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    Thread: Liqui Moly Products will be available in http://motoonline.in shortly

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      Liqui Moly Products will be available in http://motoonline.in shortly

      Dear All,

      Germany-based the supplier of high-quality engine oil and car care products Liqui Moly appoints Anand Group as its distributor in India few months back. M/S Moto enterprises wrote a mail to Anand Group and we got a positive response. They are ready to provide product to us and mostly probably products will be available on our website Home page in the second week of Aug 2015.

      As of now we do not have any clear picture about what is going to be our selling price since company has only provided information about MRP.

      Products and MRP is as below;

      Product name SKU (L) Unit MRP
      Engine Oil Flush 0.3 Ltr 610
      Radiator Flush 0.3 Ltr 490
      Petrol Injector Cleaner 0.3 Ltr 560
      Diesel Antiknock 0.3 Ltr 545
      Engine Oil Additive 0.3 Ltr 700
      The Speedy Diesel (Also known as speed tec diesel) 0.3 Ltr 650
      The Speedy Petrol 0.3 Ltr 710
      Gear Oil Additive 0.02 Kg 700
      Radiator Stop Leak 0.25 Ltr 450
      Ceratec 0.3 Ltr 3000

      Product name SKU (L) Unit MRP
      Lubricant 10W40 (Semi-Synthetic) 3.5 Ltr 1700
      Lubricant 15W40 (Semi-Synthetic) 3.5 Ltr 1675
      Lubricant 10W40 (Semi-Synthetic) 1 Ltr 540
      Lubricant 15W40 (Semi-Synthetic) 1 Ltr 532
      Lubricants Leichtlauf HC7 5W40 5 Ltr 4600
      Lubricants Leichtlauf HC7 5W40 1 Ltr 1150
      Synthoil 0W40 4 Ltr 5000
      Synthoil 0W40 1 Ltr 1350

      Note: They may change the MRP. This is just a approximation which Anand Group has given to us.

      Guruprasad Hebbar
      Web: Home page
      Mobile: +91 9342196233

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      Their diesel Purge is supposed to be very good. I am waiting for mine from Poland.

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      Link is dead. I can see that only Amazon is selling few of the products. Are they really still selling the products in India ?

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