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    Thread: Puddle Lamp on Ford Figo - DIY Installation

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      Lightbulb Puddle Lamp on Ford Figo - DIY Installation

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      The installation was done only at the front doors and took me nearly 10 Hrs, spread over a weekend to complete the work.

      Stuff needed

      - Puddle lamp. I used "Tufkote LLED-EE3W Eagle Eye Day Time Running Pilot Lamp (3W)" bought from Amazon.in.
      - Wires. Length as necessary.
      - Phillips/star screw driver.
      - Flat screw driver.
      - Drill to make a 10 mm diameter hole in the door panels.
      - Insulation tape, heat-shrink & zip ties.

      The plan
      Tap the power for the puddle lamps from the stock cabin light, so that the puddle lamp function syncs with the cabin light. Run the power wire from the cabin light > head-liner > one of the A pillars > corner of the dash > door jamb loom > door panel. DO NOTE THE POINTS A, B, C, D & E in the below fig, which are referred later in this post.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      Stuff to be removed for the installation
      Suggest to remove all below listed items before you go ahead with the wiring and drilling. However, to reduce the length of the post I am including the wiring, connection details etc. against some of the parts mentioned below.

      1) Cabin lamp
      - Can be pried out as shown. The power wires (pair) for the puddle lamps can be placed between the bulb holder & its socket at the cabin lamp. Recommend soldering (if you are good at) the puddle lamp wires to the cabin lamp circuit right next to the bulb holder.

      Name:  IMG_20150609_162514.jpg
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      Bulb holder
      Name:  Holder.jpg
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      2) Weather strip at the cabin side - Does not need to be pulled out completely. Only the section next to the A-pillar is good enough.

      3) A-pillar trim panel - Held by 3 clips (approx location marked in red). Carefully pull out. It's very easy to break the clip holder at the center . Run the wire from A to B through the head-liner. B to C is easy once the A-pillar is off. Split here and send a segment towards D and E which are the points at the door panels.

      Name:  IMG_20150609_162525.jpg
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      4) Panel below the dash - Held by a metallic clip (marked in blue) and 5 screws (marked in red).

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20150609_162909.jpg 
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      5) Door jamb loom - A rubber part; both ends could be pulled out fairly easily (do it carefully; do not tear) and you will see the cables going through it from the cabin to the front doors. Something as shown below; not exactly the same. Sending the wires from C to D & E can be done once the door panels and speakers are removed.

      Name:  t_IB33040080.jpg
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      6) Sail trim panel - This needs to be removed, in order to remove the front door panels. Rotate A (in the below pic) counter clockwise, almost half a turn to release the knob. Pull the knob (B, below) towards you to remove. Underneath you would find a press-to-release type set-up to release the adjustable lever from the plastic panel. Remove the sail trim panel by pulling carefully at the spot where the clips (marked by red circles) are located and then pulling it horizontally against the door.

      Name:  IMG_20150609_162614.jpg
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      7) Front door panel - Before you remove the door panel, find the spot where you need to install the puddle lamp. Make sure it doesn't mess up with the door, weather strip etc while you open/close the doors.

      Held by a combination of screws (in red) and clips (in blue, approx nos). Screws are located under the below shown caps and a couple at the bottom of the panel. All are of the star type. The caps could be easily remove with a flat screw driver. Cover it with a piece of soft cloth or insulation tape to avoid scratches on the panels. Once all the screws are removed, insert your hand (covered by a cloth) in between the door panel & the door, run it from the bottom to the side top. You will hear a lot of loud cracking noises, while the clips come loose. Once all 3 sides (bottom and the 2 sides) are released, lift the panel upward and the door panel comes off. You will have to release the power window connector (held by a clip) and the door unlock lever (again on a clip). This should get the door panel off completely.

      Name:  IMG_20150609_162608.jpg
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      Screw caps
      Name:  IMG_20150609_162555.jpg
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      Make the 10 mm hole using a drill at the initially spotted location. Install the puddle lamp, hand tightening the provided nut should be enough. Though 10 mm is the exact size of this LED housing, I have used a rubber washer for a perfect seal.

      8) Speaker - Held by 4 star screws. Connector clip to be removed before taking it out of it's enclosure completely.

      Align the door panel back for re-installation. By now the puddle lamp wires would have reached point D where you need to connect the terminals of it to the power wires coming from the cabin light through the door jamb loom to the door. You will have to make a small cut at a preferred spot, in the vapour barrier (plastic covering underneath the door plastic door panel) to connect the earlier said set of wires. DO NOTE THE POLARITY while you connect them. Perform the same steps for the passenger side front door (point E). For this, additionally, you would need to remove the glove box lid. It is very easy and I believe the steps are available in the owners' manual. Power wires to run through the dash from C to E. Insulate all connections securely using tape & heat shrink and use zip tie wherever necessary.

      Spot chosen
      Name:  4.jpg
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      The clearance
      Click image for larger version. 

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      Guess I have covered pretty much everything I did. Do point out, if I missed any.


      - This thread is for knowledge sharing. Should you want to try the same, please do it at your own risk.
      - The installation was done on Ford Figo ZXi (non-electrically adjustable ORVMs & power windows). Necessary changes to installation steps would be applicable on models with electrically adjustable ORVMs & non-power windows.

      Mods, please move/merge this to other section/thread if needed.
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