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    Thread: Customer Review - World Of Service (FNG) Sector 63, Noida

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Customer Review - World Of Service (FNG) Sector 63, Noida

      Hi Friends,

      I am a new joinee to your group but an old diesel head,

      Have been driving diesel cars since long and have good know how on the engine perceptive.

      In the recent past i hace been visiting - World of Service Noida - and have had good experience when it comes to car Service and paint work,

      I took one picture of there place,next time when i would go than i shall take more picture

      Have got extensive work of Car Paint and Suspension work from them and really appeciate their knowledge and the work done,

      Sharing one picture that i took of their place,shall be posting more when i visit them again,

      Contact Number : 7053132424
      Name:  10958550_791948634176200_2885182193490040490_n.jpg
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      World Of Service/ Sec 63 Noida

      I got to know about WOS, from one of the Online forum. I was searching for competent FNG (In Noida); & called up and got in touch with Mr. Anupam Shukhla. (I had also called few other FNG’s as well). The commitment and enthusiasm inclined me to visit the workshop.

      I had acquired (then) a Pre-Owned beauty; and wanted to get the major Service done in my presence. Having multiple bad experience with Service centre (across brands and location); I couldn’t trust them anymore. Hence was looking for competent FNG. WOS having expertise in Skoda’s & Fiat’s was the preferred choice.

      I’ll spare a few words and share the experience. Though I had many visit/re-visits to WOS; but I would classify them into 4 Major Service/Repair

      1. 60K Major Service – Having recently acquired the car, 60K service was due. It was ensured everything is taken care. All fluids/belts etc are inspected/replaced. Brake Pad and Disc were also due change; hence were also replaced along with WA/WB
      1. Steering Vibration on Braking. Though the Disc were changed; but the car had developed Steering vibration upon braking at high speeds
      2. Squeak Noise on Braking. Non OEM Brake Pads had been provided; and they didn’t perform well
      3. WA/WB

      Follow Up:
      1. Disc/Rotors were replaced. (Probably the earlier one’s were defective). Turn Around time: 1 Day
      2. Brake Pads were replaced with OEM in third attempt. Brake Pads were re-cleaned/sanded and replaced twice but squeaking persisted. In second change; the squeaking (which was earlier only on low speed) developed on every instance of braking. Finally OEM brake pad were procured and installed. Turn Around time: Multiple visit across 12-15 days
      3. Got WA/WB done again; (WOS has outsourced this)

      What Could have been better:
      Quality Check before Delivery. A thorough and extensive TD before delivery could have ensured these issue were identified before delivery. Especially, on replacement of second set of Brake Pad, which resulted in loud squeaking every time. Even a TD of 10 meter. could have easily surfaced the issue. (I was very disappointed this time).

      End Result:
      All issue were fixed to satisfaction (after multiple visits).

      Satisfaction Level:
      Below Average

      2. AC Gas Top Up, 90/100 Upgrade – AC Cooling had stopped and unpleasant odour inside cabin. I suspected leak and did mention to SA.
      1. Even after Gas Top Up, the unpleasant odour was there.
      2. Part Procurement was delayed. SA kept false promising of arrival in 15 min; for almost 1.5 hrs. (Very Unprofessional approach)
      3. Bulb upgrade Parts not available. Unconvincing answer by technician related to bulb Upgrade query

      Follow Up:
      1. Unable to get comforting answer from SA/Technician with Anupam. He suspected a leakage in Cooling Coil and advised same. I Opted against it (at that moment) as it required 2 days
      2. One of the Glow plug went kaput twice (in less than 24 hrs) after replacement. Technician suspected bad quality of Glow Plug (BOSCH).

      What Could have been better
      Quality Check before Delivery. I checked the AC for 5 min and noticed foul smell. This couldn’t get SA/Technician’s attention. Later, AC gas was re-checked and was found to be lesser than what had been put. Had they done this; before delivery (without customer involvement; it would have been much better experience.

      End Result:
      Glow Plug replaced with BERU (sorted). AC issue - Failed to identify root cause at first instance. Issue not fixed (postponed for later).

      Satisfaction Level:
      Very Unsatisfied.

      3. Glow Plug Warning – It was found 2 glow plug to be kaput. Parts out of stock; had to re-visit
      1. Glow Plug Availability and below par quality (probably).
      2. Glow Plug (BOSCH) were replaced twice and each time they failed in less than 24 hrs

      Follow Up:
      1. Unable to get comforting answer from SA. Part procurement status - Unclear
      2. One of the Glow plug went kaput twice (in less than 24 hrs) after replacement. Technician suspected bad quality of Glow Plug (BOSCH). Turn Around time: Multiple Visit

      What Could have been better
      Part Procurement & Stocking. With many unconvincing assurances from SA and false promise (last visit); they really need to look into timelines and stock availability.

      End Result:
      Glow Plug replaced with BERU (sorted).

