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    Thread: How to replace Ford Figo key battery

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      How to replace Ford Figo key battery


      Recently my Figo key was quite sluggish in it's response after many years. Hence I had to replace the battery. I have done it successfully and wanted to share the same with all of you. It's a simple DIY task.

      1) Buy any Cr2032 Battery Lithium Coin Cell battery. ( I bought Panasonic)
      2) Just follow the steps exactly as described in this video -

      It's quite simple and can be done by you just for below 100rs. Please don't approach service centers for this simple task.

      Thanks much for viewing.

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      Grab an Edged Tool
      A number of Ford keys can be opened with a flat-head computer screwdriver, but motorists have reported similar successes with pocket utility knives. When using any metal tool to open a key fob, be careful to apply as little pressure as possible to avoid damaging the device.

      Pry the Key Open
      Rest the key flat so that its buttons are facing downwards with the metal key pointing away. The rear face of the key should feature a seam running across its middle; at the center of this seam should be a slot just big enough for a screwdriver tip.

      Insert the screwdriver or knife edge into the slot slightly and carefully. Now, gently wiggle the tool to loosen the two halves of the key fob until they can be pulled apart by hand. Dirt and grime may make it harder to separate the sections, so it may take a few tries.

      Store the key section somewhere safe. The remaining half of the key fob should have a seam running around its body. Use the screwdriver or a fingernail to unhook the latches around its rim, and open the device to reveal a circuit board and the battery compartment.

      Installing a New Battery
      Before taking the old battery out, make note of which terminal is facing outward; it's important to insert the new battery in the same orientation. Most button cell batteries bear a " " marking on their positive sides.

      Pry out the old battery, but be careful not to bend the metal tabs that hold it in place. Insert the replacement in the empty compartment, and press it down firmly to ensure it's secure. Finally, reassemble the entire key.

      Reprogramming the Key
      Some keys lose their associations with specific vehicles when they're left without power for a certain length of time. Fortunately, most aren't too difficult to reprogram by following the instructions provided in the driver's manual.

      One common reprogramming procedure is begun by inserting the key into the ignition and turning it to the first position. The key is then reprogrammed by rapidly switching from the first to second position. It's important to do this quickly as some vehicles require the switch to occur five times in less than five seconds. Drivers will know they've completed this step successfully when the car makes a chime; the driver must then press any of the buttons on the key until the chime sounds again. Finally, turn off the ignition and take out the key. It should function properly after about ten seconds.

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