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Did you made up your mind
I am also in a similar dilemma, I have finalized 2 cars Tiago XZA and Micra XV. Didnt liked grand i10 for 8 lacs.
Tiago as per its price is quite a value for money(6.5 Lacs). However, I am not able to convince myself to pay 8plus lacs for Micra which is a slow seller, old generation car and with lesser number of Nissan service center.
I am in no way comparing both. Both are from different segment. If Nissan is below 8 lac onroad, i could consider it. My budget is ok for any of these.
any suggestions?
I completely dropped the idea for now. Most probably in less than a year, I will sell my Ritz and Santro and buy one car. I haven't decided which one will it be though.

For a difference of just 1.5 lakhs, I would still go in for the i10. It will pay you back in reliability, overall quality and at the time of resale.