’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything in this section. If I recollect it’s been more than 2 years since I have opened a thread on build log. To be brutally frank, my departure from ICE arena was mainly because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So I took a long break, spent time on other stuff like Rapid to Penguin Cosmetic makeover, Learnt a thing or two about Remaps ( Digital Vampire ), Driving Fast without breaking the car ( tadukuttan ), what is detailing all about (outsourced to baranjil), how to live life ( riyaz_cobra ) etc. and etc.. Actually the time I took off from ICE is the time, I learned a lot. About perspectives, about Egos, about pride and about people. So you could say that, I have ..err..well..kinda become ..matured in a way. I had learnt to enjoy music from crappiest of music systems, I had learnt to live on 128 kbps mp3, I had even driven long driving without powering on the music system. It may not be the best thing to hear, but it was probably what was needed for me.

      My previous stint with a commercial entity may not be a great success story, but it gave me a lot of insights on different types of people. How their taste for music differs. I was lucky enough to interact with some of the finest people in Audio Industry. Home Audio crowd, Car Audio crowd, SQ Crowd, SPL Crowd, mp3 crowd, dubstep crowd, Bluetooth Crowd, Digital Crowd, Analog Crowd, RTA crowd, Alpine-is-the-Best crowd are some of the different and varied crowd subsects I have some across. Needless to say, their preferences on music and the way to hear too, was quite different.

      This break from ICE, just made me much more Refined and Compact – In thoughts and in action. This break made me Taste success of Passion, This break made me forget and forgive past spats and spillovers. With so much to gain from this ICE break, let me give you a break now.

      ..to be continued..

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