I am starting my 2nd post in this Forum with my most recent car which is VW Vento Highline Petrol. It will complete 1 year in Oct 2015 but I want to talk about the Buying experience since it was out of the ordinary.

Somethings are destined for you and no matter what you do, they will reach you. So here is the story of God Gifted "Das Auto" (my car). There is a reason why I said God's Gift. Read On

So how & why did I buy my Vento?

Saturday, 13 September 2014 - I already had 3 cars (Quanto - 1 Year, Alto K10 - 3 Years, Santro Xing - 9 Years) which are well taken care of, rather worshipped. I spent the day planning on installing a Touchscreen DVD System in My Quanto. The plan & cost was finalized.

Sunday, 14 September 2014 - Going to Fish market with my mom and brother. Saw a Tata Zest being test driven at a Tata dealer near my home. 3 of us started talking about it. My mother asked how much it will cost us if we exchange K10. That's it, a hint for me that my mother might be inclined on buying a new car so I explained the features in the top model. Got a permission (though reluctantly) to test Drive it. Test Drive was good and it turned out to be exciting in 3 driving modes. My mom was also impressed. Got the quotation for zest and time was fixed for K10's evaluation.
Then started the restless Sunday of browsing through Zest reviews.

Monday, 15 Sept 2014 - While going for groceries saw Volkswagen showroom. Thought let me give it a try. Offered Rs 95000 discount for Petrol Highline variant and 2.15 K for my K10 + 30K exchange bonus so total 2.45 lakhs. Read somewhere that new Vento is coming up so thought no use buying a version which will be old when new Vento is launched.

Week of 15 to 19 Sept 2014 nothing happened. Also chances of new car diminishing. Reasons were
1. Already have 3 cars with Quanto being the recent one. Already EMI on it.
2. My mom had only 2 years of job left, so loan of more than 3 years not possible. EMI will be above Rs 20,000 and loan amount will be less. So more than 3 lakhs to be down paid with high monthly EMI.

Monday, 22 Sept 2014 - Was at home. Never thought of a new car till 2 PM. Suddenly, thought why not talk to Tata guys and see if higher loan amount can be arranged with less burden on EMI. After all permutations and combinations Loan amount was 5 Lakhs with EMI of 21000 for 3 years. Tata said, 5 years not possible. Still K10 not evaluated. Somehow I was not finding time to allow Tata guys to evaluate my K10.

From Tata showroom I went to Hyundai showroom to enquire about Xcent. Loved it but compared to Zest some features missing. Also no discounts. So I would have had to pay 2 Lakhs cash along with Loan and exchange. Sat for 10 minutes in the showroom. I saw a white Verna EX model on display. Thought why not go for a full sized sedan. Discounts of 15 K on Verna and 35K on Exchange. K10 evaluated for 2.15 K so total 2.50 Lakhs for K10. Hyundai was dead sure about 5 years loan so decided to try it out. Also after all permutations and combinations I only had to pay Rs 53000 after exchanging my K10. Negotiated more and the discounts given were 29K Cash + 35 K Exchange Bonus + Car Cover + Teflon + Underbody Coat. Dealer agreed to book a vehicle for Rs. 5000 down payment. All was going well.
So Verna EX VTVT White was booked. So I was waiting eagerly for the loan process. Only hurdle 5 years tenure needed, not 3 years.

Tuesday, 23 Sept 2014 - In Office, got a call from SA that loan is getting approved but EX is not available so I permitted him to indent for SX Model. More negotiations. Same discounts. Now I need to pay Rs. 83000 + Exchange value of K10. I was OK. Then comes the shock, loan not approved as only 2 years job left and 3 or 5 years are not possible. Since SA confirmed that loan was almost done we had started planning for deliveries. Our hearts were broken. We are very religious and we like to ask what God wants to bless us with before planning for anything. We believe if God wants to give something then all paths open up. True it is. So we prayed and A Divine intervention told my mother "Buy a Vento" "Buy a Vento". That's it. Mom said Vento or nothing.

Wednesday, 24 Sept 2014 - Hyundai guys seems to have enquired about foreclosure amount on K10 loan which was with Mahindra finance. Got a call from Mahindra Finance asking if I am looking to buy a new vehicle. I said yes and they said since we were existing customers there was a pre-approved loan of 7 lakhs with close to market Interest rates. No documents needed. Pay off K10 loan and a new car Delivery order will be released for the Dealer of my choice. I was like is this really happening

This day VW launched refreshed Vento so I checked it out at the showroom. No major changes except Steering Wheel, Headlamps, Alloys and DSG. I was looking for MT so DSG did not matter. Sat down for negotiations. Total discounts More than 1.5 lakhs, Well that is divine intervention for you. In short I only had to pay Rs 12,000 over and above the Ex Showroom Price for vento Highline Petrol. For Verna I was reluctant to pay Rs 83K but for Vento I got enough finances to pay Rs 1,37000 which is the balance amount after my K10 was cleared and 7 lakhs of Loan. The entire Down payment, Loan Closure and release of Delivery order for Vento came in flat 2 working days if we exclude Holidays on 2 & 3 Oct. Freebies given to me
1. Foot Mats.
2. Body Cover
3. Side Moldings.
4. Teflon Coating.
5. Offered Gamin Navigation for Rs 25 K as against the price of Rs 32 K.
6. Nil Dep Insurance

Vento Buying experience with Dealer.
Exceptional buying experience is what I will say. I was in constant touch with 4 people in the showroom and all 4 of them provided all the required support. I bothered the SA with multiple calls in the 2 weeks and he was happy to help always. He accepted all my demands. Allowed me to do PDI before registering. My car is a June 2014 manufactured vehicle, precisely 17 June 2014 is the date my car was manufactured.

I have a trip to my hometown coming up on Wednesday so I will update my experience with the car soon. Initial impressions
1. Car is super super silent when On.
2. Suspension is heavy duty and gives a soft bumpy ride at slow speed but when speed increases you hardly feel a bump.
3. Tried Zig Zag and I am greatly impressed by the handling. Stays composed all the time.
4. Brakes very good.
5. Rear Visibility very bad.

I will submit my 1 Year Ownership Report after the 1st Service next Month. Picture will follow soon.