Hello fellow Gearheads I'm posting this ownership report and buying experience of my Discover 150F. I'm posting here after a long break, thanks to my office and office tours.
The traffic of Kolkata is a nightmare every Kolkatan knows that, I used to go to my office in my Blue bird which is around 25-30 KMs from my place but the journey takes around 1.5 hours every day. So it was very tiring and I decided to go for a 2 wheeler. While hunting for the bike I shortlisted quite a few like the FZ 16, Pulsar AS 150, CBZ Xtreme, the Discover 150F was not at all shortlisted. My first priority was the FZ 16 and I took a test ride of it and was impressed with its power delivery, looks and the way it behaves. Then came the CBZ Xtreme which looked a bit ugly to me specially after the facelift, the most ugly part to me was the speedometer console. It is also a good motorcycle in terms of ride and power delivery but not as good as the FZ. I loved the look of the Pulsar AS 150, the engine is very good and rev happy, but the thing put me of was the rubbery brakes of the bike. Suddenly I came across Discover 150F which looked nice so decided to take a test ride and the engine felt smooth until 80KMs and the breaks were also good, the ride seemed comfortable enough and it costed the least among all these so decided to go with the Discover as I won't ride above 80KMPH and I don't have any plans for long rides or highway rides. So the next day made the down payment of 26K and filled all the documents for loan. The Sales executive called me in the evening and told me that he can deliver the bike on that day it self, but I insisted of taking the delivery on the next day as it was 1st of January, and he agreed.On the D day I went to the showroom and my black beauty was there with all her glory, checked the ODO and it was 2KMs so it was fine, then I searched for a scratch but didn't find one, so took the delivery and after reaching home Mom and Dad was surprised to see a two wheeler as I have never discussed about it with them . Then took it for a small puja. Haven't got the number plates so I'm not going very far with it still I have completed 52kms within 4 days.
Now its time for pictures

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