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    Thread: How smart can your bike be?

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      How smart can your bike be?

      Interesting article about souping up your ride.


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      Thanks jforme for sharing this article. From jforme provided URL source, i have taken the below content

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      The bike parked at the campus is getting second, third and more looks. And, technocrat Muthu Kumar is happy. "My bikes are my soul," he says. Following his passion, R. Muthu Kumar has restored and re-modified over 100 other bikes including bullets, scooter and Yamaha, and sports bikes. For him, it is not only about the good looks. It is about the complete experience. And about keeping the bike safe. "We spend so much to buy a bike. It is so easy to steal bikes! I use smart technology to ensure that stealing my bike is not going to be easy. Even a Harley Davidson doesn’t have enough security features," he says. Muthu Kumar’s latest possession, which he calls a Smarty transfigured bike, comes loaded with security features. "I bought a Karizma ZMR sports bike and spent over a lakh to add features that ensure a safe riding experience. My ambition is to ensure that everyone enjoys their bike ride. You may ride a 100 CC bike, but with some technology added to it, you will feel you are riding a Harley Davidson," he assures.

      Kick-start, the smart way

      A Radio Frequency Identification Card (RFIC) Muthu Kumar shows the card on a screen attached to a keypad near the handle bar. And, the bike is ready to move. This card cannot be duplicated and has a lifeline of over 25 years. If one forgets the card, there is a password. If someone attempts to steal the bike, it locks up. And, with three unsuccessful attempts of feeding in a password, it stays locked for 15 minutes.

      A reverse camera works as the rear mirror.

      Accident identification system In case of an accident, it sends an alert to the 10 mobile numbers of family/friends stored in the software.

      Blue tooth connectivity, and a speaker provides music There is a USB port to connect to the tab. The speaker welcomes the rider with recorded messages such as ‘Don’t use mobile phones while driving’, and ‘Do not drink and drive.’

      Machine gun exhaust system This cools down the silencer, and maintains uniform temperature especially during long rides. This standardises mileage too.

      The Smarty bike monitoring system runs a check on engine oil, electric circuit unit, headlight…before start up.

      Smarty also has a rotating number plate. When idle, the number plate rotates and hides the number.

      Gloves with a mind

      The electrodes in the gloves sense the pulse of the rider. When the pulse is abnormal or low, a message on the screen asks the rider to stop the vehicle with a countdown time of 60 seconds.

      Lights that speak

      An Infra-Red sensor activates the ‘headlight projector lamp’ during dusk. When it faces a speeding vehicle in high beam, the light automatically switches to low beam. Lights should alert fellow riders, not disturb them.

      A laser beam from the tail end keeps the fellow riders away at a safe distance. A soft glow in blue and golden yellow on the body, a bright red light at the tail lights up the vehicle even when it is parked during the night time. The tail light comes with LED that is visible more than half-a-kilometre away. This helps reduce accidents during night time. A pair of avenger lights, ultra bright LED lights in the front, can light up area up to a kilometre and is of great help for rides inside a forest. It can alert you of any animal crossing and avoid road kills. In high altitudes it can also be used as fog light.

      GPS on the move

      There is GPS navigation with a sim card which acts as a transmitter and the mobile phone is the receiver. One can monitor movement of the bike, including the place where it is parked. When someone tries to move the bike the mobile can activate the horn on the bike from anywhere in the world (as it is connected via Wide Area Network).

      Track the vehicle, the app way

      The rider can activate’ stop the engine’ and bring the vehicle to a grinding halt in a matter of 20 seconds with the help of an app. “There’s a countdown time of 20 seconds to allow the rider to move the bike to a safe corner and avoid accidents. I can activate ‘continuous horn’ too. This can distract the thief and make him abandon the bike. A spy camera records his activities and it helps track the culprit.

      To know more, call Muthu Kumar at 99439-37450 or email at muthu.minu@gmail.com
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      There are number of companies engaged in SMART HELMETS. Skully, Daqri, Nand Logic are few to name and there are some big names that will come up fast in market too. These helmets are fitted with rear camera, screen displays, bluetooth, GPS Navigation etc.

      We are projecting this to be next big thing in few years.

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