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    Thread: Need suggestion on floor mats for Creta

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      Need suggestion on floor mats for Creta

      Hi. I got carpet mats with creta but i want to upgrade mats. So I ordered Coozo 5d mats for creta from ebay. I received it today. I didn't like the fitting of driver side and rear mat. Mats don't fit snugly on dead paddle and on transmission tunnel. I raised complaint with seller. Not happy with the purchase.
      I don't know if it is genuine product or there is a fitting problem with product itself. Any inputs if someone has any experience with Coozo. Coozo do sell on there own website too.
      Or please suggest me some options for floor mats.

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      I got the 3M nomad mats for my Creta. They were custom cut and cover every nook and corner. The look is very stealth. You'd hardly notice it since they look and fit like an OEM carpet. Also they take all kind of dirt, mud, water, etc. Only problem I've is they feel spongy. While I'm fine with that, some people associate that with cheap quality.

      Cost me 5k for Creta. They come in 3-4 colours. I opted for black.
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Thanks aashish.
      I too was thinking about nomad.
      I inquired from 3M. Its about 6000. Looks expensive to me. I was going through some discussions. After market nomad type mats are an option, any suggestions on these.

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      I have been using Eagle 3d mats in my Honda City, since 18 months and they are still good as new. Cost of the mats is less then 1k and incase it wears after two years, you can buy another one. I have bought from seller EAGLE AUTOMOBILES @paytm but he doesn't have 3d mats for Creta. There is another name called "Black Eagle 3D Mat" and I think its same brand sold by different seller.

      Black Eagle 3D Mat For Hyundai Creta (Black)
      Black Eagle 3D Mat For Hyundai Creta (Beige)

      Review of my Eagle 3d mats: Link
      I'm happy to own it, proud to drive it and be seen in it......... It is HONDA.........

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