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    Thread: Mi10's running Dilemma: - Booked & Cancelled Aspire and Figo - Now booked S-Cross!

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      Curiosity killed the cat;
      Insecurity killed the man
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      Mi10's running Dilemma: - Booked & Cancelled Aspire and Figo - Now booked S-Cross!

      Its that time of the Year. We are planning a new Vehicle but this time its the most difficult situation i am facing till date. Call it Complex Confusion or Confusingly Complex, but i am basically trying to choose between a Fast Hatch, a Out of the Box Off-roader, a Comfortable people mover and a Stylish / Versatile Crossover.

      My Need:
      I need a 4 wheeled Vehicle that can go Fast Always, Take up Bad roads without fuss Often, Move 5 Adults + 2 Kids Comfortably sometimes, and Go anywhere once in a while.

      My rationale behind such awful need:
      Going Fast is History, Going Anywhere is Mystery, Driving Everyday is nothing short of Blistery !
      My typical driving pattern is as follows:

      Office Commute:
      Distance: 10 kms up and down
      Traffic: Worst...some times can reach Bengaluru levels too.
      Road Condition: 7 Kms of Good roads + 2 kms of bad roads + 1 km of no roads
      How Often: 20 days / Month
      Occupancy: Single

      Family Tour to native place:
      Distance: 300-400 kms one way
      Traffic: Reasonable (Highway)
      Road Condition: Excellent for most parts
      How Often: 1-2 Trips per Month
      Occupancy: 5+2

      Local Travel:
      Distance: 40-50 kms up and down
      Traffic: Heavy mostly
      Road condition: above Average
      How Often: 4-5 Days Per Month
      Occupancy: 3-4

      Ad-Hoc Travel:
      Distance: Unplanned
      Traffic: Not Sure
      Road Condition: Depends
      How Often: 2-3 Times per Month
      Occupancy: 4-5

      Basically, the Rapid is reasonably good at Office and Local Travel, Except for the fact that Office the 3 kms stretch is simply unbearable sometimes. The Roads are so bad and i am thinking of going back to 185 section tyres to save my spine !!

      Family is also growing, and the elder one is now asking for a seat for herself. Going by state of affairs, its highly unlikely she will accept to share a seat with anyone ! So its almost like 6 Adults + 1 Toddler than 5+2 !!

      We know we need one more car. But what car is that car is the question we have so far discussed umpteen number of times without a consensus. After we sold the Fiesta, i waited for something exciting to come up. Its almost an Year of wait and there seems to be a little pep in the market with a slew of launches and more slated for the coming months. 1 Year back when i sold the Fiesta, i was very clear - I wanted to buy a Fast Hot Hatch. But at that time, there was only one option to choose - You either buy a Fast Hatch and make it Hot or Buy a Hot Hatch and make it fast. So i decided to wait. However things have changed much in 1 year. The Family is growing, Next generation is having the liberty to choose what they want and stand by it. So, now that Hot Hatch in my dream suddenly became slightly enlarged, having more rows of seat, little more ground clearance to make the ride comfortable and it got transformed itself into a MUV.

      The rains and bad roads taught me the significance of ground clearance in the best way possible. after a harrowing time caught in a flooded traffic pile up recently, i daresay its worth to invest in a Crossover just for GC sake ! Forget the fact whether they call it a SUV or Baby SUV or a Crossover - It doesnt matter.

      On this note, i would say i got a bit carried away and threw in a True Off roader into the mix. **** its a Bad road anyway - why wear a fake SUV image at all - Just do it all over the man's way !

      So my Options:

      Hot Hatch:
      VW Polo 1.2 TSI
      Abarth Punto TJet

      People Mover:
      Renault Lodgy
      Toyota Innova

      Off roader:
      Mahindra Thar 4x4
      Tata Xenon Double Cab 4x4

      Hyundai Creta
      Suzuki S-Cross

      Heart Says: Punto or Thar
      Mind Says: Lodgy or S-Cross

      What do you guys say ?

