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    Thread: My Hyundai Sonata Fluidic is Flooded !!!

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      Exclamation My Hyundai Sonata Fluidic is Flooded !!!

      Hi all,

      I have Sonata Fluidic 2012 petrol GDI manual Transmission car which was flooded till gear lever and now its suspected to be Total Loss.

      Can i rectify and repair the car.. the car was not started.,

      Can you ppls list me the Electronic modules below this level which are suspected to be corroded or burnt.

      Help me please..

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      Quote Originally Posted by antonyjoenaveen View Post
      now its suspected to be Total Loss
      how is it suspected to be total loss if the car was not started. If you are not getting ignition lights when turning keys, first thing is to get the ecu checked, if ecu has gone bonkers, then even considering repair would be too costly.
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      im not much worried about the ECU .. i want to restore the an thus i want to know if there are any Control Modules like Immo/ Seat control Module EPS BCM etc below the Gear Lever level..

      I have considered the ECM already .. in Audi and few other brands there are control modules below the Floor mat.. is there anything similar to that in sonata as well???

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      What next?

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      antonyjoenaveen the best thing to do is to take a quotation from your company authorised service centre and then discuss with the Insurance company. If there was water up to gear lever, chances are good that your carpets and seat are damaged, along with any electricals below that level. And I have seen a lot of cars that were written off by insurance companies for similar or lesser damage. If you have a proper idv and if the insurance company offers a decent settlement, then that may be a better option to consider than fixing the car and not knowing what long term damage had been done.

      If you do not want to let go of the car for sentimental reasons then it's a different story. In any case, get a quote from a Hyundai authorised service centre first.

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      At last i checked all the Electronic spares and found to be good... Connected the Battery and everything seems fine except Airbag Error- Steering Wheel airbag circuit High and some climatic control errors.

      Driver Side power window is alone not working.

      Other than this everything was fine and thus Serviced Starter motor & Alternator.. changed oil .... un-pluged the coil - cleaned spark plug .. charged battery .. disconnected exhaust .. Cranked !!!!!!

      Vacuum pulled the water from plug area and cranked to spary water and sludge off..

      Now set everything ready and and started the engine !!

      THE ENGINE STARTED !!! BOOM BOOM !!!!! No Exhaust !!!!

      will scroll my machine on road today after replacing few bearings !!!

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