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    Thread: i10 Steering interfering with clutch

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      i10 Steering interfering with clutch

      Hi. A few days back my aunt left her i10 for service to a local workshop. After she got the car she said there was no pickup and the car was not in its usual shape.

      She asked me to test drive it and see what the problem was.

      I sat in the car. I always have this habit of turning the steering after I start the car with the clutch. So there it was first problem.

      While the clutch was pressed and steering turned the clutch lever was shaking.

      Whenever you press the clutch and turn the steering you could feel the clutch lever shaking.

      Went for a small spin. There was power loss too.

      Asked my aunt to leave it for service immediately.

      What could be the possible issue?

      The bill shows that they have changed the following,
      1) Link assembly stabiliser LH and RH - 1584/- each

      2) Clutch Releaser bearing assembly - 505/-

      3) Clutch plate cover assembly - 1124/-

      4) Clutch assembly cover - 1026/-

      5) Clutch cable - 600/-

      6) Gear oil transmission - 283/-

      7) Clutch Releaser lock - 283/-

      They have also done clutch overhauling.
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      With all that you are mentioning, power loss is mainly attributed to in your case a clutch or pressure plate issue, the tension in the cable needs to be checked or readjusted, as per what you are describing, the clutch is not getting disengaged properly. The shake you are describing could be an issue related to the power steering. I personally do not endorse turning steering at extreme angles on tarmac because it causes stress to the power steering components(on other surfaces with low friction its not so much of a bother), in this case the power steering is hydraulic, hence the pressure in the power steering system is engine driven, the shake you are experiencing is probably due to the load you are placing on the engine and/or due to some wear and tear on the power steering system, keep an eye on the tacho while you are doing this, odds are due to the load placed, the engine is going under the idle, hence the shake.
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