      Satisfaction Level:

      4. EGR Cleaning & AC Service (Fix/Replace Gas Leakage)
      1. EGR Cleaning done as per expectation; except one hose left loose.
      2. Minor Dashboard rattles; after replacing cooling coil (which requires dis-mantle of dashboard)
      3. Soiled Interior(s)

      Follow up
      1. Hissing Sound while accelerating could be heard inside cabin. Their initial diagnosis was incorrect. After continual intervention & persuasion to find the root cause; it was found that one of the hose was loose. Fixed that up. Turn Around time – 1 Day

      What Could have been better
      Quality Check before Delivery. A thorough and extensive TD before delivery was believed to be performed; but this wasn’t noticed. The alternate root cause being suspected, didn’t make logical sense (Though the mistake was acknowledged later)

      End Result:
      Issue fixed to satisfaction.

      Satisfaction Level:
      Improved (from last experiences)

      Overall Feedback:
      WOS comprises of enthusiastic and competent people. Owner (Anupam) is ambitious & passionate about what he does; and has a skilled team to back up his dreams. An upcoming auto-enthusiast’s den, whose accolades are swelling day by day. Though there are many loose ends to tie (and unfortunately, I have been victim of few on them); but a never giving up attitude would surely take them places. On the other side, I find a huge disconnect between Anupam – SA – technician; where I believe SA is the weakest link of the chain (My personal view)

      If I could put in other words, Had my very first interaction with WOS; been with SA (and not Anupam) I probably would have never returned to WOS. I Personally believe, SA lacks the commitment, passion and appetite to prosper. No Offence; but I feel he just doesn’t fit.

      In terms of service/labor/part charges; I believe they are at par with Service centre. Cost of part is probably lesser but labour and other general service charges are at par. Not a major deterrent, till the time they can deliver what a customer expects. In terms of facilities/infrastructure; they are growing and are improving.

      Things to Improve

      1. Quality Check before Delivery. My most of the revisit had been due to the Quality check being compromised. Both on technical & aesthetic front.
      Most of the issue(s) encountered could have been avoided;had a thorough TD been done before delivery
      Except when car is washed; every time the car was returned; I had to requested for a wipe/clean. Interior/Exterior are left soiled after completing work. I guess it’s for SA to ensure; vehicle is ready for delivery on all front (not just the repairs).
      2. Parts Procurement Planning & Stocking. This has been one of the pain area, of which I have been victim. I believe again a disconnect somewhere
      3. Do It Right First Time – attitude and commitment.

      I wish Anupam a very good luck in his venture. I have tried not to form an impression based on what went wrong; but rather on effort to get the things right.
      Thanks Anupam for Tea every time (The pantry guy does make a good tea).
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      Chandigarh (Paradise) - Indrapuram (Vertical Slum)
      So in a nutshell better avoid the place and look for other options.

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      Mods may change the title to 'Customer Review - World Of Service (FNG) Sector 63, Noida'

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      Quote Originally Posted by metal_heart View Post
      Mods may change the title to 'Customer Review - World Of Service (FNG) Sector 63, Noida'
      A closed mouth gathers no feet.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Just saw this thread here & was happy to see - World of Service,

      My cars are all maintained by World of Service only for the past three years,

      Some of my experiences that I would like to share,

      BMW X1 Service & Repairs

      When my BMW meet an accident and dad took the same to authorised service centre the estimate of same came in huge,the car didn't had a zero dep insurance so even after insurance our cost was huge,

      Plus since we were maintaining the car at World of Service only,i was very much inclined to get the work done at their,

      The same was attended by Wos at much less cost and much faster in terms of timeline,

      Overall was very happy with the Work,

      Fiat linea extensive restoration

      Our Fiat Linea - 1.3 MJD - was completely restrorted from I can say scratch to the best possible condition and this was about an year ago and overall my family is very happy with he result -the car was done some heavy kms already and it was time to restore from engine to paint to interior to ceramic coating to Projector lights,

      Overall - Happy result

      XUV 500 experience

      This car was just out of warranty when we decided that now no more authorised service centre as was not happy with Mahindra service and we went to world of service and from that day till date the car is maintained at world of service,

      I have some pictures of car when I visited them - sharing that as well,

      Their infrastructure is also improving shall take some more pictures as well,

      Overall - I would like to say that I rate them them as

      Best Service centre in Noida & NCR,

      They are very resonable with cost and are very reliable that is the best thing about them,

      Just to mention the title should be updated as now World of Service is in Sector 67,dont remember the address though,

      I would like to say getting a good workshop who does great job is hard to find but I am happy that I have one,
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2019-11-07 at 5.07.28 PM.jpeg 
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ID:	238300
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2019-11-14 at 2.38.21 PM.jpeg 
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ID:	238301
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2019-11-14 at 3.34.18 PM.jpeg 
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ID:	238302

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      Can anyone message me Anupam's number.

      I had it when I took my Fabia for a service last year, but I think I lost it when I lost my phone.

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