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    Thread: Fluence Owner - 2014 Model

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      Fluence Owner - 2014 Model

      Hi Guys, recently brought Renault Fluence 2014 model - the face lift version. Its been 3 months now with the E4 model and I drove couple of time on the highways and i really feel the car is awesome to drive. I touched the speedometer to 160 and also i dont feel that i am driving at that speed. Inside the cabin is super silent. Parking the this big car is very easy and turning radius is good. Noticed some turbo lag below 2000rpm but when used to it, we can avoid and manage to control the lag.

      Overall the driving experience with the new car is pretty good. And i brought E4 Silver color. Sound system is 3D surround and quality of sound is very clear. Sudden braking was really helped with ESP and ABS took the action and car was stand still without rotating. Handling not to mention is really very good and can control the steering with one finger.

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      Quote Originally Posted by anil1980 View Post
      Hi Guys, recently brought Renault Fluence 2014 model - the face lift version
      waiting for the pics
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Thanks guys.. will post the pictures soon.

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Last week i had a trip to Madurai in the new Fluence. Not to mention the drive comfort was awesome and also have been to one day trip to Munnar. Climbing up the hill or slope down was not at all an issue. Handling the sudden hairpin roads are extremely good and easy to handle.

      There was a sudden rain while coming back from Munnar and Rain sensing wipers worked well and done its job. However Auto Sensing lights turns on even with light dark where you can still manage to drive without lights on. If you prefer you can manually off the lights.

      At some point in Tamil nadu when the car was standing on side of the road in mid afternoon for about 30 mins the outside temperature showed was 48c and car was pretty cool with the A/C which is set to Auto.

      The Return journey to Bangalore was pretty good and turnings on the high speeds without applying brakes was really good. Inside the car we didnt feel any uncomfortable due to Potholes or uneven roads on the highways all this are eaten by superb suspension.

      Finally wanted to say that drive comfort was good and loved the journey in the Fluence.

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