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    Thread: Where each "member" on Gearheads chooses what "content" ought to appear/not.

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      Dear Gearheads,

      Here is a chance for each one of you, yes we mean "each one of you", to choose the content thats shows up on the forum.

      Each one of you will now have the authority to prevent certain posts from being displayed publicly on the forum unless you choose to explicitly view them. These posts can be:

      1. Inflammatory in nature.
      2. Troll posts.
      3. Personal Attacks.
      4. Off Topic posts.

      If you feel, a certain post is adding no value to the discussion at hand or a thread is severely going off topic or personal, we request you to exercise your right. And here is how you can.

      Below every post, we have a "Like" & "Off Topic" option. If you feel a certain post does not belong in a thread, we request each one of you to click on the "OT" button.

      What this does is, it collapses the posts content from being displayed to the others. Those who still want to see the content, will have to click the "View" button.

      Here is how a post that is OT'd by a minimum of 3 members will look like when you OT it. Click on the image below.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dislike.jpg 
Views:	146 
Size:	39.2 KB 
ID:	18485

      We at Gearheads would like you to actively take part in deciding what stays on the forum and what doesn't. The onus lies on "each one of us" to maintain the quality of this forum.

      Support Staff.
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      Addition of Infract Button.

      We have added another button along with the "OT" button. It is called "Infract".

      While the Infract button will continue to down-rank a post when 3+ users click on it, it also takes away 2 points from the users reputation system. So kindly use this button WISELY.

      Infract button is to be used only in cases of posts that are:

      1. Inflammatory in nature.
      2. Troll posts.
      3. Personal Attacks.

      If this button is being mis-used by a user, kindly inform us immediately. Those members will be stripped off their voting powers to ensure fair play.

      PS: If you have had anyone "infract" you in the past, kindly do report that post and we will edit the entry after scrutiny.

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