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    Thread: Used Civic

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      Exclamation Used Civic

      Hello gearheads,

      Lately I have been looking for a used Honda Civic Manual and recently have found one 2008 model for around 2.20 lacs asking price is surely lucrative but there's a catch owner is the third owner of the car and the car has done above 1 lac km, bodywork looks neat in pictures and would see car in person tomorrow. Any suggestions what should I keep in mind apart from civics infamous PS pump leakage steering rack leakage and engine mounts? And even if say both these things are a problem how much can I expect to spend at Honda ASS and at FNG to rectify these issues for now I am assuming 1 lac kms should be OK for civics engine. How much should I expect to spend on getting the car checked at Honda and what is the procedure to check history of the car with Honda?

      My monthly running with the car would be around 500-600 kms Hence a petrol car.

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      Just pay the ASS some money and get a thorough once over done. The basics of buying a used car is all the same. The Civic owners will be along presently if they have anything specific to add beyond what you have already mentioned.

      The first thing I look for is maintenance records. If that is not there - or recommended intervals have not been met, I walk. No matter what!
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      Saw the car today and the owner got it serviced from Honda 6 months before in the recommendations from Honda were engine mounts, RHS shocker,power steering pump and some clutch sleeve work is needs to be done , I drove the car and clutch seems to be ok but there were vibrations in the car while accelerating I suspect engine mounts for the same any fellow civic owners who have done these repairs mentioned above in there civic what total cost I am looking at to rectify these issues ? Was further able to negotiate price to 1.90 lacs so can I fix these issues at FNG for say Rs50000?

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      Take it to Honda and they do a general checkup. I had paid 1200 for my accord to get it checked up.
      You'll find out everything right/wrong with the car. Things like Driveshafts, Steering rack etc will cost a fortune if you miss that out now.

      You can at the same time get the actual costs of these replacements then. It just takes a couple of hours.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Annihilator View Post
      there were vibrations in the car while accelerating
      This could be a worn inner CV joint

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      Quote Originally Posted by Annihilator View Post
      Was further able to negotiate price to 1.90 lacs so can I fix these issues at FNG for say Rs50000?
      50k is not enough for fixing most issues at Honda service center.

      The Steering Rack and Pinion is upwards of 45k, Though you can get it repaired for around 15k no guarantee though,

      Take it to Honda and they will strip the car and give you a cost for the all things that need to be fixed. Usually around 1000 to 1500 rupees.

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      Cancelled the plan of buying a used civic as I failed to find a neat example at good price so instead buying a new polo mods can close the thread
      Thank you!!

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