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  • View Poll Results: How many years/km will you keep your car

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    • 5yrs or 50-75k kms at least

      8 22.86%
    • 7-10yrs or 75-150K kms at least

      12 34.29%
    • Almost forever 15yrs or 200K+ kms by maintaing it well

      7 20.00%
    • Neither of above because ...

      8 22.86%
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    Thread: How many years/km will you keep your car ?

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      Diesel VS Petrol !
      nitin's Avatar
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      Sep 2013
      Chennai , TN
      Option 4 :

      Generally we change all our cars at intervals of 5 years/ 50k kms ..

      but off late change happens every 2 years or so..

      Rapid - Sept 2013 to August 2016 - 42k km s
      Civic - Feb 2014 to November 2016- 34k kms

      Oldest car now is the 2012 verna driven about 25k kms.

      I guess its best to sell the car when it starts bleeding you of your money or when your bored and have found another love

      Mostly we end up finding a new love to romance ..
      '08 Suzuki Swift - 1.3 VXI - sold
      '13 Skoda Rapid TDI - 1.6 Code6'd - sold
      '11 Honda Civic - 1.8 VMT - FFE + Intake - sold
      '12 Hyundai Verna Fluidic - 1.4 VTVT
      '16 Hyundai Creta SX AT
      '16 Suzuki Alto K10 AMT VXI(o)

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      "Take a deep breath It's
      Just a BAD DAY, Not a BAD
      Queensyrche's Avatar
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      Apr 2016
      Quote Originally Posted by nitin View Post
      I guess its best to sell the car when it starts bleeding you of your money or when your bored and have found another love
      Well said, these two things "bleeding" & "bored" matters a lot.

      And of course you are always young, for a little bit of new love and romance
      2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300R
      2011 Ford Figo 1.4
      2012 Tvs Wego

      2009 Ford Ikon 1.4 | 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 | 2003 Fiat Palio 1.9
      2002 Hero Honda CBZ | 2002 Ford Ikon 1.6 | 1998 Ford Escort 1.8

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      Jan 2011
      My Logan is now 104000+ Kms and 6+ years. I will keep it till the time, I get money to buy a new SUV.
      Either Duster AWD or Hexa AWD will be my next one.
      AWD due to the excellent road manners it offers when combined with ESP.

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      Omae wa shindeiru
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      Nov 2016
      I'll Keep my Car for forever! Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ZDi+ bought in Oct 2016, 12000Kms has been completed! looks like it'll be over 90000!Kms in 2020
      But i think i could buy another car, maybe a hatchback for daily city ride or maybe a SUV when family gets bigger (Probably Tata Hexa AWD).

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      Living the dream
      kanna.sridharan's Avatar
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      Dec 2011
      Ramnad, TN
      Option 4
      First Car in 2001 - Santro sold in 2002 @ 88K kms
      2002 - Fiat Palio D sold in 2006 @ 1.2L kms
      2006 - Swift D sold in 2008 @ 92K kms
      2007 - Swift Dzire sold in 2011 @88K kms
      2008 - Tata Grande sold in 2014 @ 1.52L kms
      2011 - VW Vento sold in 2015 @ 1.2L kms
      2014 - Fiat Punto - current ODO 79K
      2015 - Renault Duster - current ODO 41K

      We generally use the car for 4 years or 1L kms, if the car holds good retain it else change. Santro went out early as petrol running costs were high. Swift and Dzire went out early as the car rattled like hell. Vento was the best car in the list, Duster is doing its duty well, lets see if it can hold as good as the Vento.
      Duster 110 -
      Source - Pioneer 80 PRS
      DSP - Helix DSP Pro
      - Mosconi AS200.4 (Mid Bass & Sub), AS100.4 (Tweeter & Mid Range)
      Speakers - AudioFrog GB60, GB25, GB10, Sub - GS12D4

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      Cars are Life

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      Jun 2015
      I own three cars as on date:

      2003 - Hyundai Santro Zip Plus LS - 100,002 kms
      2015 - Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi - 71,000 kms
      2015 - Honda City iVtec V - 9,600 kms

      I'll keep the Santro and the City for as long as I live.

      The Santro has been with us through really tough times and has moved homes (six homes in eight years) without breaking a sweat.
      The City has been a gift from dad and I would sell my soul but NOT this car.

      The Ritz has been a work horse/ elephant/ donkey/ mule/ whatever. It hurts to have this attitude when one is a car-lover.
      However the truth is that this car is driven alot. And is also required to carry stuff at times.

      No matter how much I spend on the upkeep of this car, I am never able to maintain it the way I would like to.

      My only aim with this car for as long as I keep it, is to rack up some serious kilometers in it. And to prove for once and for all, that the "Toyota reliability" can be experienced in any modern car, for as long as one conducts preventive maintenance.
      2015 Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi - 136,000 kms
      2011 Honda Jazz iVtec X - 59,000 kms
      2015 Honda City iVtec V - 18,000 kms
      2017 Yamaha Ray ZR - 1,800 kms

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      Sex is not the Answer. Sex is
      the Question. Yes is the
      Indian's Avatar
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      Mar 2013
      At least 500,000 km. 303,000 km so far.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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      Cars are Life

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      Jun 2015
      Quote Originally Posted by Indian View Post
      At least 500,000 km. 303,000 km so far.
      I'll see you in Norway someday soon. I don't know how and exactly when, but I will move there.
      2015 Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi - 136,000 kms
      2011 Honda Jazz iVtec X - 59,000 kms
      2015 Honda City iVtec V - 18,000 kms
      2017 Yamaha Ray ZR - 1,800 kms

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      reclaiming my life!

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      Mar 2016
      Till the time Tata comes up with something that is at par the Safari/Storme. I have hopes pinned on their Q501 and Q502. Hope to see fusion of Land Rover and Tata, till that time I have the Safari Dicor for the company.

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      Do or Do Not. There is no Try.
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      Feb 2015
      New Delhi
      5 years as in Delhi max registration of Diesel car is 10 years. So the car value will decline significantly after 5 years
      Some of my Threads:

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