      RIP Penguin May 2013 - Dec 2015

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      SO can't stop the XUV
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      Teen get yourself a Punto Tjet & hand over the penguin to Dad.

      Dream is not what you see when you sleep;dream is something that doesn't make you sleep - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

      Mahindra Marazzo
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      Nostalgia isn’t what it
      used to be
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      Nothing beats the Fortuner in moving people across towns, 4x4 ishtyle. I guess you will still be keeping the rapid, so rapid for in town puttering and fortuner for the highways, offbeat holiday spots and visits to native.

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      MenTaL Powerrrrrrrrrr !!!
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      for you.. S-cross 1.6 or creta 1.6.. Remap by code6 .. it'll go fast, move people, take bad roads, loads of ice options...
      SCROSS DDiS 220..
      Owner : Dream Audio

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      Crossover - Recently had a TD of the Hyundai Creta and was surprised by how comfortable it was and decent power, if you're buying, it has to be the SX(O), I think among all crossovers available, this would be the most spacious & comfortable, handling may not be in par with the Duster, but the body roll is controlled to satisfactory levels considering tall boy options. Hyundai is known for not being a long term vehicle.

      Hot hatches - nothing comes close to the T-Jets of FIAT

      People mover - I don't see any contender for the INNOVA, I'm never in favor for the Fortuner as it has only butch looks, but lack road dynamics or comfort. The Pajero Sport has amazing road handling, very controlled body roll, but the seat comfort is poor from the 2nd row onwards, outright power may not be sufficient, but it takes any kind of beating. though the Manual may satisfy off-roading capabilities, but driving in the city is a pain, the Auto is awesome overall, but no 4X4

      Don't know much of off-road vehicles.

      You could wait for the TATA Hexa, there is a lot of hype about it - but its a TATA.
      Regarding your Penguin, you seriously have to switch your tyres to something more comfortable for regular commutes.
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      It's not how fast you drive.
      It's how you drive fast.
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      The omnipresent Innova is your friend. Comfort is S class beating. Power may be a little low for a remap kid like you. And the best is that routine service apart, nothing will ever go wrong! What a car! If you look at it rather carefully, nothing comes close to an innova.

      Whatever you buy, thar is not to be bought except if you are just two.

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      +1 to what megazoid said.

      Innova is the car for you.

      For family trip to native get the Innova. For everything else there's Penguin
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      You already have a car, now its time to get a Thar.

      New Thar is getting better:

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      TD the Storme! Nothing can beat the road presence, comfort, ride, space, off-roading and x factor in the price range. Absolute no nonsense true-blood SUV!
      Storme has made our garage perfect. Small insight on our garage :

      Elite i20 Petrol- Perfect for city commute. Easy to drive for Dad. Disaster FE of 11-12!
      Hyundai Verna CRDI- My companion. All rounder for Nagpur(other three are at hometown, Bilaspur). 7 years and 1.10 lac kms.. running strong. Recently got the Turbo hoses and EGR cleaned, runs like new!
      TATA Safari Storme- Brother's daily drive. Perfect family car, highway runner and great for rough roads esp. Mines. Average FE is 12-13 Kmpl.
      Mercedes Benz C200- Just for snob and FTD! We usually take it out on occasions and weekends. 'Phoolkumari' - Delicate car! Front struts needs replacement. Did a 2500km round trip in the first month of ownership. Nagpur-Bilaspur-Ranchi-Patna and back to Bilaspur.

      You already have a fast car! Storme will make an ideal second family car.
      Last edited by bamaboy; 10th Aug 2015 at 22:12.
      2015 Mercedes-Benz C200 Avantgarde | 1996 Mercedes-Benz E220 | 2016 Hyundai Creta SX(O) | 2017 Isuzu D-Max V Cross | 2014 Hyundai Elite i20 Asta

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      You are looking to seat 5+2, if you really want this then Creta and S-cross doesn't make sense.

      getting a hatch and travelling in 2 cars is funny...

      So better go for the innova or the lodgy... I would prefer Innova.

      stylish, spacious, trustworthy, efficient, good mileage, very good service and very very nice to drive.

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