I own Tata Manza (2012). Just a week ago, I took my car for some issue with ABS (the dash light was constantly on). The car has crossed 61K KM mark. So far, it has given me a good run though the city KM/L is a little on lower side (15/16 KM/L).

I got to know that the front suspension (Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Shocks) need to be replaced. The work has been done as I did not want to take chances with failing suspension.

At that time, I had a verbal tiff with the Tata SA, since in last 4 years this is a second time that the shocks are being replaced.

I asked him not to take car off the ramp unless I do a visual inspection and check the parts.

When I checked parts, showed the SA the rusty threads on a new Tie Rod Bolt. Also, made him write on invoice that all the parts marked on the invoice are under 6 month/10K KM (whichever earlier) warranty.

I need technical help on following points,

1. Need complete BOM (Bill of Material) for front suspension with OEM make, if possible.
2. Need data for Torque to be applied to front suspension nuts. These nuts always, always need to be tightened with specific torque for safety and structural integrity.
I have tried to find these data on INet, but, could not find anything.

Please let me know if you have any details.

With Warm Regards,